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Trump still has to fill nearly 2,000 vacancies
-WPLG Local 10 - Sat Feb 25 07:14:10 EST 2017
WASHINGTON (CNN) - Nearly 2,000 appointed positions in the administration of President Donald Trump remain vacant, leaving many agencies with large staffing gaps waiting to be fill...
State senator removed after criticizing late lawmaker
-SM Daily Journal - Fri Feb 24 04:00:47 EST 2017
SACRAMENTO — A California lawmaker was removed from the state Senate floor Thursday after refusing to stop delivering a speech criticizing late state Sen. Tom Hayden for his leader...
Florida Legislature leaders heading to D.C. to meet with Rubio
-Miami Herald - Fri Feb 24 10:12:55 EST 2017
@JeremySWallace The top leaders of the Florida Legislature are going to Washington, D.C. next week for a series of meetings with Congressional leaders and a lengthy discussion with...
Firing squad removed as execution option in bill
-Hattiesburg American - Fri Feb 24 19:05:03 EST 2017
JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi Senate panel has removed the firing squad as a proposed execution option in case courts block the state from obtaining lethal injection drugs. L...
Dems win special election, hold to Delaware state Senate
-Miami Herald - Sat Feb 25 19:12:07 EST 2017
Still reeling from the election of Donald Trump, Democrats in Delaware can take solace in maintaining their grasp on state government. Stephanie Hansen, an attorney and former New ...
Reports Say White House Asked FBI To Dispute Stories About Russia Ties
-The Huffington Post - Thu Feb 23 19:40:56 EST 2017
The Trump administration and the campaign’s alleged connections to Russia, including former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s communications with the Russian ambassador to ...
Dissenting Voices Make An Administration Stronger
-The Huffington Post - Fri Feb 24 07:11:29 EST 2017
In 2005, Barack Obama and I were getting into an elevator in Chicago with a few of his Senate staffers.  Looking around at the different faces surrounding him, Obama remarked,...
As Duterte Critic Is Jailed, Her Allies See a Move Against Dissent
-The Wall Street Journal - Fri Feb 24 13:11:18 EST 2017
MANILA—Political battle lines are hardening in the Philippines after police arrested one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s most vocal critics and the Roman Catholic Church took a stan...
With the memory of Judge Merrick Garland's fate at the hands of Senate Republicans fresh in our minds, Terri Johannessen, in her recent op-ed "Fight over Gorsuch's Supreme Court no...
Why Was Andrew Johnson Impeached?
-Mental Floss - Fri Feb 24 04:11:05 EST 2017
There are a lot of presidential firsts out there. Some are rather charming, like the first president to enjoy electricity in the White House (Benjamin Harrison, who was scared to t...
Backseat car passengers would have to buckle up under a bill that could become law in Alabama. The Alabama Senate has passed the bill by Sen. Quinton Ross, D-Montgomery that requir...
Arkansas Lawmaker Wants To --- Clinton Name From Airport
-The Huffington Post - Fri Feb 24 01:11:15 EST 2017
LITTLE ROCK, Ark (Reuters) - The largest and busiest airport in Arkansas would no longer be named after the only president and first lady from the state if a bill introduced in the...
Schumer: I'll take Clay homeowners' tax message to Senate floor
-Syracuse - Fri Feb 24 07:13:01 EST 2017
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer says he will bring a message from suburban Syracuse homeowners back with him to Congress next week: Keep your hands off our federal ta...
Rubio: I won't attend town halls full of 'liberal activists'
-Miami Herald - Sun Feb 26 07:12:01 EST 2017
@PatriciaMazzei Don't expect to see U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio at a town hall anytime soon. The Florida Republican said in an interview this weekend that the much-ballyhooed events orga...
Washington Still Reels From the Quake of 2016
-The Wall Street Journal - Thu Feb 23 19:41:10 EST 2017
Washington If Democrats have a brain in their head, they’ll let Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch sail through the Senate. He’s too attractive. He has been frank and respectful in...
Vulnerable Dems lay low as town hall angst rages
-The Seattle Times - Thu Feb 23 22:47:56 EST 2017
NEW YORK (AP) — From Montana to West Virginia, the nation’s most vulnerable Senate Democrats are avoiding town hall meetings as their Republican counterparts get pummeled by an ene...
Panel acts to reduce pre-K funds
-The Journal Gazette - Thu Feb 23 22:00:43 EST 2017
INDIANAPOLIS – A Senate Republican panel on Wednesday reduced the amount of money that would go toward expanding the state’s prekindergarten program. The move is the start of a key...
Bryant wants renewed push for lottery
-Hattiesburg American - Fri Feb 24 13:05:23 EST 2017
JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said Thursday that he wants legislators to make a late-session push to enact a lottery that might generate tens of millions of dollars...
MANILA — Philippine police on Friday arrested Sen. Leila de Lima, one of the most vocal critics of President Rodrigo Duterte and his war on drugs, on charges that she took money fr...
Should the President Get to Pick Supreme Court Justices?
-Slate Magazine - Fri Feb 24 07:02:42 EST 2017
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Starting this week, Slate will feature a monthly dialogue between two of the nation’s most esteemed jurists, Richard A. Posner and Jed S. Rakoff. Thes...
The wave of moderate Republicans who swept last year’s GOP primaries in Kansas should have been Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s first clue that a revolt wa...
Oregon ‘move over' law could be expanded - Fri Feb 24 22:02:41 EST 2017
Oregon drivers are used to moving over or slowing down for emergency and roadside assistance vehicles. The Oregon Senate passed a bill Thursday that would expand the law to include...
A new poll finds that a majority of Americans are in favor of a congressional investigation into any contact between President Trump's campaign and Russia. The NBC News/Wall Street...
Republicans want jail time for protesters who block highways
-Post Bulletin - Fri Feb 24 22:12:50 EST 2017
This week, House and Senate committees advanced a bill that would make blocking highway traffic, airport access or public transit a gross misdemeanor, which requires jail time. Dur...
State Senator Janet Nguyen (R-San Jose), center, speaks to a reporter at the California Republican Party convention in Sacramento. (Christine Mai-Duc / Los Angeles Times) When Repu...
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