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First Matthew Goode won over Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary, and now he’ll be wooing and marrying Princess Margaret, as he has reportedly joined the second series of Netflix show The Cr...
10 Overlooked Netflix Shows You Need to Be Watching
-The Cheat Sheet - Mon Jan 23 04:48:23 EST 2017
With each passing year, comes the next collection of hyped-up Netflix series. The streaming service has become a leading provider of prestige television, and shows like House ...
'Game of Thrones' Casting Director Shares Her Most Memorable Hollywood Discoveries
-The Hollywood Reporter - Thu Jan 19 07:02:14 EST 2017
Nina Gold — who is being honored with the Hoyt Bowers Award at the CSA Artios Awards — discusses landing Daisy Ridley and John Boyega their breakout roles in 'The Force Awakens' an...
Netflix Takes The Crown With Strong Q4 Earnings
-The Wrap - Wed Jan 18 13:12:28 EST 2017
The home of “Orange is the New Black” continues to land further in the black despite its ever-increasing outlay on content — and its emphasis on growth helped the streaming gi...
The Crown just dominated the Golden Globes with a couple of awards and it looks like there are more to come. In fact, the show's creator Peter Morgan teased what in store in the co...
Rep Sheet Roundup: Nate Berkus Signs With Brillstein
-The Hollywood Reporter - Mon Jan 23 04:50:17 EST 2017
Who got signed, promoted, hired or fired? The Hollywood Reporter’s Rep Sheet rounds up the week in representation news. To submit announcements for consideration, contact rebecca.s...
Netflix added 7.05 million new subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2016, handily beating expectations for the period and setting a quarterly record, driving shares to new all-time...
Investors who own stock in Netflix are doing the happy dance this morning as shares of the streaming service shot up more than 8 percent in after market hours, reaching a record hi...
Young queens — think of them as a way to get your mind off old presidents. “Victoria,” premiering Sunday on PBS’s “Masterpiece,” stars Jenna Coleman as the teenager who in 1837 bec...
PBS portrays another young queen - Lowell Sun Online
-Lowell Sun - Sun Jan 22 04:39:53 EST 2017
Young queens -- think of them as a way to get your mind off old presidents. Victoria, premiering tonight on PBS' Masterpiece, stars Jenna Coleman as the teenager who in 1837 became...