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"We felt good last week, but not only did the Senate then pass the bill, we're hearing now that the House may go ahead and take the Senate amendments or move very quickly to accept...
Budget Resolution Passed In Senate Moves Tax Overhaul Forward The Senate has passed a budget blueprint that may give momentum to the GOP tax overhaul. NPR's Melissa Block talks to ...
Senate Vote Could Lead To Drilling In Alaska's Wildlife Refuge Senate Democrats tried and failed Thursday to block oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. The fig...
Iowa Democrats elect new leader in state Senate - SFGate
-SFgate - Sun Oct 22 14:34:15 EDT 2017
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Iowa Democrats have elected a new leader in the state Senate. State Sen. Janet Petersen of Des Moines was chosen Sunday to be the new Democratic leader of t...
Senate budget vote was 'perfect': Ryan
-Reuters - Fri Oct 20 08:31:34 EDT 2017
U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan praises the U.S. Senate for passing a budget plan that would pave the way for Republicans to pursue a tax-cut package without Democratic support. Rough...
Rep. Tom Cole Weighs In On Bipartisan Health Plan
-OPB - Fri Oct 20 02:05:39 EDT 2017
Rep. Tom Cole Weighs In On Bipartisan Health Plan A bipartisan health care deal was introduced in the Senate. While there's a chance it could pass there, it faces a tougher time in...
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., walks from the chamber to his office during a long series of votes at the Capitol in Washington, on Thursday. J. Scott Applewhite/AP ...
Tax Plan Push, Trump's Call To Fallen Soldier's Family And George W. Bush Chimes In Scott Simon talks to NPR's Ron Elving about the week in politics, including President Trump's sp...
Democrats Eye A Rare Opportunity In Alabama Senate Race
-OPB - Sun Oct 22 05:05:59 EDT 2017
Roy Moore, GOP Senate candidate and former chief justice on the Alabama Supreme Court, speaks during the annual Values Voter Summit earlier this month in Washington, D.C. Mark Wils...
President Donald Trump told House Republicans on Sunday that if they stand in the way of his push for broad tax reform, it could come back to hurt them in the 2018 midterm election...
Argentine president looks for legislative majority
-Fox News - Sun Oct 22 08:10:03 EDT 2017
BUENOS AIRES, Argentina –  Legislative elections in Argentina are giving President Mauricio Macri a chance to win his first friendly congress, while former President Cristina ...
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Charles Schumer, the top Democrat in the U.S. Senate, is calling on President Donald Trump to name a single official to oversee and coordinate relief efforts...
BOSTON (AP) — A wide-ranging proposal that seeks to bring down the cost of health care in Massachusetts is set to receive a hearing on Beacon Hill. The Special Senate Committee on ...
GOP Gears Up for Tax-Overhaul Push -- 2nd Update | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Fri Oct 20 14:03:18 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON –  Now that the Senate and House have both passed their 2018 budgets, the sprint to write a major tax bill is on. Republicans hope to finish a bill by year-end. The...
Pass the Senate Budget
-The Wall Street Journal - Fri Oct 20 20:33:05 EDT 2017
A Senate majority hanging together to move the party’s agenda isn’t usually news, but then we’re talking about Republicans in the 115th Congress. On Thursday Senate Republicans pas...
U.S. stock futures move higher as Senate passes budget proposal
-Market Watch - Thu Oct 19 23:08:59 EDT 2017
U.S. stock futures rose early Friday after the Senate adopted a budget for the next fiscal year, a move that is seen as paving the way for tax reform. Dow Jones Industrial Average ...
Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer, speaks to the media after finding out a closed-door meeting with Senate Intelligence Committee at which he was to ...
Conservatives are dropping their demands for billions in mandatory spending cuts as GOP House leaders ready to take up the Senate-passed budget next week, a key step for tax reform...
Can A Democrat Win In Alabama?
-OPB - Fri Oct 20 14:06:37 EDT 2017
Download A competitive special election in Alabama has Democrats thinking they may have a shot at a U.S. Senate seat in a deeply red state. The Republican candidate, Roy Moore, ha...
Senate Passes Budget Proposal Primarily on Party Lines | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Thu Oct 19 20:03:11 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON –  Senate Republicans adopted a budget for the next fiscal year, clearing a critical hurdle in the GOP push to overhaul the tax code. The Senate's late Thursday pas...
The Latest: Senate GOP backs budget | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Fri Oct 20 02:03:01 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON –  The Latest on Congress and a budget resolution (all times local): 4:10 a.m. President Donald Trump hailed the vote as "Great news" in a post-midnight tweet, call...
Trump vows "biggest" tax cuts in history after Senate OKs budget
-CBS News - Fri Oct 20 05:09:56 EDT 2017
Mr. Trump wrote about it on Twitter, noting that the only defection came from Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, whom he said would ultimately vote in favor of tax cuts. The president sai...
Senate GOP backs budget, clears way for tax overhaul | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Fri Oct 20 02:03:01 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON –  Republicans must now shift their focus to enacting President Donald Trump's sweeping tax plan, a far heavier lift than the $4 trillion budget plan they've muscle...
Senate Majority Leader (R-Ky.) said on Sunday that he doesn't expect Republican Senate candidates to take a position on whether they will vote for him as majority le...
Top Senate Republican aims for tax bill by year-end
-Reuters - Sun Oct 22 08:10:12 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. Senate Republican says he believes Congress can pass tax legislation by year-end, and he and other leaders are not abandoning the goal of a reve...
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