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US, Iraq say ISIS blew up famous Mosul mosque - Thu Jun 22 02:12:52 EDT 2017
(CNN) — The United States and Iraq are blaming ISIS for the destruction of an iconic mosque that stood over the embattled Iraqi city of Mosul for eight centuries. ISIS blamed US wa...
ISIS Senior Leader Turki Al-Binali Killed In Syria By US-Led Coalition Forces
-International Business Times - Tue Jun 20 23:08:29 EDT 2017
Coalition forces led by the U.S. killed Turki al-Binali, a senior leader of the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria also known as ISIS, in an airstrike last month, the U.S. Centr...
Iconic mosque where ISIS leader declared caliphate destroyed
-CBS News - Wed Jun 21 14:46:33 EDT 2017
IRBIL, Iraq -- The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) destroyed Mosul's al-Nuri mosque and its iconic leaning minaret known as al-Hadba when fighters detonated explosives insid...
Understanding The Threats Of Iran
-Forbes - Fri Jun 23 05:04:04 EDT 2017
A Shahab-3 long range missile is displayed during a rally marking al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day in Tehran on June 23, 2017. Chants against the Saudi royal family and the Islamic State gr...
ISIS makes bloody last stand in Mosul
-CBS News - Fri Jun 23 15:08:24 EDT 2017
MOSUL, Iraq -- Iraqi government forces backed by the U.S. are on the verge of re-taking the city of Mosul. But the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has mounted a bloody last ...
Law enforcement officials around the world are on high alert this week as ISIS calls for a surge of civilian attacks during Islam’s “Night of Power,” the holiest day on t...
ISIS destroys mosque where leader declared caliphate
-The Hill - Wed Jun 21 17:01:08 EDT 2017
The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has blown up the iconic mosque where its leader declared the caliphate almost three years ago, the Iraqi Defense Ministry and U.S. milita...
Historic Mosque Destroyed as ISIS Flees Mosul
-Red State - Thu Jun 22 08:09:09 EDT 2017
This is interesting. Islamic State fighters defended their remaining stronghold in the Old City of Mosul on Monday, moving stealthily along narrow back alleys as U.S.-backed Iraqi ...
ISIS Blows Up Mosul's Grand Mosque as Troops Close In
-Newser - Wed Jun 21 23:54:36 EDT 2017
(Newser) – In what American commanders called a crime against the people of Iraq and the country's prime minister called an admission of defeat, officials say ISIS fighters blew up...
US forces say they’ve killed ISIS financier
-The Hill - Fri Jun 23 11:13:59 EDT 2017
U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria have killed a key figure who moved millions of dollars for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Pentagon said Friday. Fawaz Muham...
Russian navy launches missile strikes at ISIS targets In Syria
-KETV Omaha - Thu Jun 22 23:00:07 EDT 2017
MOSCOW — Russian warships fired six missiles on ISIS targets in Syria on Friday, according to state media. In a statement posted to RIA the Defense Ministry said: "From the eastern...
Who Bombed Mosul’s Historic Mosque? ISIS Denies Involvement, Blames US For Attack
-International Business Times - Wed Jun 21 23:08:30 EDT 2017
After the Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul and its famous leaning minaret were blown Wednesday, a blame game started between the Islamic State group (ISIS) and the U...
US-backed forces on verge of recapturing Iraqi city of Mosul
-World Socialist Web Site - Thu Jun 22 21:05:03 EDT 2017
Iraqi government army and police have reportedly forced the last surviving Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighters into a small area of Mosul’s “Old City” district. The cit...
The battle for the rubble of Raqqa is underway
-Hot Air - Fri Jun 23 05:08:54 EDT 2017
Three weeks into the allied assault on the ISIS capital of Raqqa, operations to surround the northern Syrian city are complete and street-by-street fighting has begun in the outski...
The Great Mosque of al-Nuri and its iconic leaning minaret, which has towered over Iraq's second-largest city for over eight centuries, was destroyed by ISIS militants late Wednesd...
ISIS: Losing The Battle, But Winning The War
-Zero Hedge - Wed Jun 21 11:08:49 EDT 2017
Authored by Giulio Metti via The Gatestone Institute, The Islamic State is crumbling -- if too slowly. More than two years have passed since French President François Hollande prom...
Russia: "High" probability ISIS leader "liquidated" in strike
-CBS News - Thu Jun 22 05:10:12 EDT 2017
LONDON -- Russia's Foreign Ministry said there was a "high degree of probability" that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in an airstrike at the end of May. Russia first c...
Who Blew Up Mosul's Al-Nuri Mosque?
-The Atlantic - Wed Jun 21 14:00:51 EDT 2017
The historic Grand Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul was destroyed Wednesday by the Islamic State, according to the Iraqi military. ISIS, however, claims a U.S. airstrike was responsible....
The U.S. Enters a New Phase in Syria
-The Atlantic - Wed Jun 21 14:00:51 EDT 2017
Since it initiated air strikes against the Islamic State in Syria in 2014, the United States has tried to insulate its war against ISIS from the civil war among Bashar Assad’s regi...
First built in the 12 century, Mosul’s Nouri Mosque withstood the rise and fall of the Mongol, Ottoman, and British empires. The building survived the regime of Saddam Hussein, an ...
A 30-year-old New York City man was arrested at John F. Kennedy Airport Wednesday after the FBI alleged that he was planning to travel to Syria to join ISIS. Saddam Mohamed Raishan...
Outside the Box: The U.S. and Iran are headed for a collision in Syria
-Market Watch - Wed Jun 21 06:04:42 EDT 2017
Iran and its proxies have already begun to shape post-ISIS Syria, and eastern Syria is the most important theater. Yet recent events show that Iranian-backed forces advancing there...
(PARIS) — A French prosecutor says a man who was killed when he drove a car packed with arms and explosives into a police convoy had pledged allegiance to the leader of ISIS. Paris...
Gunmen kill 26 Coptic Christians
-CNN - Tue Jun 20 20:09:03 EDT 2017
"Wherever innocent blood is spilled, a wound is inflicted upon humanity," the statement said. "But this attack also steels our resolve to bring nations together for the righteous p...
Russian warships fire missiles at ISIS targets In Syria
-CNN - Fri Jun 23 05:54:18 EDT 2017
The Syrian conflict has transformed from a civil war to a more complex battle involving international players and their proxies. While international players are focused on targetin...
Sniper May Have Made Longest Kill Shot in History
-Newser - Thu Jun 22 05:01:37 EDT 2017
(Newser) – A Canadian sniper in Iraq appears to have taken a shot for the ages. The Globe and Mail reports that a still-unidentified member of the nation's elite forces killed an I...
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