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Lawsuit claims rodent was baked into Chick-fil-A sandwich
-Times Union - Tue Aug 15 21:08:03 EDT 2017
Photo: Facebook This screenshot from Facebook shows a worm, or some type of gooey substance, that created controversy at China Star in Lubbock after a restaurant guest said she fou...
Facebook bans white nationalist's accounts over hate speech
-Times Union - Wed Aug 16 08:33:43 EDT 2017
FILE - In this May 16, 2012, file photo, the Facebook logo is displayed on an iPad in Philadelphia. Facebook told The Associated Press on Aug. 16, 2017, it has banned the Facebook ...
Tottenham level at Newcastle
-ESPN USA - Sun Aug 13 05:06:21 EDT 2017
Attempt saved. Christian Eriksen (Tottenham Hotspur) right footed shot from outside the box is saved in the centre of the goal. Assisted by Moussa Sissoko. Use a Facebook account t...
Facebook Covertly Launches Mobile App in China
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue Aug 15 11:09:00 EDT 2017
Facebook Inc. covertly launched a mobile app in China, marking a shift from the company’s public campaign to woo Beijing officials who have blocked the social network. In May, Face...
Despite the tepid reception for Facebook Stories, the social network is doubling down on its full screen Camera feature. Today Facebook added the ability to go Live, shoot two-seco...
5 Facebook tips and tricks which will make your life easier
-The Next Web - Sun Aug 13 14:06:09 EDT 2017
Facebook has a number of features which can make life more interesting and convenient for the many, many people who use it. From Town Hall, for politically-active users, to a food-...
Facebook Has Secretly Been Testing An App In China
-Ubergizmo - Sun Aug 13 08:38:43 EDT 2017
Facebook connects billions of people across the globe but it has so far not been able to gain any ground in the world’s most populated country. China has banned Facebook since 2009...
Facebook: Here's how to make GIFs using the app's built-in camera
-Pocket-lint - Tue Aug 15 14:53:04 EDT 2017
Facebook's mobile app offers a new feature: GIF-making. The social network has updated the Facebook app's camera with the option to make a short GIF, or rather "two-second looping ...
Facebook Secretly Releases Photo-Sharing App in China
-PC Magazine - Mon Aug 14 05:06:06 EDT 2017
Mark Zuckerberg really wants Facebook to have an presence in China, but it doesn't matter what he tries the social network remains banned there. He' s learned to speak Mandarin, go...
Facebook Gives News Feed a New Look on Mobile
-AdWeek - Wed Aug 16 08:40:44 EDT 2017
Facebook released a series of changes to News Feed, with the goal of making the feed “more readable, conversational, and easier to navigate.” As part of this update, post replies a...
Facebook photo app slips past Great Wall
-Boston Herald - Sat Aug 12 20:29:00 EDT 2017
NEW YORK — Facebook anonymously launched a new photo-sharing app in China in a new effort to make inroads in the world’s most populous country. China’s ruling Communist Party contr...
Gillmor Gang: Hope Springs
-TechCrunch - Mon Aug 14 08:09:15 EDT 2017
The Gillmor Gang — Doc Searls, Denis Pombriant, Keith Teare, Frank Radice, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Sunday, August 13, 2017. The battle for the center screen — Facebook Wat...
Study says you’re one of these four types of Facebook users
-The Next Web - Sun Aug 13 09:01:04 EDT 2017
Researchers at Brigham Young University are taking personality quizzes to the next level. According to a new study, you probably fall under one of four broad types of Fac...
Facebook's Onavo Gives Firm Inside Peek at Rivals
-The Wall Street Journal - Sun Aug 13 05:08:46 EDT 2017
Months before social-media company Snap Inc. publicly disclosed slowing user growth, rival Facebook Inc. already knew. Late last year, Facebook employees used an internal database ...
Facebook launches China-only version of Moments photo app
-BBC News - Mon Aug 14 17:11:13 EDT 2017
Facebook has quietly launched a photo-editing app exclusively for China. The app, called Colourful Balloons, was launched in May and is almost identical to the Facebook Moments app...
Facebook Redesigns App Interface For Better Readability, Adds Features To Camera
-International Business Times - Wed Aug 16 02:40:51 EDT 2017
Facebook has announced a redesign for the News Feed of its mobile app. The redesign of the user interface is part of Facebook’s efforts in improving the app’s readability and ...
Facebook isn't just about shutting down fake news. The social network is actively removing posts that link to a disparaging article by neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer.  The...
Facebook knew about Snap's struggles months before the public
-Engadget - Sun Aug 13 14:41:28 EDT 2017
This isn't the first time Facebook has used Onavo's app usage data to make major decisions. The info reportedly influenced the decision to buy WhatsApp, as Facebook knew that Whats...
45 million people send birthday wishes on Facebook each day
-TechCrunch - Wed Aug 16 08:10:41 EDT 2017
Roughly 1 in 30 Facebook users tells someone Happy Birthday each day, showing Facebook’s first major emergent behavior is still going strong. Now Facebook is equipping the 45 milli...
Facebook Messenger Now Delivers Spotify Suggestions
-Ubergizmo - Mon Aug 14 14:05:53 EDT 2017
Facebook baked its intelligent assistant M inside Messenger several months ago. It has enabled Facebook to enhance the functionality of its messaging service substantially. M’s lat...
Photo of PHX moms breastfeeding is viral
-12News - Mon Aug 14 23:02:55 EDT 2017
PHOENIX - A Glendale photographer shared a photo of 27 mothers breastfeeding their children against a classic Arizona backdrop to Facebook in an effort to normalize breastfeeding. ...
Facebook Marketplace Expands To 17 New European Countries
-Ubergizmo - Tue Aug 15 05:06:15 EDT 2017
Facebook might be known primarily as a social networking platform where its initial goal was to connect university students together, although over the years the platform has evolv...
Facebook’s latest attempt to appeal to teens has quietly closed its doors. The social media platform’s Lifestage app (so unsuccessful that this is probably the first time you’ve he...
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