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How a Star Engineer Sparked a War Between Google and Uber
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue May 23 08:46:17 EDT 2017
Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer at the center of a battle between the tech giant and Uber Technologies Inc., was never a typical employee. And for years, Google was...
Google is expanding the ability to easily share information with your immediate family to Calendar, Photos, Keep, and YouTube TV. Google on Tuesday announced the new service, Googl...
Google enables easy family sharing for Calendar, Keep, Photos
-PhoneDog - Tue May 23 14:18:20 EDT 2017
Last year, Google launched Google Play Family Library to make it easy to share your digital purchases with your family members. Google has rolled out additional family-focused feat...
Google is coming for your credit card data next
-BGR - Wed May 24 11:05:57 EDT 2017
Loving free products like Google, Gmail, Google Maps, or Android means you have to give away a part of yourself to Google. Your data is what pays for these free products, and there...
The folks at Google responsible for lighting fires in the bellies of developers have revealed a program called the Google Actions Challenge. In this challenge, developers are asked...
Talent Battle: Hedge Funds vs. Silicon Valley
-The Wall Street Journal - Wed May 24 08:09:44 EDT 2017
The battle for quantitative talent has turned some of the richest money managers into underdogs. Why? Because they are up against the likes of Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Facebook I...
You probably already know that Google tracks what you search for online, but now the Silicon Valley giant is going offline -- and tracking what you buy at brick and mortar stores. ...
Google is getting a lot more family friendly
-Mashable - Tue May 23 11:09:47 EDT 2017
Google has slowly been expanding each of its apps to work better for families. It even launched Family Link, a way for kids to use Google's apps with parental supervision.  Th...
A couple of years ago, Google launched a program called Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, to speed up the mobile web. Now, it wants to do the same with two of its most lucrati...
Kotlin, Google Lens And Everything Showcased At Google I/O 2017
-International Business Times - Mon May 22 17:09:24 EDT 2017
Google I/O 2017 culminated Friday, but tech circuits are still abuzz about the many announcements that came out of the conference. Several new products, features within products an...
Google aims to connect online ads to real-world sales
-The Seattle Times - Tue May 23 05:43:07 EDT 2017
This Wednesday, April 26, 2017, photo shows Google’s web address, in Philadelphia. Google is keeping an eye on what you’re buying offline in addition to monitoring your online shop...
Google, Facebook Have a Stranglehold on Web Traffic
-24/7 Wall St. - Tue May 23 08:07:59 EDT 2017
When it comes to being noticed on the worldwide web, publishers and content producers need to break into just two websites that account for nearly 80% of referral traffic: Facebook...
Google is tracking offline spending in physical stores
-CBS News - Wed May 24 05:10:28 EDT 2017
SAN FRANCISCO — Google (GOOG) wants to know how its digital ads influence real-world spending, and is tapping into consumer spending data to keep tabs on your shopping behavio...
Google Can Now Track Your Offline Purchases
-ExtremeTech - Wed May 24 05:06:01 EDT 2017
Google runs the world’s largest and most profitably online ad network, but the lion’s share of ad dollars still go to TV. The search giant is looking to change that by associating ...
How To Use Google Updates That Make Family Sharing Of Photos, Calendars, Live TV Easier
-International Business Times - Wed May 24 08:55:03 EDT 2017
Google rolled out features Wednesday for family members who love doing stuff together, including updates for easier photo sharing and calendar use.  How to Use Google’s Family...
Google brings expanded AMP support to search and display ads
-TechCrunch - Tue May 23 11:09:43 EDT 2017
When Google launched its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project about a year and a half ago, the focus was squarely on speeding up mobile web pages, with a special emphasis on news...
Google Can Now See If Online Ads Lead To Offline Purchases
-Tech Times - Wed May 24 11:44:09 EDT 2017
Google has never been shy about implementing new systems that allow it to track people's online habits, whether its online searches or frequented websites. Its newest feature,...
YouTuber Emma K. performed a clever experiment to see how well her Google Home and Amazon Echo would get on. Placing the two devices across from each other, Emma initiated a conver...
If there’s a Holy Grail of marketing, it’s an answer to this basic question: Did that ad work? Today, Google is aiming to help companies find that blessed vessel with a new se...
Google's Latest Move Has 'Massive' Privacy Implications
-Newser - Wed May 24 08:25:40 EDT 2017
(Newser) – Google already tracks what you buy online; it's about to start tracking what you buy offline, too, the AP reports. The tech giant announced Tuesday it will start trackin...
Google Home has a cute Easter egg about Amazon's Echo
-Mashable - Mon May 22 14:09:23 EDT 2017
In the battle of household robots that people talk to instead of using their phones, at least we can all still be friends. There's an arms race going on between Google and Amazon t...
Why Google Assistant for iPhone can’t replace Siri just yet
-MacWorld - Wed May 24 02:38:11 EDT 2017
“Hey Siri, should I switch to Google Assistant?” That’s the question many of us iPhone users had to ask ourselves last week after Google brought its Assistant to the iOS App Store....
Google Assistant Now Provides Topical Word Suggestions
-Ubergizmo - Wed May 24 08:52:13 EDT 2017
Google has gradually been improving its artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant called Google Assistant. Just last week, it announced that users will now be able to type ...
Google Aims to Connect Online Ads to Real-World Sales
-Voice of America - Tue May 23 08:09:49 EDT 2017
SAN FRANCISCO —  Google already monitors your online shopping - but now it's also keeping an eye on what you're buying in real-world stores as part of its latest effort to sel...
Google Will Track Your Offline Shopping Sprees To Help Advertisers
-Tech Times - Wed May 24 08:04:53 EDT 2017
Google is tracking users' shopping sprees even at brick-and-mortar shops, aiming to gauge just how successful digital ad campaigns really are. In a bid to show advertisers that its...
Google data mine digs into credit-card privacy |
-AL.Com - Tue May 23 20:00:55 EDT 2017
Google has begun using billions of credit-card transaction records to prove that its online ads are prompting people to make purchases - even when they happen offline in brick-and-...
The EU's Yearslong Antitrust Case May Finally Be Reaching The End
-Tech Times - Tue May 23 05:05:11 EDT 2017
According to a report from Reuters, the EU's antitrust case against Google and parent company, Alphabet, will make a final ruling in the next few months. The case, in question, has...
Whether You Buy Online or In-Store, Google Will Know | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Wed May 24 11:42:43 EDT 2017
Google, like other internet giants, makes its money from online advertising. So it must pander to advertisers—assuring them their ads are working—and consumers, convincing them tha...
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