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S.Korea military: North Korea fires unidentified projectile - Sun May 28 14:00:29 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea's military says rival North Korea has fired an unidentified projectile off its east coast. The statement by the Joint Chiefs of Staff early Monday ...
North Korea appears to launch another missile test - ABC News
-ABC News - Sun May 28 14:09:07 EDT 2017
North Korea appears to have conducted another missile test on Sunday according to the South Korean military. U.S. officials said they were aware of the reports and are monitoring t...
Pentagon chief: War with North Korea would be ‘catastrophic’
-The Hill - Sun May 28 08:25:57 EDT 2017
Defense Secretary James Mattis warned on Sunday that a war with North Korea would be "catastrophic," and would place United States allies in the region at extreme risk. "The North ...
Timeline: North Korea missile launches test US, South Korea
-KETV Omaha - Mon May 29 02:00:08 EDT 2017
North Korea's ballistic missile test on Monday was its ninth this year, the South Korean military says, in an ongoing challenge to new leaders in both the United States and South K...
NKorean missile launch may be testing rivals, not technology
-The Seattle Times - Sun May 28 23:52:17 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea’s latest missile test may have less to do with perfecting its weapons technology than with showing it can strike at will against South Korea a...
North Korea launched a third missile test on Monday morning, which landed in Japan's special economic zone. This action has been strongly condemned by South Korea and Japan due to ...
May 26 (UPI) -- Russia and China agreed the deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea increases tensions on the peninsula, although THAAD may already be operationa...
South Korean and Japanese officials have said North Korea fired a missile on Sunday (Monday morning in North Korea) that landed in Japan’s maritime economic zone, according to a re...
Guinea out of Under-20 World Cup
-BBC News - Sat May 27 08:10:09 EDT 2017
Argentina thrashed Guinea 5-0 on Friday at the Under-20 World Cup in South Korea to knock the African side out of the tournament. Guinea finish bottom of Group A having needed a wi...
North Korea Launches 9th Missile Test This Year | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Sun May 28 17:04:14 EDT 2017
North Korea test-fired another ballistic missile early Monday, upping the ante amid rising tensions with the U.S. The missile was fired from a base on North Korea's east coast and ...
Defense Secretary James Mattis offered a dark outlook of what war with North Korea would look like hours before the rogue regime launched another ballistic missile. Mattis said in ...
May 29 (UPI) -- South Korean foreign minister nominee Kang Kyung-wha apologized at a press briefing Monday for using a false address to register her daughter for school. The 62-yea...
U.S. pressure not slowing down N. Korea missile tests
-CBS News - Mon May 29 05:11:14 EDT 2017
North Korea fired yet another ballistic missile overnight, part of an escalating series of tests. The newest missile was launched from the country's east coast, flying about 280 mi...
S.Korea military: North Korea fires unidentified projectile
-Washington Post - Sun May 28 14:10:14 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Monday fired an unidentified projectile off its east coast, South Korea’s military said, in what is likely the latest test-launch of a ballistic...
South Korea responds to reported vessel hijacking off Somalia
-Fox News - Fri May 26 23:32:17 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea –  South Korea's military has dispatched a naval unit in waters off Somalia after pirates reportedly hijacked a South Korean fishing vessel. An official fro...
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