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Freshly baked Android O rumours point to Oatmeal Cookie – not Oreo
-Trusted Reviews - Fri Jun 23 00:01:03 EDT 2017
Speculation is rife over what Google will name the next version of Android, with Android Oreo the overwhelming favourite. But newly highlighted source code coupled with Google I/O ...
Google Ending Android Market Support For Android 2.1 Eclair And Below
-International Business Times - Wed Jun 21 02:20:24 EDT 2017
Google has announced that it will be ending support for Android Market for devices running Android 2.1 Eclair and below. “On June 30, 2017, Google will be ending support for the An...
Android O’s final name may have just been uncovered
-BGR - Thu Jun 22 11:05:42 EDT 2017
Google recently confirmed what we all suspected, that Android O is Android 8.0, but we still lack an official dessert name for the new update. Android 8.0 should be released this s...
Android Market support will end soon on Android 2.1 and older
-SlashGear - Tue Jun 20 14:06:30 EDT 2017
If you’re one of the few people still clinging to an ancient Android device, it is officially time to upgrade. Google has announced that it is going to drop support for the Android...
Nova Launcher brings Google Now to older Androids [APK Download]
-SlashGear - Thu Jun 22 11:07:02 EDT 2017
The latest version of Nova Launcher for Android devices bring futuristic elements of Google’s main operating system to older smartphones. While not too long ago we had an encounter...
Axon 7 Mini Owners Receiving Android 7.1.1 Update
-Droid Life - Thu Jun 22 08:05:50 EDT 2017
In March, ZTE invited Axon 7 Mini owners to test out Android 7.1.1, and now a couple of months later, the update is now rolling out to all owners. On top of the big bump to 7.1.1, ...
We really hope the Google Pixel 2 looks like this
-BGR - Wed Jun 21 08:05:32 EDT 2017
The Google Pixel isn’t the most popular Android phone out there. Google hasn’t sold millions of units like big-name phone vendors do. The Pixel also isn’t the most powerful smartph...
Samsung Pay now supports HSBC and M&S Bank cards in the UK
-Engadget - Tue Jun 20 05:08:37 EDT 2017
In the UK at least, Samsung is awfully late to the mobile payments party. Samsung Pay launched last month well behind Apple Pay and Google's Android Pay, and almost two years after...
Firefox Focus Android Release Finally Takes Place
-Ubergizmo - Tue Jun 20 06:01:01 EDT 2017
Mozilla launched its privacy-focused web browser called Firefox Focus in November last year. The browser was initially released for iPhone and iPad only. Mozilla designed it to be ...
There's an Android app that will let you download YouTube songs and videos to your Android. It's called KeepVid Android. KeepVid Android is not only a free YouTube downloader, whic...
3 Intelligent Live Wallpapers for Android [to Download]
-SlashGear - Wed Jun 21 08:31:00 EDT 2017
This morning we’re having a look at three of the best live wallpapers to trend over the past several days. These wallpapers work on Android devices and are all free to download and...
Google Removes 2 Malicious Play Store Android Apps
-PC Magazine - Wed Jun 21 08:05:38 EDT 2017
Two recently discovered malicious Android apps related to the nefarious Ztorg family have been removed from the Play Store by Google. They were capable of sending premium-rate text...
Your Android smartphone may be at risk if you downloaded these apps
-KETV Omaha - Wed Jun 21 08:12:07 EDT 2017
Two Android-based apps that were downloaded more than 60,000 times collectively have been removed from Google's Play Store after cybersecurity experts discovered malicious code ins...
WhatsApp Terminating Support For Android Gingerbread, BlackBerry 10 & Other Platforms
-International Business Times - Wed Jun 21 08:08:48 EDT 2017
In time for its eighth anniversary, WhatsApp has decided to announce the dates when it is ending support for certain mobile platforms including Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbrea...
An update for the AccuWeather app on Android is rolling out this week, available to all users. Inside, there are two new features, as well as bug fixing. For the features, AccuWeat...
Firefox Focus, once available only to iOS devices, is now available on Google Play for Android. Focus is Firefox’s more privacy-focused mobile browser, highlighting the ability to ...
Every single Galaxy S8 and S8+ owner needs this accessory
-BGR - Wed Jun 21 11:05:35 EDT 2017
If you’re an Android fan who doesn’t need to have “pure Android” to get by, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are the best smartphones you can buy right now. They’re crazy powerful, rid...
Sega’s Classic Games Are Free on iPhone and Android
-Latin Post - Thu Jun 22 11:07:03 EDT 2017
We hope you have enough free time on your hands these next few days because you are going to need it. Every single one of the company's classic Sega Genesis games will be available...
What Virtual Reality Needs to Get Real
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue Jun 20 08:10:05 EDT 2017
Virtual reality, one could say, still hasn’t found its Pokémon. The hit mobile game “Pokémon Go” will reach its first birthday next month having defied the odds. It has stayed popu...
Privacy-minded Firefox Focus browser comes to Android
-Engadget - Tue Jun 20 05:08:37 EDT 2017
If you liked the privacy-centric surfing of Mozilla's Firefox Focus browser but wished it were available for your Google-powered phone, you're in luck. Mozilla has released an Andr...
Armani Launches An Android Wear Smartwatch
-Ubergizmo - Tue Jun 20 02:27:07 EDT 2017
Last year luxury fashion brand Emporio Armani got into the smartwatch game by launching the Emporio Armani Connected. This device was more of a hybrid where it featured a tradition...
LG might launch its next LG V30 smartphone in September at IFA
-Pocket-lint - Wed Jun 21 11:30:46 EDT 2017
LG is working on another flagship. It'll be the successor to the LG V20. And it's supposedly going to debut this autumn. A report from Korean media outlet ETNews has claimed that L...
‘SEGA Forever’ Brings Classic SEGA Games Onto Mobile Devices
-Ubergizmo - Wed Jun 21 17:06:40 EDT 2017
If you’re a lover of classic games and grew up playing games that are considered to be classics by today’s standards, then you might be interested to learn that SEGA has announced ...
Are Android bug fixes worth $510 when buying a phone?
-ComputerWorld - Tue Jun 20 17:07:52 EDT 2017
Techies are supposed to focus on the latest and greatest, the biggest and fastest. I've never been like that. Especially when it comes to cellphones, my computing needs are modest....
Google Boots Two Nasty Trojan Apps From The Play Store
-Forbes - Tue Jun 20 08:42:02 EDT 2017
It's easy enough to understand why cybercriminals build malware for Android devices. In May, Google announced that there are now more than 2 billion active Android devices in use i...
Firefox Focus brings its single-minded privacy to Android
-SlashGear - Wed Jun 21 02:06:28 EDT 2017
Late last year, Mozilla launched Firefox Focus, basically the closest you could get to a “burner” browser that kept your online dealings private and erased your footprints after yo...
It seems time to revive the Google Glass
-SlashGear - Thu Jun 22 02:06:33 EDT 2017
Google is a company not known to shy away from expensive experiments that get left by the wayside. Usually, those abandoned projects remain dead unless taken up by the community. S...
Sprint relaunched its struggling Virgin Mobile USA prepaid wireless brand with an iPhone-only offer. The move puts Virgin’s Android fans in play. Rival prepaid brands such as AT&am...
Android Malware: Google Removes Apps That Contain Trojan
-International Business Times - Tue Jun 20 08:57:20 EDT 2017
Google has removed two Android apps from the Google Play Store containing malicious code that could have allowed an attacker to gain root access to infected devices. The two a...
$1 iPhone Carrier? Apple And Virgin Mobile USA Partnership Axes Android Smartphones
-International Business Times - Wed Jun 21 17:10:19 EDT 2017
Virgin Mobile USA has announced that it will now sell only iPhones on its network, getting rid of its entire Android device lineup. The Sprint-powered pre-paid network has struck a...
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