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Eclipse traffic already in C. Oregon - Wed Aug 16 17:02:44 EDT 2017
LA PINE, Ore. -- Despite the total solar eclipse being five days away, it appears traffic in Central Oregon is already increasing. Oregon State Police tweeted two photos of a line ...
Travel forecast for eclipse: Heavy traffic ahead - SFGate
-SFgate - Mon Aug 14 08:48:45 EDT 2017
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Transportation officials in Oregon and Washington have a message for the region's drivers: However bad you think traffic is going to be during next week's tot...
Bald eagle found shot in Washington Co. - Wed Aug 16 17:02:43 EDT 2017
GASTON, Ore. – A bald eagle found with a gunshot wound near Gaston in June has died, Oregon State Police said. Troopers followed the eagle through thick brush and a knee-deep marsh...
Oregon Democratic Gov. Kate Brown signed legislation Tuesday requiring health insurers to cover birth control and abortion without charging patients a co-pay, The Washington Post r...
Oregon's plan for the eclipse - Wed Aug 16 11:02:29 EDT 2017
SALEM, Ore. – Oregon Governor Kate Brown outlined the state’s plan for Monday’s total solar eclipse. “The chance to witness a total solar eclipse is a rare and special opportunity,...
Gas shortages in Central Oregon - Wed Aug 16 23:02:33 EDT 2017
BEND, Ore. – Several gas stations in Central Oregon are already experiencing long lines and a shortage of fuel, days ahead of the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse. KTVZ reports Chevron ...
Sunny skies expected for eclipse - Tue Aug 15 17:02:51 EDT 2017
SALEM, Ore. (AP) - Sunny skies are expected next Monday in Oregon. Except for two minutes. Officials held a news conference Tuesday to talk about the eclipse that will first hit Or...
US pot states try to curb smuggling, fend off administration - Mon Aug 14 08:00:22 EDT 2017
FILE--In this May 15, 2016 file photo, Todd Golden displays a sample tag which can be scanned by radio-frequency identification devices, on an artificial marijuana plant at the Ore...
Weekend With is an ongoing Instagram series that features people we like photographing places we’d like to be. Follow @thecut on Instagram to join in, and tag your photos...
Oregon abortion law funds procedures for illegal immigrants
-Fox News - Wed Aug 16 23:09:16 EDT 2017
Oregon has passed the nation’s most progressive abortion bill, requiring state insurers to provide free abortions for all, including illegal immigrants. Gov. Kate Brown, a Democrat...
Oregon Officials Say They're Ready For Eclipse
-OPB - Tue Aug 15 17:07:05 EDT 2017
As Oregon Governor Kate Brown listens, Tyree Wilde of the National Weather Service describes likely weather conditions for next Monday's eclipse. Chris Lehman A million p...
The University of Washington, Central Washington University and University of Oregon are among institutions receiving grants. SEATTLE — The U.S. Geological Survey has awarded $4.9 ...
Oregon governor expands abortion, reproductive coverage
-seattle pi - Tue Aug 15 14:06:19 EDT 2017
SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on Tuesday signed into law what proponents called America's most progressive reproductive health policy, expanding coverage on abortions a...
WARM SPRINGS, Ore. (AP) — A fire burning in central Oregon has spread but fire officials say light rain and coolers temperatures have helped slow the fire's progress. The Oregon St...
Oregon refuge occupier jailed amid mental health concerns
-The Seattle Times - Wed Aug 16 17:07:28 EDT 2017
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A federal judge has revoked the release of a man convicted of conspiracy during last-year’s armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon. The Oregonian/Ore...
Photo: Lindsay Niegelberg An Oregon woman reportedly stabbed her brother multiple times during a road-trip gas station stop in San Mateo on Tuesday evening, police said. Evelynn En...
Scout's Take: ESPN 100 PG Tre Jones commits to Duke
-ESPN USA - Mon Aug 14 08:06:36 EDT 2017
9:59 AM ET Close Tre Jones, the No. 19 overall prospect in the Class of 2018, made his college decision today as he selected Duke over Minnesota, Oregon, Ohio State, USC and UCLA ....
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