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British Prime Minister Theresa May to visit Trump Friday
-CBS News - Sat Jan 21 13:11:49 EST 2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet President Trump at the White House Friday, CBS News White House Chief Correspondent Major Garrett reports, citing a senior administrati...
PARIS Global spending on luxury goods by tourists was up in December for the first time since February, lifted by strong business in Britain and France, a study by tax-refund servi...
Could Theresa May be right that Britain is just now ready to hit its 21st-century stride? Britain, a country that in the postwar shambles stumbled out of a globe-spanning empire in...
British foreign secretary ‘positive and optimistic’ on Trump
-The Seattle Times - Fri Jan 20 22:07:05 EST 2017
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says he’s “positive and optimistic” that the policies of newly inaugurated President Donald Trump would work in Brita...
Britain's Pound Depreciation Isn't Working
-The Wall Street Journal - Thu Jan 19 19:36:16 EST 2017
Britain is vying for the award for the most unsuccessful currency depreciation in history. More than a year after it began, the U.K. has nothing but inflation to show for the pound...
VIENNA (Reuters) - German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Britain should take a leaf out of Switzerland's book on how to handle relations with the European Union, accordin...
National Grid warns of costs if Britain exits EU energy market
-Reuters - Fri Jan 20 04:38:05 EST 2017
* EU imports make up 9 pct of UK supplies * 4-5 GW of new capacity could save $1.2 bln * Brexit could hamper cross-border trade By Susanna Twidale LONDON, Jan 20 Taking Britain out...
LONDON—Prime Minister Theresa May promised on Sunday to challenge any "unacceptable" talk when she meets President Donald Trump later this week, as she tries to secure Britain's "s...
Nick Dearden of Global Justice Now has treated us to his thoughts on trade treaties. And what comes through most powerfully is his own confusion about how such things work. For he'...
British military tests tanks in Channel tunnel: report
-The Hill - Sun Jan 22 13:00:57 EST 2017
The British military conducted a test with tanks last week to see how effective using the English Channel tunnel would be should the country need to deploy troops into Europe. The ...
Donald Trump inauguration protests held across Wales
-BBC News - Thu Jan 19 22:12:35 EST 2017
Welsh campaigners are to join UK-wide protests on the day Donald Trump is inaugurated as president of the United States. Banners reading "Build bridges not walls" will be hung at p...
Correction: Davos-The Latest story
-Post Bulletin - Fri Jan 20 04:13:10 EST 2017
DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — In a story Jan. 19 about the World Economic Forum, The Associated Press reported erroneously that WTO director-general Roberto Azevedo said Britain would ...
Donald Trump to Hold First Foreign Leader Meetings
-TIME - Sat Jan 21 14:03:34 EST 2017
President Donald Trump will hold his first with a foreign leader as president on Friday when he hosts British Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump also placed his first calls to the l...
Morgan Stanley, Citi plan Brexit job moves: sources – Metro - Fri Jan 20 10:16:51 EST 2017
By Pamela Barbaglia and Arno Schuetze LONDON/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - U.S. banks Morgan Stanley and Citigroup have identified many of the roles that will need to be moved from Brita...
British Remain Uneasy About New US President
-Voice of America - Fri Jan 20 13:11:00 EST 2017
CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND —  By the historic standards of the world's oldest debating society, it was a subdued affair. The formal motion was, “This House Welcomes the End of America...
In quotes
-BBC News - Sun Jan 22 01:11:31 EST 2017
Theresa May has said the UK will emerge from Brexit as a "great, global trading nation", becoming "safer, more secure and more prosperous". But in April - before the EU referendum ...
Brexiteers in warning to German business
-BBC News - Fri Jan 20 13:12:17 EST 2017
The German economy will pay a "high price" if its leaders make life hard for the UK over Brexit, British pro-Leave campaigners are to warn. John Longworth, co-chair of Leave means ...
Geneva's hand-crafted ginger brew grows in popularity
-Kane County Chronicle - Sat Jan 21 07:03:32 EST 2017
GENEVA – Ginger beer is nonalcoholic and tastes more like soda, but has a unique flavor that is starting to draw attention, said Edward Meliunas, co-owner of Windmill Ginger B...
UK’s May to discuss trade, NATO in White House with Trump
-The Seattle Times - Sun Jan 22 01:07:05 EST 2017
LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday she plans to discuss free trade and the importance of the NATO military alliance when she becomes the first foreign lea...
Britain’s Hammond: Trump creates new uncertainty for Europe
-The Seattle Times - Fri Jan 20 01:07:38 EST 2017
British Treasury Chief Philip Hammond attends a session on the fourth day of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/...
LONDON Jan 20 British finance minister Philip Hammond said on Friday it was an "open question" whether migrants from the European Union would enjoy easier access to Britain after B...
LONDON British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who will visit Myanmar on Friday, said the former British colony's transition to democracy was not yet complete but that Britain wou...
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