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UK's timescale for trade deal with EU is "ambitious" - Fitch
-Reuters - Wed Jan 18 04:11:29 EST 2017
LONDON Ratings agency Fitch said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Theresa May's timescale for reaching a post-Brexit trade deal with the European Union was "ambitious", and that th...
Sterling skyrockets as Theresa delivers
-Futures - Tue Jan 17 22:53:51 EST 2017
Sterling staged a sharp rebound during trading on Tuesday following Prime Minister Theresa May’s keynote Brexit speech, which provided investors the clarity long sought on the Brex...
Theresa May wants nations 'fully engaged' in Brexit
-BBC News - Wed Jan 18 01:12:25 EST 2017
Theresa May has said she is prepared to take Britain out of the single market to embrace a global future. The prime minister set out 12 priorities for the deal she hopes to achieve...
BERLIN Jan 18 British Prime Minister Theresa May's speech about her Brexit plans has shown that Britain understands the link between access to the European Single Market and accept...
LONDON Jan 17 Britain's decision to leave the European Union's single market does not mean it won't retain access to it, Brexit minister David Davis said on Tuesday. Prime Minister...
Having plunged to flash-crash lows on Sunday night following leaks of UK PM Theresa May's Brexit speech, cable is soaring this morning as she delivered the speech confirming that b...
Following Brexit vote, Apple is raising App Store prices by 25% in the U.K.
-Consequence of Sound - Wed Jan 18 07:03:30 EST 2017
If you were wondering how that whole Brexit thing is going, the answer is “not great, Bob.” The Guardian reports that Apple is raising prices on its U.K. App Store by almost 25%, a...
Wife Swap returns for special Brexit edition on Channel 4 - Wed Jan 18 07:15:34 EST 2017
After an eight-year break, Wife Swap is headed back to UK screens for a one-off Brexit special. You heard right, a Brexit special. Channel 4 air fascinating and important live adve...
SNP accuses Theresa May of pursuing a 'little Britain Brexit'
-BBC News - Wed Jan 18 04:55:38 EST 2017
The SNP has accused Theresa May of pursuing a "little Britain Brexit" which could lead to 80,000 job losses in Scotland. The claim by nationalist MP Angus Robertson came during Pri...
Setting out her objectives for when the UK leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May says Brexit must mean control of the number of people who come to Britain from Euro...
Here’s another sign that Brexit is getting real: Big banks are revealing plans to shift workers from London to other European cities. If Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit speech ...
Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday said the U.K. will seek a bold new trade deal with the European Union and leave the bloc’s single market, as she delivered a much-anticipated ...
British Prime Minister Theresa May will finally announce her strategy for the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union this week. May was scheduled to give her first spee...
Nigel Farage was smoking a cigarette on the roof of the Hay Adams Hotel as he took in the panoramic view of the White House that would be occupied by Donald Trump in a little over ...
Europe sees UK set for 'hard' Brexit after May speech
-BBC News - Tue Jan 17 07:12:28 EST 2017
Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit speech is being seen in Europe as the "hard" option of full UK withdrawal - and there is some relief that the British position is clearer now. "...
PM May trades barbs with Corbyn on Brexit
-Reuters - Wed Jan 18 04:11:24 EST 2017
ROUGH CUT. NO REPORTER NARRATION. Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have traded barbs on the floor of parliament during question time on Wednesday (January...
Airbus voices concern about 'hard Brexit' | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Wed Jan 18 07:19:47 EST 2017
PARIS –  Planemaker Airbus expressed concern on Wednesday about the prospect of a clean break between Britain and the European Union under what has been dubbed "hard Brexit". ...
PARIS Jan 17 The British government was not prepared for taking Britain out of the European Union and now appears to be improvising on its Brexit policy, French Finance Minister Mi...
PM May indicates Britain will seek "hard Brexit" in EU talks
-Reuters - Tue Jan 17 01:11:53 EST 2017
* UK PM May to unveil Brexit plans at 1145 GMT * May to say UK to seek no partial membership of EU * Sterling falls over fears of 'hard Brexit' By Kylie MacLellan and William James...
Prime Minister Theresa May is delivering a speech at Lancaster House, London, today that will set out her intentions for Brexit and the single market. It is expected that May ...
In a London pub, a crowd gathers to watch the results of the U.S. election, getting more and more drunk and opinionated. The night of November 8, 2016, the filmmaker Ryan Scafuro p...
Sterling remains in the spotlight
-Futures - Wed Jan 18 22:08:38 EST 2017
The Sterling/Dollar exploded into extreme gains on Tuesday with prices clipping above 1.2400 after Prime Minister Theresa May’s optimistic Brexit speech signalled that the United K...
Brexit and the Pound: Far From All Clear
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue Jan 17 07:38:49 EST 2017
From a 31-year-low to one of the biggest one-day gains since the financial crisis, the pound has come a long way in just two days. On Tuesday, it soared more than three cents again...
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