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Trump's Trade Nominee Clears Senate Committee
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue Apr 25 08:10:52 EDT 2017
President Donald Trump’s nominee for U.S. trade representative cleared a Senate committee on Tuesday, bringing the administration a step closer toward its plan to overhaul int...
Republican Jeff Bartos sent a fundraising email and a new video to supporters supporters about his Senate bid, which will be his first time running for elected office. “I’m Jeff Ba...
Negotiators begin work on final state budget
-Chron - Mon Apr 24 14:56:11 EDT 2017
AUSTIN — With smiles and cheeriness absent just a few days ago, state Senate and House ne-gotiators on Monday began work to hammer out out a final version of the state's two-year b...
Texas introduces new bill banning --- mutilation - Tue Apr 25 14:00:30 EDT 2017
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas Senate has authorized a late push in the Republican-controlled Legislature to ban --- mutilation in the country's largest conservative state. Rep... The entire U.S. Senate has been invited to the White House for a briefing Wednesday on the North Korea situation, amid escalating tensions over the country’s missile te...
Sally Yates to testify at May 8 Senate hearing
-CNN - Tue Apr 25 11:10:03 EDT 2017
James Clapper, director of national intelligence under former President Barack Obama, was also scheduled to appear before the Senate judiciary subcommittee in the same hearing as Y...
Bill to limit annexations appears to gain momentum - Mon Apr 24 14:58:27 EDT 2017
Mike Kantor stands with his “no annexation” T-shirt on April 5 as supporters of limitations on municipal expansion crowd into the back of the room for a hearing on Senate Bill 715,...
Donald Trump's Pick For Agriculture Secretary Confirmed
-The Huffington Post - Mon Apr 24 14:24:59 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON, April 24 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Monday confirmed former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue as secretary of agriculture, leaving all but one of President Donald Trump...
President Trump’s nominee to lead the nation's trade office is expected to get a vote in the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday after months in a holding pattern. “While I ha...
An Alabama man may soon be reunited with his former boss -- Attorney General Jeff Sessions -- after Donald Trump nominated him on Tuesday to be an assistant attorney general. Steph...
Talks stall as Senate blasts House's 'continuation budget' offer
-Tampa Bay Times - Mon Apr 24 05:08:55 EDT 2017
Negotiations between the Florida House and Senate on a state budget are at a stalemate after the House on Sunday proposed a "continuation budget" for the fiscal year that begins Ju...
Senate medical marijuana plan ready for a floor vote - Sun Sentinel
-Sun Sentinel - Tue Apr 25 11:14:19 EDT 2017
When Stephani Scruggs tried to speak at a Senate committee meeting on medical marijuana last week, her husband suffered an epileptic seizure and was taken away in a wheelchair. Thi...
With Supreme Court seat filled, GOP looks to lower courts
-The Seattle Times - Sun Apr 23 05:06:55 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans have put President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee on the bench, and they’re now in a position to fill dozens more federal judgeships — and resha...
Committee approves Trump's choice to lead trade office - Tue Apr 25 08:00:28 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON - A Senate panel has unanimously approved President Donald Trump's pick to represent the U.S. in trade negotiations. The 26-0 vote by the Finance Committee on Tuesday mo...
High court won't hear appeal over CIA torture report
-Fox News - Mon Apr 24 06:00:48 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON –  The Supreme Court has turned away an appeal seeking to force the CIA to release the full 2014 Senate report about the agency's use of harsh interrogation tactics...
Gun sales without background checks?
-12News - Mon Apr 24 20:03:32 EDT 2017
PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona House has passed a bill that would bar state and local governments from requiring background checks on private party gun sales. The measure would prevent...
Louisiana Senate to consider bill to end capital punishment
-The Seattle Times - Tue Apr 25 14:07:21 EDT 2017
BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana senators are moving ahead with a bill to end executions in the state, a rare proposal in a Republican-controlled region that tends to favor capita...
Former Attorney General Sally Yates to testify May 8 in Russia probe
-Chicago Tribune - Tue Apr 25 08:08:11 EDT 2017
Former acting attorney general Sally Yates is scheduled to appear at a congressional hearing next month on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, a Senate com...
A bill to end the requirement for a permit to carry a concealed handgun will be the subject of a public hearing Wednesday morning at the State Capitol. The bill by Rep. Isaac Whort...
House panel adds restrictions to medical marijuana bill - Sun Sentinel
-Sun Sentinel - Mon Apr 24 14:43:13 EDT 2017
A plan to implement the state’s medical marijuana constitutional amendment is on its way to the Florida House floor for a vote. The bill, criticized as too restrictive by medical m...
ObamaCare Repeal Needs a Direction
-The Wall Street Journal - Mon Apr 24 20:44:46 EDT 2017
Before you start a journey, it helps to know where you are going. That’s obvious advice—but instructive as Republicans consider next steps in the effort to repeal ObamaCare. Before...
Senator files bill to let lawmakers officiate at weddings
-Chron - Tue Apr 25 11:49:11 EDT 2017
A Texas state senator has proposed a bill that would allow lawmakers to perform weddings. The measure wouldn't pay the legislators from state funds, but would allow them to collect...
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