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Fort Saskatchewan McDonald's serves up all-day breakfast
-Edmoton Journal - Fri Jan 13 10:13:31 EST 2017
Late sleepers, shift workers and anyone with a midday McMuffin craving will find breakfast items available all day long at a lone McDonald’s in Alberta. Starting Friday, the McDona...
SPRINGDALE, Ark. (AP) — More than 21,000 students enjoyed what will essentially be counted as a "snow day" on an Arkansas school district's calendar — except that temperatures were...
MLK Day 2017: Is Stock Market Closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
-InvestorPlace - Fri Jan 13 10:04:10 EST 2017
Is the stock market closed on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? The first real holiday of the year is upon us in the form of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Because of the fact that it is a ...
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire is holding its very first free fishing day in the winter to give people a chance to try out ice fishing. The date is Saturday, Jan. 21, for peopl...
Biloxi: 'Great Americans Day' on MLK Day Sparks Backlash
-TIME - Sat Jan 14 07:10:21 EST 2017
The city of Biloxi, Mississippi, is facing a strong backlash over its observance of “Great Americans Day” on Monday—the day more commonly known as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a fed...
While many schools and businesses are closed on the federal holiday, the agency charged with leading the day of service -- the Corporation for National & Community Service call...
The city of Biloxi Mississippi faced a wave of backlash on Twitter Friday after it tweeted its office would be closed in observation of "Great Americans Day" Monday, rather than Ma...
Trump Promises A Packed 'Day One' Agenda
-Fox News - Fri Jan 13 08:03:51 EST 2017
By Adam Shaw, FOX NEWS President-elect Donald Trump has a busy Inauguration Day ahead of him -- in between the oath of office and the inaugural balls, he's pledged to take some “bi...
Australian Open 2017: Bracket, schedule, and scores for men's draw
-SB Nation - Sun Jan 15 07:43:27 EST 2017
The so-called “Big Four” will be in action for the 2017 Australian Open but they’re a bit battered. Actually, they are, strictly speaking, healthier now than they have been in a lo...
A+ Teacher Ms. Acosta
-12News - Fri Jan 13 10:44:08 EST 2017
PHOENIX - "Everyone needs love," says Carly Acosta, a Desert Foothills Jr. High special ed teacher, "at the end of the day, I go home and feel loved, so I bring that back to s...
A Mississippi town renamed MLK day, Twitter slams them
-Chron - Sat Jan 14 13:11:54 EST 2017
When it comes to mistakes, Twitter doesn't miss much. The city of Biloxi, Miss., noted that Monday, Jan. 16, was "Great Americans Day." The rest of the country calls it "Martin Lut...
MLK Day is observed each year on the third January of the month, even though the slain civil rights leader was born on Jan. 15. It recently also has become a day of service fo...
Liam Hemsworth is celebrating his 27th birthday today (January 13) and his fiancee Miley Cyrus sent him a super sweet message to ring in the special day. “Happiest birthday EVER to...
Billions of Chinese travellers will soon be packed across airports, trains and bus stations as they head home for one of the country's biggest celebrations, Chinese New Year. ...
Here’s how people are coping on the most depressing day of the year - Mon Jan 16 01:13:30 EST 2017
Today is Blue Monday, otherwise known as the most depressing day of the year. Thanks to a formula published by Cliff Arnall as part of a marketing gimmick, the concept of one day b...
The 2017 Australian Open is here, and it promises to be a big one. On the women’s side, Serena Williams has been unseated as the No. 1 player as she tries to secure her 23rd Grand ...
National Parks are free on MLK Day
-12News - Sat Jan 14 07:58:06 EST 2017
The National Park Service is waiving entrance fees on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Monday. As part of the park service’s centennial, national sites will be free to the public 10 day...
BILOXI, Miss. -- There’s a lot in a name, the city of Biloxi in southern Mississippi is learning after facing social media backlash for posting online about closures for “Great Ame...
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