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German Parliament passes toll for passenger cars
-Fox News - Fri Mar 24 02:38:22 EDT 2017
FILE - In this March 7, 2017 file photo cars and trucks drive along the highway A5 near Frankfurt, background, in Friedrichsdorf, Germany. German parliament Bundestag on Friday, Ma...
How to Beat Tesla? Mercedes and BMW Take Different Roads
-The Wall Street Journal - Fri Mar 24 02:10:34 EDT 2017
For two companies that make similar products in similar numbers, BMW and Daimler are placing radically different bets on the future of the car. The popularity of Tesla’s cars among...
Russian City Hosts Curling Tournament With...Cars
-CARSCOOPS - Fri Mar 24 05:04:18 EDT 2017
Curling isn’t the most exhilarating sport in the world so the fourth largest city in Russia decided to add some excitement to curling by using cars instead of stones. Hosted in Yek...
People complain about the Chrysler 300 more than any other car
-Auto Blog - Thu Mar 23 15:00:39 EDT 2017
slide-4787941 We all complain about something - often, it's about our cars. The website recently analyzed a half-million complaints about safety issues made to the Nat...
Southend Throwback: The souped-up cars by the seaside
-BBC News - Thu Mar 23 08:11:58 EDT 2017
Thousands of people gathered from across the UK to share their passion for cars on the Essex coast. The Southend Throwback featured about 2,000 cars at the unofficial event in the ...
20 Cars That Can Take You to 300,000 Miles
-The Cheat Sheet - Sat Mar 25 14:40:18 EDT 2017
There are a few different reasons why a car might stay on the road forever. When a model turns up on the list of most reliable vehicles every year, the automaker deserves a great d...
Group led by AC Cars buys bankrupt sports car startup Zenos
-The Car Connection - Fri Mar 24 11:04:06 EDT 2017
In January, we learned that British sports car startup Zenos had entered administration, a process similar to bankruptcy protection. A group led by fellow British sports car brand ...
Volkswagen has been storing some of its more than 100,000 bought-back TDI-equipped cars in various places around the country as the automaker wades through the largest scandal in i...
Supercars Look Strange With 2017 F1 Liveries
-CARSCOOPS - Sat Mar 25 08:03:33 EDT 2017
The 2017 Formula One World Championship kicks off on Sunday, but the sport has already delivered fans brand new cars and a plethora of distinctive liveries. Some of the liveries lo...
Microsoft is making a fresh attempt to convince companies to use its technology for connected cars. The software giant is announcing a patent licensing deal with Toyota today, the ...
Curling is not the most riveting sport in the world to watch. The fact that you can earn an Olympic medal for sliding a heavy stone across some ice seems a little ludicrous, but I’...
Hagerty’s 10 New Cars That Will Become Future Classics
-The Cheat Sheet - Thu Mar 23 11:00:19 EDT 2017
So far, 2017 is panning out to be an exciting year for new cars. On top of a few high-profile new ’17 models, some automakers are chomping at the bit and releasing 2018 models earl...
This Purple Ford Mustang Is The Ultimate Drift Car
-CARSCOOPS - Thu Mar 23 17:55:26 EDT 2017
Vaughn Gitten Jr’s Ford Mustang RTR has become one of the most well-known cars in the world of drifting and now, it has a twin. American drifter Chelsea DeNofa has just signed up t...
This car from your childhood has increased in value by 58,000%
-Market Watch - Fri Mar 24 17:08:17 EDT 2017
What makes a car a classic? A unique cultural formula of factors, according to vehicle valuation specialists at market research group Black Book — and if they all come together the...
Uber Suspends Self-Driving Car Program After Crash
-NECN - Sat Mar 25 23:00:15 EDT 2017
Uber Technologies Inc. suspended its pilot program for driverless cars on Saturday after a vehicle equipped with the nascent technology crashed on an Arizona roadway, the ride-hail...
1 Dead in Multi-Car Crash in Avon, Mass.
-NECN - Sun Mar 26 14:00:20 EDT 2017
One person is dead and five others are injured after a crash involving several vehicles in the town of Avon, Massachusetts. The town’s police say four cars crashed around 10 a.m. S...
If you’re looking for a good used car in the $8,000-$10,000 range, you may have a tougher time than normal, reports The Detroit News. So few new cars were sold during the recession...
Used car shortage hits the working poor
-U-T San Diego - Fri Mar 24 05:07:30 EDT 2017
For evidence that economic recessions — and unwise policy responses — can keep pinching the poor long after they’ve ended, look no further than the nearest used car lot. Last year ...
These are the 25 top-selling cars in New Jersey - Fri Mar 24 05:04:00 EDT 2017
Sports cars and luxury brands may still be the dream of capitalism, and pick-up trucks and big honkin' may still be the dream of your average Texan.  But according to data pro...
Microsoft Takes On Apple, Google; Partners With Toyota For Connected Cars
-International Business Times - Thu Mar 23 05:10:56 EDT 2017
Three years after its failed "Windows in the car" venture, Microsoft is once again venturing into connected cars, a segment currently occupied largely by rivals Apple and Google. M...
Owners of some 2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustangs have filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F] and claim their cars, which are marketed as "track ready," overheat in as l...
Uber to Suspend Autonomous Tests After Arizona Accident
-tribLive - Sat Mar 25 11:27:24 EDT 2017
Updated 7 minutes ago Uber Technologies Inc. is suspending its self-driving car program after one of its autonomous vehicles was involved in a high-impact crash in Tempe, Arizona, ...
SEPTA approves contract for new rail cars - Thu Mar 23 17:12:18 EDT 2017
The newest cars in SEPTA’s Regional Rail fleet will come from the world’s largest rail car producer, a Chinese company attempting to gain a foothold in the U.S. market. The transpo...
What could be another use for Google Street View cars aside from providing images of streets for a comprehensive mapping system? The cars can also help alleviate climate change by ...
McLaren launches slew of carbon fiber accessories for Sports Series cars
-The Car Connection - Thu Mar 23 14:04:01 EDT 2017
McLaren hasn’t forgotten about the owners of its Sport Series cars. After launching a line of carbon fiber accessories for the Super Series cars (MP4-12C, 650S, and 675LT), now the...
Brawn will ‘fight’ for good racing
-Planet F1 - Thu Mar 23 23:12:01 EDT 2017
Ross Brawn has vowed to fight at “every level” should this year’s Formula 1 fail to produce good racing. The new Formula 1 sporting boss addressed the media in Melbourne on Friday ...
Elon Musk Tweets Tesla Software 8.1 Update Due Next Week
-Gas 2 - Fri Mar 24 23:56:46 EDT 2017
The death of Joshua Brown on a Florida highway last spring rocked the world of Elon Musk and Tesla. Suddenly, the highly touted Autopilot system didn’t seem so reliable. NHTSA open...
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