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Kinder Morgan announces Permian-to-Corpus natural gas pipeline - Thu Mar 23 08:28:28 EDT 2017
Pipe is stacked for a Kinder Morgan pipeline in 2006. The company is planning to add a 42-inch, 430-mile natural gas pipeline to run from West Texas’ Permian Basin shale play to th...
How drug cartels get American guns into Mexico
-Chron - Thu Mar 23 02:39:27 EDT 2017
Guns aren't so easy to come by in Mexico, but the United States is a different story. That's why, federal prosecutors say, Mexican drug cartels turn to what are called "straw purch...
GOP Rep. Scott Perry Says Chesapeake Bay Pollution Is God's Fault
-The Huffington Post - Mon Mar 20 20:55:07 EDT 2017
“And by the way, some violators ― if you believe in, if you’re spiritual and you believe in God ― one of the violators was God, because the forests were providing a certain am...
Tech Times reported on March 11 that Tesla co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk backed up Lyndon Rive's bold claim at the Powerwall 2 launch at Newport, near Melbo...
DCF sub-contractor accused of falsifying report, ignoring children's calls
-Orlando Sentinel - Tue Mar 21 14:03:06 EDT 2017
A Department of Children and Families sub-contractor is accused of falsifying a report about a house visit she allegedly never made, as well as failing to answer more than a dozen ...
Keystone XL Pipeline Route Approved: Map, Jobs, Environmental Impacts
-International Business Times - Fri Mar 24 11:10:43 EDT 2017
The State department issued a Presidential permit to the Keystone XL Pipeline that President Barack Obama strongly opposed while in office, Friday morning. That decision could...
TAMPA -- Luis Sojo helped the Yankees win four World Series rings in the late-1990s as a utility infielder. These days, he's coaching in the organization, working mostly ...
An invention so simple that even the inventor was surprised no one had thought of it before is set to revolutionize how we respond to oil spills.   The flame refluxer designed...
Electronics ban: What you need to know
-CNN - Fri Mar 24 08:12:04 EDT 2017
The Trump administration ordered nine airlines to stop passengers from bringing most types of electronic devices -- not including smartphones -- into the cabin for U.S.-bound fligh...
What you need to know about electronics ban
-CNN - Thu Mar 23 05:11:08 EDT 2017
The Trump administration has ordered nine airlines to stop passengers from bringing most types of electronic devices -- not including smartphones -- into the cabin for U.S.-bound f...
Frontrunning: March 24
-Zero Hedge - Fri Mar 24 05:11:42 EDT 2017
  Overnight Media Digest WSJ - Theranos Inc plans to give additional shares to investors who pledge not to sue the battered blood-testing company or Elizabeth Holmes, its foun...
Feature and TV films
-Los Angeles Times - Wed Mar 22 11:37:40 EDT 2017
Four Star Films, Box Office Hits, Indies and Imports, Movies A - Z FOUR STAR FILMS Top rated movies and made-for-TV films airing the week of the week of March 19 - 2...