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House GOP abruptly pulls troubled health care bill - Fri Mar 24 11:57:34 EDT 2017
House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis. leaves the White House in Washington, Friday, March 24, 2017, after meeting with President Donald Trump. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) WASHINGTON  -- R...
White House spokesman Sean Spicer says House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump ''are getting closer and closer'' to securing the votes needed to repeal and replace Obama...
House Speaker Paul Ryan holds a news conference to announce that the Republican Party has decided not to vote on its health bill on Friday. "We were close," he said, but the votes ...
By KYLE CHENEY, JOHN BRESNAHAN and RACHAEL BADE, Politico House leaders pulled their bill to repeal and replace Obamacare just ahead of a planned vote on Friday, in a staggering bl...
Report: Bannon Wants A ‘S*** List’ Of Health Care ‘No’ Votes
-Talking Point Memo - Fri Mar 24 11:24:35 EDT 2017
Citing multiple unnamed Trump administration officials, the Daily Beast reported that Steve Bannon, the President’s chief strategist, had advised Trump to keep, depending on the so...
Trump Tells Americans To Watch Show That Demands Ryan Step Down
-Daily Caller - Sat Mar 25 20:11:15 EDT 2017
President Trump told Americans Saturday morning to watch “Justice Jeanine” on Fox News. Jeanine Pirro started her show with a segment calling for House Speaker Paul Ryan to “step d...
Paul Ryan bemoans collapse of health care bill
-Boston Herald - Fri Mar 24 14:06:58 EDT 2017
Speaker Paul Ryan says the collapse of the House Republican health care bill means former President Barack Obama's health care law will be around for the foreseeable future. The Wi...
Pro-Trump Media Get Their Wish As The Health Care Bill Is Pulled
-The Huffington Post - Fri Mar 24 17:10:22 EDT 2017
“This is worse than Obamacare,” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) said Wednesday. On Friday morning, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) declared that “Obamacare 2.0 is the largest Republic...
  By Charlie Gasparino , Brian Schwartz Published March 24, 2017 | FOXBusiness     The conservative revolt inside the House of Representatives is steamrolling Presid...
Hours away from a crucial healthcare vote, House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) rushed Friday to the White House for a 20-minute meeting with President Trump. As Ryan met the p...
U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan on Friday acknowledged the unthinkable for a Republican leader: he could not deliver the votes to repeal and replace Obamacare, even though he and his ...
Paul Ryan falls short in first test of Donald Trump presidency
-Boston Herald - Fri Mar 24 14:06:58 EDT 2017
House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., arrives to speak at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, March 24, 2017. Republican leaders have abruptly pulled their troubled...
During Speaker of the House Paul Ryan‘s press conference today after he pulled the American Health Care Act from getting voted on in the House, CNN correspondent Dana Bash asked th...
Sean Spicer: We Expect Health Care Vote Around 3:30 Today
-Mediaite - Fri Mar 24 11:12:23 EDT 2017
The White House and Republican leaders are scrambling to get enough votes to pass the American Health Care Act in the House. There are reports that it may go down if it’s put up fo...
Republicans plot path forward after health care bill failure
-CBS News - Sat Mar 25 17:11:44 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON -- After failing to close the deal to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, President Trump is moving on to reforming the tax code. “I would say that we will proba...
Health Insurers Wrestle With Next Steps as GOP Bill Fails
-The Wall Street Journal - Fri Mar 24 20:11:17 EDT 2017
House Republicans’ failure to pass their bill overhauling the Affordable Care Act leaves health-care companies with continued challenges, most acutely for insurers facing decisions...
The Freedom-From-Reality Caucus
-The Wall Street Journal - Thu Mar 23 20:36:18 EDT 2017
The House GOP yanked its health-care bill on Thursday ahead of a planned vote, and perhaps they’ll reconvene on Friday or later. But as Republicans contemplate wasting this histori...
As was pointed out by Joe Cunningham earlier, former Breitbart CEO, current White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon, thought he would bark out demands and the House Freedom Cauc...
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