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Xiaomi might make the next Android One smartphone
-SlashGear - Sun Aug 20 23:50:52 EDT 2017
When Google announced the Android Go initiative at I/O 2017 last May, it made one thing clear: it wasn’t replacing Android One. Android Go is simply a set of configurations and app...
Google will officially unveil Android O on Aug. 21, right after the highly anticipated total solar eclipse. According to new rumors, the next major version of the mobile operating ...
Android O Expected To Be Release On August 21
-Ubergizmo - Fri Aug 18 17:06:08 EDT 2017
With all the fancy new features and changes that Google will be bringing to Android O, we’re sure many Android owners are looking forward to its release. However there is no offici...
Following the announcement of Android O’s official launch date this morning (August 21), Trello has updated its app to support Android O and a few of its features. As noted in the ...
Google first revealed the existence of Android O earlier this year with the beginning of the developer preview. After four preview builds, it’s almost time for the final version to...
Google is using a astronomical event to debut its newest Android operating system update: Android O is set to arrive on August 21, with a livestreamed unveiling event timed for 2:4...
Android 8.0 Oreo Seemingly Confirmed In Leaked Image
-Ubergizmo - Sun Aug 20 17:05:48 EDT 2017
Google is expected to officially unveil Android 8.0 O very soon. The next major update to Android was actually announced earlier this year and has been in developer preview for a w...
Google And Xiaomi Could Be Working On A New Android One Handset
-Ubergizmo - Mon Aug 21 02:49:16 EDT 2017
While the developed world has access to powerful handsets like Google’s Nexus and Pixel lineup, unfortunately the prices of these devices keeps them out of reach for customers in e...
Android O to be named on 21 August: What will it be called?
-Pocket-lint - Fri Aug 18 08:55:28 EDT 2017
The next version of Android is currently known as Android O, but that's not the software's official name. Android O has been in developer beta for a while, and the final versi...
Oreo or Orellette? Android O Name To Be Revealed Today
-International Business Times - Sun Aug 20 23:19:27 EDT 2017
Google is launching the Android O on Monday, but instead of it being named after the Oreo cookie, it might be called Orellete after the Catalan pastries, which are often serve...
The Solar Eclipse is suddenly an Android O countdown
-SlashGear - Fri Aug 18 08:20:29 EDT 2017
Google has some good ideas for the Solar Eclipse that’s about to blast its way over the United States, one of which involves Android. Users with devices like the Google Pixel will ...
Moto 360 Sport Android Wear 2.0 update finally rolls out
-SlashGear - Sun Aug 20 18:01:31 EDT 2017
It’s a long time coming but there was also a chance it might not have even come to pass. Motorola, after all, was calling it quits on the smartwatch scene but a promise is a promis...
Google Working To Bring Project Treble To Existing Devices
-Ubergizmo - Thu Aug 17 20:07:32 EDT 2017
One of the criticisms of the Android mobile operating system is that when it comes to releasing updates, it can be a bit slow unless you own a Nexus or Pixel handset. Google has tr...
Google to unveil Android O on Aug. 21 via livestream
-ZDNet - Fri Aug 18 08:33:16 EDT 2017
While most of the US will be staring into the sky watching the first total solar eclipse in years, Google will be gearing up to livestream the final unveiling of Android O. The ann...
Monday’s total solar eclipse is nearly here… and so is Android O, apparently. Google invited the press to an event on Monday for the official reveal for the next version of Android...
It’s official: Android O will be released on (or at least named) on August 21, the same day as the big total solar eclipse! To get us hyped, Google has opened up a special landing ...
Moto 360 Sport Android Wear 2.0 Update May Arrive Soon
-Ubergizmo - Sun Aug 20 08:06:35 EDT 2017
The Moto 360 Sport is one of the many smartwatches that supports the Android Wear 2.0 platform update. However, owners of this wearable device have been made to wait for a very lon...
This week, following several rumors regarding the reveal of Android O, Google put up a page on its Android site counting down to August 21st, which is the day when it plans to intr...
Google countdown teases Android O reveal during solar eclipse
-Engadget - Fri Aug 18 08:09:29 EDT 2017
Google is capitalizing on the solar eclipse hype to tease out the latest version of Android. On Monday at 2:40 PM Eastern, the internet juggernaut says we'll "meet the next release...
How to switch from Android to iPhone
-ComputerWorld - Mon Aug 21 02:18:12 EDT 2017
iPhone sales regularly exceed analysts’ expectations, and millions of people who are purchasing an Apple smartphone for the first time are switching from Android devices. So, if yo...
  By Roger Fingas Friday, August 18, 2017, 11:26 am PT (02:26 pm ET) Google will showcase and possibly launch the next version of Android, "Android O," on August 21 —setting t...
Google Search On Android Gets Video Previews
-Ubergizmo - Sun Aug 20 08:39:50 EDT 2017
Google continues to make changes to its core search product in order to enable users to find the information they are looking for faster and easier. It introduced text snippets a l...
Bandai-Namco Entertainment's newest Dragon Ball title, "Dragon Ball FighterZ," marks the video game introduction of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta. "Dragon Ball FighterZ" will a...
Xiaomi is reportedly working with Google on the next Android One phone
-The Next Web - Sun Aug 20 23:27:31 EDT 2017
Chinese gadget maker Xiaomi has made a name for itself with a wide range of high-quality products that almost always blow the competition away with low price points – including sma...
Let’s Get Device Season Started
-Droid Life - Sat Aug 19 02:07:02 EDT 2017
On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we’re counting down the minutes until the next wave of Android phones is announced and in our hands for review. The list of upcoming devices...
At this point, we assume that most savvy Android users know to be on the lookout for suspicious apps and download prompts, but even as smartphone users become more aware of the ris...
One of the best new Android features Google imagined was launched last year, on paper. The company unveiled Instant Apps at Google I/O 2016, a bold dream of running specific apps o...
Google search results on Android get auto-playing video previews
-SlashGear - Fri Aug 18 17:07:07 EDT 2017
The feature we first saw hints of weeks ago has started to go live on Android. The company is introducing video previews in its search results on mobile, causing videos to auto-pla...
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