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Obama Injects Himself Into French Election
-Fox News - Fri Apr 21 09:11:40 EDT 2017
By Cortney O'Brien, Remember when President Obama urged the British to vote to stay in the European Union, and they completely ignored him? He apparently hasn’t learne...
Geopolitical Concerns Dominate IMF, World Bank Talks
-The Wall Street Journal - Sun Apr 23 02:46:10 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON—Economic leaders from around the world sought to find common ground Saturday, worried building geopolitical tensions risk derailing an accelerating global economy. While...
BRUSSELS –  The European Union is strong enough to survive a euro-skeptic victory in the coming French presidential elections and the EU's executive sees no need for contingen...
Britain's May says needs certainty to negotiate Brexit
-Reuters - Sat Apr 22 08:48:44 EDT 2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May campaigns to secure votes in forthcoming June 8 general election which would give her a 'stronger hand' in negotiating Britain's exit from the Eu...
France's Tense Presidential Election Gets Under Way
-The Wall Street Journal - Sun Apr 23 02:46:10 EDT 2017
Amid heightened security fears following a terror attack in Paris, the French will elect a new president in two rounds of voting on April 23 and May 7—the result could reshape the ...
France's Political Parties Are Banding Together To Stop Le Pen
-The Huffington Post - Sun Apr 23 17:09:45 EDT 2017
After a heated presidential election, French independent candidate Emmanuel Macron and far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen appear set to face each other in the runoff on ...
French Candidates Talk of 'Frexit,' but Le Divorce Would Be Chaotic
-The Wall Street Journal - Fri Apr 21 02:59:59 EDT 2017
A late surge in support of far-left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has thrown open the first round of the French Presidential election which takes place this weekend. Photo: Getty ...
GDPR – what it is and how it affect businesses
-Value Walk - Sun Apr 23 08:33:20 EDT 2017
In 2016 the Parliament of the European Union approved the GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, which will take effect in May of 2018. This law is meant to protect the perso...
Will looking to its past help Britain's future?
-Al Jazeera - Sun Apr 23 11:11:39 EDT 2017
The United Kingdom is on course to break away from the European Union, so it is looking for economic and political opportunities elsewhere. One important tool is the Commonwealth -...
A 39-year-old former banker with zero political experience just made a whole lot of European leaders really happy. Emmanuel Macron, a young, centrist, pro-European Union candidate,...
A lot of people who are worried about the future of NATO and the European Union are very concerned about how National Front candidate Marine Le Pen might do in Sunday's French pres...
Gold Slightly Up Ahead Of Uncertain Weekend
-Forbes - Fri Apr 21 05:43:18 EDT 2017
(Kitco News) - Gold prices are slightly higher in early U.S. trading Friday, as traders are edgy ahead of a weekend French presidential vote and still-heightened geopolitical tensi...
4 Reasons Why France's Presidential Election Is So Important
-The Huffington Post - Fri Apr 21 02:10:27 EDT 2017
France’s presidential election race has been a volatile spectacle, as unexpected candidates have surged into the limelight while scandals involving some have made the outcome uncer...
Serb officials warn of another war in the Balkans
-Fox News - Fri Apr 21 06:02:23 EDT 2017
BELGRADE, Serbia –  Serbian officials are warning of another war in the Balkans if Albanians try to form a joint state in the war-weary European region and the West does not r...
11 candidates vie for French presidency in high-stakes race
-Post Bulletin - Sun Apr 23 05:24:14 EDT 2017
PARIS (AP) — From far left to far right, young to old, 11 candidates are vying for France's presidency in an election that is being watched as an indicator of populism's global app...
Conservative candidate Fillon casts vote in French election
-Reuters - Sun Apr 23 05:10:56 EDT 2017
ROUGH CUT. NO REPORTER NARRATION Conservative Republicans candidate Francois Fillon cast his vote in France's presidential election in Paris on Sunday (April 23). About 47 million ...
Metals Stocks: Gold stands pat as traders await French election
-Market Watch - Fri Apr 21 05:21:14 EDT 2017
Gold futures saw little movement Friday as traders held their breath in anticipation of the first round of France’s presidential election this weekend. Gold for June delivery on Co...
French voters begin casting ballots in presidential election - Sat Apr 22 23:00:30 EDT 2017
PARIS - French voters began casting ballots for the presidential election Sunday in a tense first-round poll that's seen as a test for the spread of populism around the world. Over...
April 22 (UPI) -- Members of the far-right populist Alternative for Germany party rejected an attempt by its most prominent leader to moderate some of its positions ahead of electi...
Serb Officials Warn of Another War in the Balkans
-Voice of America - Fri Apr 21 11:35:54 EDT 2017
BELGRADE, SERBIA —  Serbian officials warned on Friday of another war in the Balkans if Albanians try to form a joint state with Kosovo in the war-weary European region and th...
France is about to hold a crucial election. Here's everything you need to know
-Los Angeles Times - Sat Apr 22 17:10:45 EDT 2017
France will hold its presidential election on Sunday, with an unprecedented 11 candidates vying for the job. The vote is being closely watched around the world, but particularly in...
The French election, explained
-Vox - Fri Apr 21 14:28:55 EDT 2017
When French voters go to the polls Sunday to begin picking their next president, the issues on the table are, without exaggeration, the future of Europe and the identity of France ...
Far-right populist Marine Le Pen and centrist Emmanuel Macron claimed victory in today's first-round vote in the French presidential election. Besting nine other candidates, the tw...
ATHENS, April 21 (Reuters) - Greece far exceeded its international lenders' demands for budget savings last year, official data showed on Friday, outstripping even 2017's target an...
Is France the next domino to fall in the far right populist movement?
-Los Angeles Times - Sat Apr 22 05:10:13 EDT 2017
Voters in France go to the polls Sunday in the first round of balloting for their next president, a choice not only between candidates but between visions of the nation’s future. T...
Donald Trump now appears to be putting the European Union ahead of Britain in the line of those countries which can hope to sign on to a free trade deal with the United States. Thi...
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