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Stephen Colbert Is in Russia for Future Late Show Segment
-Vulture - Fri Jun 23 11:55:19 EDT 2017
Well, that’s the million ruble question. Stephen Colbert is in Russia right now, and while it’s unclear exactly what he’s doing over there, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that we...
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) on Friday said that President Trump “doesn’t talk very strong on Russia, but he acts very strong on Russia,” calling it a change from former President ...
MOSCOW –  The Latest on the new U.S. sanctions against Russia (all times local): 8:20 p.m. The United States says it regrets Russia's decision to "turn away" from a chance to ...
Trump-Russia Probe: Anatomy of a Witch Hunt
-Fox News - Wed Jun 21 05:32:12 EDT 2017
  The Trump-Russia scare comes from the same playbook as fake cancer scares By Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. - The Wall Street Journal   Americans won’t be really good citizens ...
EU Leaders Reach Political on Russian Sanctions
-The Wall Street Journal - Thu Jun 22 14:43:21 EDT 2017
BRUSSELS—European Union leaders reached a political deal Thursday to extend the bloc’s economic sanctions on Russia by a further six months, citing the failure of Russia to end the...
Stephen Colbert is in Russia for ‘Late Show’
-Sun-Times - Thu Jun 22 11:06:57 EDT 2017
Stephen Colbert is apparently in Russia on a not-so-top-secret mission. Stephen Colbert is in Russia “on assignment for a future broadcast of his CBS late-night series. Colbert twe...
Stephen Colbert In Russia Looking For Donald Trump’s Comey Tapes
-Gossip Cop - Thu Jun 22 11:54:35 EDT 2017
Stephen Colbert is currently in Russia filming a segment for “The Late Show,” but the talk show host has additional plans while visiting the country. On Thursday, Colbert tweeted a...
Ukrainian president leaves Washington buoyed by Trump's support
-CBS News - Thu Jun 22 17:10:16 EDT 2017
When Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visited the Trump administration this week, he lauded the U.S. for continuing to apply pressure on Russia for violating his country's terr...
White House Admits Trump’s ‘Tapes’ Tweet Aimed To Impugn Comey
-The Huffington Post - Thu Jun 22 14:21:19 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON ― The White House on Thursday appeared to concede that President Donald Trump issued a baseless statement about “tapes” of a conversation with his just-fired FBI Di...
Donald Trump admitted in 2007 that he had invested in Russia
-Salon - Wed Jun 21 08:56:31 EDT 2017
President Donald Trump may want the headaches associated with the Russia scandal to go away, but a new report has drawn attention to yet another controversial aspect of Trump’s rel...
Stephen Colbert Is Taking The Late Show to Russia
-seattle pi - Thu Jun 22 14:05:54 EDT 2017
Colbert is currently in Russia "on assignment for a future broadcast," a CBS representative tells On Thursday the host tweeted in response to President Trump's admissi...
Smoking Gun Proof that Russia Hacked the Entire World
-Zero Hedge - Fri Jun 23 08:10:43 EDT 2017
As shown below, the allegations that Russia has been hacking the entire world have been thoroughly vetted and verified. Germany Germany’s intelligence agency accused Russia of depl...
Serb nationalist dies in Syria as Russian volunteer fighter - Wed Jun 21 05:00:33 EDT 2017
BELGRADE, Serbia — A far-right soccer fan group from northern Serbia says one of its members has died in Syria as a Russian volunteer fighter. The "Firma" group supporting first di...
Ronaldo, Portugal beat Russia 1-0
-ESPN USA - Wed Jun 21 08:56:26 EDT 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo scored as Portugal grabbed a 1-0 victory over host Russia in the two teams' second Confederations Cup Group A game on Wednesday. The Real Madrid superstar, who ma...
Russia 0-1 Portugal
-BBC News - Wed Jun 21 20:42:53 EDT 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo headed the only goal as Portugal recorded their first win at the Confederations Cup by beating hosts Russia. Ronaldo, whose future at club Real Madrid is in doubt...
WASHINGTON The U.S. military said on Friday that a crisis communications link with Russia meant to avoid an accidental clash over Syria was "in use," even after Moscow threatened t...
A top Russian official on Wednesday called the U.S. statement that ties Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine to lifting U.S. sanctions on Moscow “inappropriate and incorrect,” Re...
The Latest: Russia proposing foreign monitors inside Syria - Thu Jun 22 08:57:29 EDT 2017
BEIRUT — The Latest on the conflict in Syria (all times local): 7:45 p.m. A senior Russian lawmaker says Russia is negotiating with two Central Asian nations about sending their tr...
Portugal lead 1-0 through Ronaldo
-ESPN USA - Wed Jun 21 08:06:02 EDT 2017
Cristiano Ronaldo scored to give Portugal a 1-0 victory over Russia in the two teams' second Confederations Cup Group A game on Wednesday. Attempt missed. Giorgi Jikia (Russia) hea...
David Brooks on Donald Trump
-The Seattle Times - Fri Jun 23 14:06:58 EDT 2017
I was vastly disappointed and surprised after reading David Brook’s “Hyping the politics of scandal” [Opinion, June 21]. which basically said “there is nothing there there” in rega...
He Persisted
-The Wall Street Journal - Fri Jun 23 20:31:02 EDT 2017
Did fake news appear in this column on Thursday? Your humble correspondent wrote that “it’s not that voters oppose the Russia investigation; they just don’t think it will solve the...
Russia Cancels Meeting With U.S. Over Increased Sanctions
-The Atlantic - Wed Jun 21 20:00:55 EDT 2017
Russia has cancelled a planned meeting between its deputy foreign minister, Sergey Rybakov, and U.S. Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon in response to a new round of sanctions im...
Russia–US Talks Cancelled, 4 Reasons Why Russia Won’t Leave Crimea
-International Business Times - Thu Jun 22 00:00:43 EDT 2017
Russia on Wednesday cancelled a meeting planned between its officials and the U.S., aimed at resolving problems between the two countries. The decision came after U.S. an...
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