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Science is already political. Get over it and start marching.
-Mashable - Sat Feb 25 05:06:36 EST 2017
As the March for Science in Washington, D.C., grows, so does its criticism.  This should be expected. Scientists are encouraged to look at even the most widely accepted statis...
Obama science adviser rejoins climate-change think tank
-The Seattle Times - Fri Feb 24 07:07:31 EST 2017
FALMOUTH, Mass. (AP) — President Barack Obama’s top science adviser has rejoined the climate science organization he led before his White House service. John Holdren on Friday rejo...
In Photos: Take a Tour of the World's 'Doomsday' Seed Vault
-Live Science - Fri Feb 24 11:10:38 EST 2017
Denise Chow is the Assistant Managing Editor at Live Science. Before joining the Live Science team in 2013, she spent two years as a staff writer for, where she wrote abo...
North Hollywood High School wins LADWP Science Bowl
-Los Angeles Times - Sun Feb 26 10:11:20 EST 2017
As Oscars nominees gear up to celebrate what they hope will be their wins, a group of North Hollywood High School students is already reveling in victory — the school’s 18th region...
PRINCETON - High school and middle school students from schools around the area battled it out this weekend in a science competition that could give them the chance to travel ...
Florida Institute of Technology’s Robert Weaver, left, talks with host Noelle Lara Horelik during the taping of “Science Works!” for the Science Channel. (FIT image) BREVARD C...
Naomi Oreskes: Why Should We Believe In Science?
-OPB - Fri Feb 24 04:07:23 EST 2017
About Naomi Oreskes' TED Talk In school, we're taught we should trust science because the scientific method leads to measurable results and hard facts. But Naomi Oreskes says the p...
Citrus Greening Disease
-Science 2.0 - Sun Feb 26 16:13:18 EST 2017
Citrus greening disease poses no risk to animals or humans but is destructive to citrus. This bacterial disease is thought to have originated in China in the early 1900s. It's spre...
There is still a need for a 'culture change' to enable more women to work in science, according to one of the world's leading astrophysicists. Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell was speakin...
Pa. schools push for computer science literacy
-tribLive - Sat Feb 25 10:00:26 EST 2017
Updated 31 minutes ago They look like anything but computer whizzes, but the kindergarten students at Newlonsburg Elementary School might just surprise you. These tots are learning...
Penn Hills High School student Coleman Kernan, an automotive technology major, is one of 38 Forbes Road Career and Technology Center students to qualify to participate in a state t...
IRA BROWN - Sat Feb 25 22:11:11 EST 2017
Home: Haverford. Family: Wife, Alicia; daughters, Rebecca Brown-Handley, 29, Marissa Brown, 26. Diplomas: Muhlenberg College, political science; Seton Hall University, master's in ...
Apartment fire in SW Portland - Sat Feb 25 19:02:51 EST 2017
PORTLAND, Ore. – One person was injured in a Southwest Portland apartment fire Saturday afternoon. The two-alarm fire was reported shortly after 2 p.m. at Southwest 45th&...
Bill Paxton dead at 61 following surgery complications
-Tampa Bay Times - Sun Feb 26 07:10:11 EST 2017
Actor Bill Paxton, whose career included Weird Science, Aliens and Twister, has died at age 61, reports Rolling Stone. The cause of death was complications from surgery. "It is wit...
Microaggression and Macrononsense: Another social science failure
-Red Alert Politics - Sun Feb 26 13:01:56 EST 2017
Every few weeks, it seems, a new crack appears in the seemingly impenetrable wall of social-science dogma. The latest appeared last month with the publication of a paper by the wel...
Your Brain as Laboratory: The Science of Meditation
-Scientific American - Fri Feb 24 07:07:40 EST 2017
Meditation has surged in popularity in recent years, from a fringe interest to a mainstream trend championed by therapists, scientists, and celebrities. As part of this shift, misc...
Saldivar Jr., Ricardo Efrain
-Northwest Herald - Sun Feb 26 04:00:43 EST 2017
Ricardo Efrain Saldivar, Jr Born: April 19, 1959; in Monterey, CA Died: February 6, 2017; in Marengo, IL Ricardo Efrain Saldivar Jr, 57, of Marengo, Illinois, passed away Feb. 6, 2...
Minister to enshrine protection for research independence
-BBC News - Fri Feb 24 04:12:56 EST 2017
Ministers will enshrine into law the idea that there should be no political interference in research funding. The concept, known as the Haldane Principle, has been a guiding precep...
Alternative Facts: How Do We Determine What Is True?
-Live Science - Fri Feb 24 10:14:06 EST 2017
Part of what I do as an archaeologist is judge between competing claims to truth. Indeed, you could say this is the entire purpose of science. Before we make a judgment about what ...
‘The Martian’ best-seller lands in classrooms minus the F-words
-The Seattle Times - Fri Feb 24 19:07:25 EST 2017
There are more than 160 swear words in Andy Weir’s sci-fi thriller “The Martian,” including two memorably deployed F-words in the novel’s first three sentences. The profanity did n...
This Duckling Debate Shows How Science Really Gets Done
-Gizmodo - Fri Feb 24 10:21:44 EST 2017
There’s a formula to how you experience science: First, splashy press releases come out about a study, like ducklings being capable of abstract thought. News outlets write about&nb...
Yough science fair contestants get a full head of STEAM
-tribLive - Fri Feb 24 13:00:33 EST 2017
Updated 36 minutes ago As students jostled one another for a view, Annie Quinn, executive director of the Jacobs Creek Watershed Association, launched into her presentation for the...
This year’s New York Toy Fair featured plenty of great toys. From science experiments to board games to stop-motion animation, there seemed to be something for everyone. ...
Neil deGrasse Tyson says there's a chance the newly discovered cluster of Earth-sized planets could harbor life, but there's something big (yet small) they haven't told you ab...
-Slate Magazine - Fri Feb 24 01:02:52 EST 2017
In a Feb. 22 XX Factor, Christina Cauterucci misstated that IVF practitioners transfer embryos after five days of development. They transfer embryos after either three or five days...
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