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Investors Face Brexit Quiet Before the Negotiating Storm
-The Wall Street Journal - Wed Mar 29 02:11:03 EDT 2017
For nine months, the U.K. has been living the Brexit dream. Even with the triggering Wednesday of the formal process for leaving the European Union, the lull can continue for a whi...
On his radio show Monday night, “Mr. Brexit” himself Nigel Farage answered a question from a call in listener, who did not beat around the bush by asking the host point blank wheth...
On Tuesday, Scotland’s parliament backed the leader of the Scotland National Party (SNP), who called for a new independence referendum before the United Kingdom formally begins Bre...
Hundreds of anti-Brexit protesters marched outside Parliament today as Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50. Around 300 people stood at Stormont this morning d...
Spicer: Trump Is ‘Very Well Steeped in World Affairs’
-Mediaite - Wed Mar 29 11:13:54 EDT 2017
Last week, the president of the European Commission criticized President Trump in an interview with the Financial Times. Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker expressed his...
U.K. stocks ended in positive territory Wednesday, helped by the pound’s drop, as Britain triggered Article 50 and officially kicked off its exit from the European Union, known as ...
What do school children think about Brexit?
-BBC News - Wed Mar 29 05:11:56 EDT 2017
What do school children think about Brexit? Tim Muffett reports for BBC Breakfast on a BBC School Report survey. Pollsters ComRes interviewed 1,033 young people aged 11-16 online t...
50 tasks Britain faces
-CNN - Wed Mar 29 05:10:40 EDT 2017
Immigration was a key issue in the Brexit debate. After the UK withdraws from the union, a system to allow its nationals to visit, work, study and live in the EU -- and vice versa ...
J.K. Rowling uses SpongeBob to sum up her feelings about Brexit
-Mashable - Wed Mar 29 02:10:46 EDT 2017
Wednesday, March 29, is a hugely significant day in Britain — it's the day Prime Minister Theresa May officially starts the Brexit process by signing the letter triggering Article ...
Will the U.K. regret leaving the European Union? |
-AL.Com - Wed Mar 29 17:16:00 EDT 2017
The United Kingdom has triggered Article 50, which means the U.K. can now formally begin negotiating its exit from the European Union. Prime Minister Theresa May called i...
Brexit Britain: Buy or sell?
-Reuters - Wed Mar 29 08:13:39 EDT 2017
The relationship was always going to end very publicly. But the tabloids perhaps missed the more important story... That could shape Prime Minister Theresa May's final Brexit deal....
Britain begins Brexit
-Reuters - Wed Mar 29 08:13:39 EDT 2017
British Prime Minister Theresa May at last firing the starting gun for Brexit on Wednesday. Her letter to Brussels delivered at lunchtime by the British ambassador to the EU, Tim B...
The Latest: May speaks to Parliament before Brexit statement
-Post Bulletin - Wed Mar 29 05:13:05 EDT 2017
May says that the moment is upon us when the country is set to start the process of leaving the European Union. The decision follows a June 23 referendum. Spain's Foreign Ministry ...
Supervisor: Eurozone bank profits still weak, mergers needed
-The Seattle Times - Mon Mar 27 02:07:06 EDT 2017
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — A top banking supervisor says that British banks must put down solid roots if they want European banking licenses to keep access after the UK leaves the E...
Complaints as UK paper focuses on leaders' legs, not policy - Tue Mar 28 05:14:40 EDT 2017
LONDON - Britain's Daily Mail newspaper has sparked complaints with a front page photograph focusing on the legs of Prime Minister Theresa May and Scottish First Minister Nicola St...
Biggest EU group warns Brexit time to talk too tight
-Fox News - Tue Mar 28 05:12:04 EDT 2017
BRUSSELS –  The European Parliament's biggest group says that it will not be possible to negotiate Britain's divorce proceedings and a new relationship at the same time, and w...
Rivals Paris and London announce joint business plan
-Fox News - Tue Mar 28 06:05:24 EDT 2017
PARIS –  Paris and London, traditional rivals when it comes to attracting tourists and industry, have signed a business agreement to cooperate in attracting visitors and compa...
Scotland's Parliament Backs New Independence Referendum
-The Huffington Post - Tue Mar 28 08:41:42 EDT 2017
Scots rejected independence in a referendum in 2014, before Britain had announced the Brexit vote would occur. The circumstances are different now, Sturgeon insists, and therefore ...
The Scottish parliament has voted in favor of holding a second referendum on independence, media reports said Tuesday. The vote has granted Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturge...
Hammond: Brexit is moment we put divisions behind us
-Reuters - Wed Mar 29 05:11:16 EDT 2017
Chancellor Philip Hammond has hailed Brexit as the moment to put division in the past, and an opportunity to focus on getting 'the very best possible arrangement' with the European...
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-Reuters - Wed Mar 29 03:09:32 EDT 2017
UPSOT Scotland has spoken. Its parliament, voting on Tuesday (March 28), to pursue another national referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. To be held once the terms an...
Sculptor Anish Kapoor—who employs 30 people, many not British, in his studio—told an audience he is “heartbroken” over Brexit. The move, accelerated today, to separate the United K...
Vox Sentences: Brexit, stage one
-Vox - Wed Mar 29 17:03:25 EDT 2017
The UK officially initiated the Brexit process by invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon (one of the governing documents of the European Union) today. [Reuters / Guy Faulconbr...
Brexit: CBI Wales wants EU workers to be allowed to stay
-BBC News - Mon Mar 27 23:13:39 EDT 2017
Workers from the European Union should be allowed to stay after Brexit and trade barriers must be avoided, employers' body CBI Wales has urged. It also said making sure England, Wa...
The Latest: UK envoy gears up to hand over Brexit letter - Tue Mar 28 23:28:30 EDT 2017
LONDON - The Latest on Brexit (all times local): 8 a.m. Britain's European Union envoy has arrived at his office in Brussels for a meeting, hours ahead of triggering Brexit. Tim Ba...
Pro-Brexit Punk Rocker Johnny Rotten: Trump Isn’t ‘Racist’
-Mediaite - Mon Mar 27 11:56:38 EDT 2017
Former --- Pistols member John Lydon (aka “Johnny Rotten“) touted his pro-Brexit views on the Monday edition of ITV’s Good Morning Britain. He also detailed his sympathies for U.S....
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