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City Tournament Tee Times - Lowell Sun Online
-Lowell Sun - Thu Jun 22 05:00:47 EDT 2017
LOWELL CITY GOLF TOURNAMENT First Round Tee Times Friday at Mt. Pleasant Golf Club 12:00 Mikey Yfantopulos, LM Eric Young, Nab Trevor Green, MP 12:09 Dan Villemaire, V Mike McQuade...
Eleanor Tomlinson has joined the Wash Westmoreland-directed biopic Colette, starring Keira Knightley and Dominic West. Co-written by Westmoreland and the late Richard Glatzer with ...
President Donald Trump is not only struggling to avoid losing control of his presidency due to the ongoing Russia scandal. He is also struggling to maintain control over his temper...
Hosting congressional picnic, Trump calls for unity
-The Seattle Times - Thu Jun 22 17:29:14 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON (AP) — A carousel spun joyfully within sight of the Truman Balcony. Members of Congress munched on fried chicken and their children watched toy boats float in a pool. Iv...
Inside the Mind of a Hypocrite
-The Atlantic - Wed Jun 21 02:00:51 EDT 2017
In the wake of the shooting of Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News that “You can’t attack people personally in a way and think that tragedies lik...
Trump struggles to stay calm on Russia, one morning call at a time
-Chicago Tribune - Fri Jun 23 21:02:12 EDT 2017
President Donald Trump has a new morning ritual. Around 6:30 a.m. on many days - before all the network news shows have come on the air - he gets on the phone with a member of his ...
In Washington, the 'first law of holes' is one of those shopworn maxims that are so familiar, they need not be spoken. It's like what you should do if you want a friend in the capi...
Trump, Comey and the Russia investigation: What we know so far
-Los Angeles Times - Thu Jun 22 17:09:37 EDT 2017
Trump has frequently belittled investigations underway into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. His comments, often on Twitter, have only heightened the suspicions ...
Trump's Interests vs. America's, Russian Trademarks Edition
-The Atlantic - Mon Jun 19 11:01:05 EDT 2017
One of the questions underlying the ongoing investigation into the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russian officials is whether the president himself is in debt to the country’s...
Trump's Interests vs. America's, Westchester Edition
-The Atlantic - Wed Jun 21 08:00:51 EDT 2017
According to a report by ABC News, the Trump Organization is looking for a tax break for the Trump National Golf Club Westchester in Briarcliff Manor, New York. The company is atte...
Trump's Interests vs. America's, New Delhi Edition
-The Atlantic - Fri Jun 23 14:01:46 EDT 2017
President Donald Trump’s international real-estate empire continues to grow. According to The Washington Post, two new Trump-branded buildings—one residential development and one o...