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Miley Cyrus slams Dolce & Gabbana in heated Instagram post
-Fox News - Mon Jun 19 05:41:22 EDT 2017
Miley Cyrus has a love-hate relationship with Dolce & Gabbana. The pop singer expressed her thanks to the Italian fashion designers for inviting her brother to walk in their Mi...
Conwy council's Plaid Cymru leader defends Tories in cabinet
-BBC News - Mon Jun 19 14:10:58 EDT 2017
The Plaid Cymru leader of Conwy council has presented a cabinet including Conservatives in defiance of what he called a "diktat" from his party. Gareth Jones told a meeting of the ...
Sam Stein Is Leaving HuffPost for the Daily Beast
-AdWeek - Mon Jun 19 11:05:26 EDT 2017
Almost ten years ago, HuffPost senior politics editor Sam Stein was part of a trio that opened the publication’s Washington bureau. When bureau chief Ryan Grim left last month for ...
A very special Special Election... Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary, co-host of Fox News Channel's "The Five" and best-selling author of "And The Good News Is..." an...
Nike Air Max 95 & Air Max 90 Get “Summit White” Treatment - Tue Jun 20 02:57:22 EDT 2017
Nike cools things off as the summer heat approaches, with icy editions of the iconic Air Max 95 and Air Max 90, dubbed "Summit White". The classic Air Maxes each get a tonal makeov...
The most expensive election in US history
-BBC News - Mon Jun 19 23:10:03 EDT 2017
More than $40m (£31m) is expected to be spent on a congressional race in the state of Georgia, making it the most expensive US election race ever. The seat has been held by the Rep...
Will Netanyahu Seize the Chance for Peace?
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue Jun 20 20:31:40 EDT 2017
Jerusalem I came to Israel this year to study the effects of the 1967 war and its aftermath on modern Jewish identity. I left a bit wiser about the influence of 2005 on contemporar...
Prices would rise for steel in general, and that would be passed along to finished products, which could push up consumer prices and drive some companies out of business. "Let...
First-time candidates get caught up on election ins and outs
-Edmoton Journal - Wed Jun 21 15:10:05 EDT 2017
Justin Draper and Tricia Velthuizen both grew up in Edmonton’s northeast. They also both feel their corner of the city is often overlooked by city hall, and that’s why they’re each...
Trump May Be Exactly Right on the Russia Investigation
-Newser - Tue Jun 20 05:57:39 EDT 2017
(Newser) – David Brooks isn't a fan of Donald Trump, but the president might be thrilled to read his column in the New York Times on Tuesday. Brooks makes the case that the Trump-R...
Two thirds say tone in politics is getting worse
-The Hill - Tue Jun 20 05:46:03 EDT 2017
A majority of Americans think the tone of the country’s politics is getting worse, according to a new CBS News poll released Tuesday. Sixty-eight percent of Americans say the tone ...
When former FBI director James Comey testified before the Senate intelligence committee June 8, 10 television networks broke into regular programming with live coverage of what was...
Democrats March on Georgia
-The Wall Street Journal - Mon Jun 19 20:35:32 EDT 2017
Get ready for an outbreak of headlines tomorrow about how Donald Trump portends the crackup of the Republican Party. Many of the stories have already been written. They await only ...
Hyping the politics of scandal
-The Seattle Times - Tue Jun 20 11:06:58 EDT 2017
I was the op-ed editor at The Wall Street Journal at the peak of the Whitewater scandal. We ran a series of investigative pieces “raising serious questions” (as we say in the scand...
L.A. Clippers star Austin Rivers was straight and to the point when we asked if he'd go to the White House to visit President Trump if he won the NBA championship.  "NOPE." It...
General election 2017: A history lesson in minority governments
-BBC News - Mon Jun 19 14:10:58 EDT 2017
The Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party are continuing their talks over a possible deal to secure support for a minority Tory government. There is no deadline for a dea...
French press: 2 more government ministers resign
-Fox News - Tue Jun 20 23:19:56 EDT 2017
PARIS –  The French press reports that two more French government ministers, including the minister of justice, are targeted in possible probes and have resigned, following on...
French media: 2 more government ministers resign - Wed Jun 21 02:00:32 EDT 2017
PARIS — France's justice minister, who was preparing a draft law to clean up politics but whose party is targeted for possible investigation, resigned on Wednesday to avoid comprom...
Kamala Harris, Senator of California, has been making many headlines for her outspokenness and fearless approach to handling the male-dominated field in politics. Being both Africa...
D.C. --- web traffic plummeted during Comey, Sessions hearings
-Death and Taxes - Tue Jun 20 11:05:27 EDT 2017
Over the last two weeks, congressional subcommittee hearings seized the attention of the American public to an extent usually reserved for football games and sitcom series fin...
Former White House chief of staff Bill Daley says in a new interview that he thinks the "chaos" in the current White House is a reflection of President Trump. "White Houses reflect...
Sam Sanders of NPR Politics has a new podcast, and he hopes his show will be a little more upbeat than the daily politics headlines. As a campaign reporter during the 2016 presiden...
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