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Some of the most exciting new discoveries in space come from far, far away, thanks to telescopes capable of detecting exoplanets that are so distant we'd likely never be able to ac...
Aston Martin Unveils Neptune Electric Submarine
-Inside EVs - Sun Oct 15 11:10:30 EDT 2017
Well, this is unexpected. It appears James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine (now owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk) will soon have an underwater companion as Aston Martin has tea...
Planet Nine could be our solar system's missing 'Super Earth'
-Fox News - Fri Oct 13 05:23:29 EDT 2017
A possible "Planet Nine" in Earth's solar system would orbit far beyond Neptune's orbit (visible as a bright ring around the sun in this artist's illustration).  (Tom Ruen/nag...
Ring encircles dwarf planet
-tribLive - Sat Oct 14 20:00:26 EDT 2017
Updated 1 hour ago There may be more ringed objects in the outer solar system than anyone knew. This week, researchers revealed that the egg-shaped dwarf planet Haumea — one of fou...
Another week of exhilarating New Jersey football is in the books, and there were countless amazing performances around the state. Lucky for you, NJ Advance Media has some of the be...
Distant dwarf planet near Pluto has a ring that no one expected
-New Scientist - Sat Oct 14 08:13:26 EDT 2017
By Ken Croswell A ring has been found around Haumea, a world more than 2 billion kilometres beyond Pluto. The ring is the most distant ever seen in our solar system. “This is a lan...
Three-Planet System Found in Hyades Cluster | Astronomy | - Mon Oct 16 02:07:42 EDT 2017
Astronomers using data from the NASA Kepler spacecraft’s reborn K2 mission have discovered a planetary system containing at least three exoplanets, orbiting the K-type dwarf star E...
Why haven’t we had alien contact? Blame icy ocean worlds
-Science Magazine - Thu Oct 19 11:10:21 EDT 2017
Might ET be buried under too much ice to phone Earth? That’s what planetary scientist Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, has concluded may be dela...
The Slack Chat That Changed Astronomy
-The Atlantic - Tue Oct 17 11:00:52 EDT 2017
In between its silly chatrooms and custom emojis, Slack is a place where real work gets done. But in some offices—no offense—the projects managed on the messaging platform are way ...
An international research team led by astronomers from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC) in Spain has discovered a ring around Haumea, one of four recognized tr...
John Dunsworth Net Worth: How Much Did ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Actor Make?
-International Business Times - Mon Oct 16 20:59:02 EDT 2017
Actor John Dunsworth, who famously portrayed the character of Jim Lahey in the TV series “Trailer Park Boys,” died at the age of 71 on Monday. His daughter took to his official Twi...
Cemetery-book author takes readers to 199 of her favorites
-U-T San Diego - Sun Oct 15 08:05:42 EDT 2017
They’re known as taphophiles — people with a passion for visiting graveyards — and now they have a new guidebook, “199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die,” by Bay Area writer Loren R...
Nearly 4 in 10 U.S. adults are now obese, CDC says
-Los Angeles Times - Thu Oct 12 20:11:24 EDT 2017
Americans’ obesity rates have reached a new high-water mark. Again. In 2015 and 2016, just short of 4 in 10 American adults had a body mass index that put them in obese territory. ...
EU mergers and takeovers (Oct 17)
-Reuters - Tue Oct 17 08:37:27 EDT 2017
BRUSSELS, Oct 17 (Reuters) - The following are mergers under review by the European Commission and a brief guide to the EU merger process: -- U.S. company Platinum Equity Group to ...
Dinosaurs and superheroes stared down from gigantic movie posters wallpapering Luis Colindres’ Lincoln Square room. The 23-year-old bent over his desk and used a black marker to ad...
Deaths in South Florida: 10/15 - Sun Sentinel
-Sun Sentinel - Sun Oct 15 05:00:55 EDT 2017
Margaret P. Clifton of Tamarac, FL July 27, 1917 - October 5, 2017 Survived by children Lois Bell, Daniel and Stephen Clifton, five grandchildren, nine great grandchildren and four...