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Mattis Hints at Secret Military Options for North Korea
-The Wall Street Journal - Mon Sep 18 17:23:04 EDT 2017
​The U.S. has military options available for North Korea that won’t put South Korea at grave risk of counterattack, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Monday, but he refused to spel...
Seoul to resume humanitarian aid to NKorea; doesn't set date
-Fox News - Wed Sep 20 20:10:01 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea –  South Korea has decided to resume humanitarian aid to North Korea to help children and pregnant women, but didn't determine when to provide the assistanc...
US flies powerful warplanes amid tensions with North Korea - Mon Sep 18 02:00:24 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea says the U.S. military has flown powerful bombers and stealth jets over the Korean Peninsula in joint drills with South Korean warplanes. The Unite...
Exchange-traded funds that track the South Korean equity market were little changed on Tuesday, after President Donald Trump said the U.S. stood "ready, willing and able" to act ag...
Seoul to resume aid to N. Korea but doesn't set date - Wed Sep 20 20:00:27 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea on Thursday decided to resume humanitarian aid to North Korea to help children and pregnant women, but didn't determine when to provide the $8 mill...
U.S. And Allies Drop Live Bombs In Retaliation To North Korean Missile
-International Business Times - Mon Sep 18 14:08:39 EDT 2017
The U.S., South Korea and Japan undertook a joint bombing exercise Sunday, dropping live ammunition on a test range in South Korea. The mock attack was a show of force in reta...
World Taekwondo Championships opens in Pyongyang
-Reuters - Mon Sep 18 02:31:11 EDT 2017
(ROUGHT CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION) An opening ceremony of the 20th World Taekwondo Championships took place on Sunday (September 17) at Taekwondo Holy House in Pyongyang. Video p...
U.S., South Korea conduct bombing drills to warn North
-UPI - Mon Sep 18 08:06:31 EDT 2017
Sept. 18 (UPI) -- The United States and South Korea conducted joint drills over South Korean airspace on Monday afternoon, weeks after North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test ...
South Korea urges North Korea to abandon nukes, seek talks - Thu Sep 21 08:00:25 EDT 2017
UNITED NATIONS — Adopting a less confrontational stance than key allies, South Korea's president urged North Korea on Thursday to abandon its nuclear weapons and seek dialogue to p...
Poll: Majority doesn't trust Trump to handle North Korea
-The Hill - Mon Sep 18 08:00:51 EDT 2017
A majority of Americans in a new survey doesn't trust President Trump to deal with the North Korea as the isolated country advances its nuclear and missile programs....
Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Top officials from China, South Korea and Japan condemned North Korea's nuclear weapons program this week, but at least one official said "calm" is needed in orde...
Former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel David Rubin on Tuesday said the only way to deal with North Korea and Iran is by using military force. In his first address to the United Nations, Pr...
Trump vows more sanctions over North Korea's nuclear buildup
-Los Angeles Times - Thu Sep 21 08:36:15 EDT 2017
President Trump on Thursday announced plans for new sanctions against North Korea as he struggles to find ways to confront that country's nuclear buildup. After threatening earlier...
US flies powerful warplanes amid tensions with North Korea
-Boston Herald - Mon Sep 18 06:01:19 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea — The U.S. military flew advanced bombers and stealth jets over the Korean Peninsula and near Japan in drills with South Korean and Japanese warplanes on Monday,...
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned Sunday that talking to North Korea is not an option, calling instead for increased pressure and international solidarity against the count...
U.S. Military In South Korea Gets Fake Evacuation Notice
-International Business Times - Thu Sep 21 08:35:39 EDT 2017
U.S. Forces Korea received reports of an evacuation notice going around social media and was warned the message is fake, according to Stars and Stripes Thursday. “U.S. Fo...
Lost billions as Korea Inc's China woes grow
-Reuters - Tue Sep 19 02:10:49 EDT 2017
It was always likely to be a controversial land swap deal with the government. But the Lotte group may have underestimated the economic fallout from the Terminal High Altitude Air ...
NKorea minister calls Thump’s threat ‘sound of dog barking’
-The Seattle Times - Wed Sep 20 23:06:53 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea’s foreign minister has described as “the sound of a dog barking” President Donald Trump’s threat to destroy his country. The comments are the ...
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