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Swiss watch and fashion accessories manufacturer Tag Heuer launched its Android wear smart watch 'Heuer Connected' in 2015 with successful results. The first model of Android smart...
All new Chromebooks will get Android app support
-PCWorld - Mon Jan 23 07:10:33 EST 2017
If you’re buying a Chromebook released in 2017 or later you’ll no longer need to worry about whether or not it will run Android apps. Google recently added a note saying as much to...
Tech Times reported on Jan. 18 that Google plans to release Android One smartphones in the United States (U.S.) before mid-2017 and that it will be offered in the $200 - $300 ...
The competition of the smartwatches is getting tougher as years go by. Unlike in 2015 where the Apple Watch is dominating the smartwatch market. Now, more and more tech companies a...
Android One was originally launched by Google as an initiative to bring low-cost smartphones to the developing world.  Now, Google reportedly is aiming to invade the US market...
Every New Chromebook Will Run Android Apps
-PC Magazine - Mon Jan 23 10:07:22 EST 2017
Apple iOS loyalists contemplating a switch to Google's app ecosystem this year will have an easier time making a decision, thanks to Google's announcement that every new Chromebook...
LG’s Android Wear 2.0 watches got some blurry pics
-SlashGear - Tue Jan 24 01:07:49 EST 2017
Android Wear, and smartwatches, might be making a comeback. That is, if the recent spate of leaks and teasers are any indication. TAG Heuer and Casio definitely seem to still be in...
The days of downloading Android apps might be numbered - here’s why
-Trusted Reviews - Mon Jan 23 10:09:20 EST 2017
Google has started to roll out the long-awaited Instant Apps feature, which allows Android users to stream content from apps without having to fully download them. First announced ...
New Images Surface For The HTC ‘Halfbeak’ Smartwatch - Sun Jan 22 19:20:58 EST 2017
The HTC Halfbeak Android Wear watch has appeared once again, this time presented in greater detail on Weibo. In the photographs it appears that the HTC Halfbeak is running an old v...
HTC's Halfbreak Android Wear Smartwatch Leaks In New Set Of Photos
-International Business Times - Sun Jan 22 16:10:54 EST 2017
HTC’s still unannounced smartwatch, codenamed Halfbreak, has leaked again in a new set of photos. The upcoming wearable has been rumored for a long time and it first surfaced onlin...
A lot of smartphone manufacturers are doubling its effort in rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat firmware to its handsets. Motorola has been of them; as a matter of fact, the compan...
Samsung has always given preference to its flagship devices in terms of the rollout of Android updates. Since the company has already rolled out the Android Nougat update for its c...
As Samsung continues to roll out the Android 7.0 Nougat update to owners of its current flagships, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, owners of former flagship Galaxy smartphones an...
Android Pay Now Supports PayPal Cards And Visa Checkout
-Tech Times - Sun Jan 22 04:30:38 EST 2017
There's good news for users of Google app as Android Pay has been updated to version 1.13. With PayPal and Visa Checkout support added by the update, the mobile payment s...
Google: All 2017 Chromebooks Will Support Android Apps - Mon Jan 23 04:06:58 EST 2017
Google has just confirmed that all Chromebooks which launch this year and onward will offer support for Android apps. As you probably already know, Google had announced that Androi...
Google: All Chromebooks launched in 2017 will run Android apps
-Digital Trends - Mon Jan 23 10:12:49 EST 2017
Chromebooks are increasingly popular for their low cost, easy administration, and strong support of Google’s various services. The machines, offered from many of the same manufactu...
Every Upcoming Chromebook Will Run Android Apps
-Laptop Mag - Mon Jan 23 04:15:17 EST 2017
Back in May of last year, Google announced that Chromebooks would start supporting Android apps. Now, every single Chromebook going forward will have access to the Google Play Stor...
Android fans can now try CyanogenMod’s successor, LineageOS
-The Next Web - Tue Jan 24 01:05:58 EST 2017
Over the past eight years, Steve Kondik’s CyanogenMod grew quickly to become the most popular custom ROM for Android devices, thanks to its top-notch performance and clever feature...
Google has started to roll out a new feature for Android devices that will allow users to remain connected to the internet when their connection is lost. Named Instant Tethering, t...
Android Instant Apps now in live testing
-PhoneDog - Mon Jan 23 10:07:20 EST 2017
Google today said that it’s kicking off the initial live testing of its Android Instant Apps feature. It’s only available for select apps right now, which include BuzzFeed, Wish, P...
Every Chromebook released in 2017 will support Android apps
-Engadget - Mon Jan 23 07:11:32 EST 2017
You currently have to be picky about your choice of Chrome OS devices if you want to run Android apps, but you won't have to be quite so choosy going forward. Google has quietly me...
Android Instant Apps are here
-The Next Web - Mon Jan 23 13:46:12 EST 2017
Android Instant Apps act as a sort of bridge between web apps and native Android applications by allowing users to run specific parts of applications without needing to instal...
You can try Android’s best new feature right now
-BGR - Mon Jan 23 16:06:41 EST 2017
The best feature announced at Google I/O last year — and honestly, one of a few genuinely new improvements baked into Android in the last year — was Instant Apps, the capability fo...
Looking for Android 7.0 Nougat update for Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact, Xperia Z5 Premium, Xperia Z4 (Tablet), Xperia Z3+ and Xperia Z3+ (Dual)? Last year, Sony has intended the ea...
Complete List Of Samsung Devices Getting Android Nougat Update
-Value Walk - Sat Jan 21 13:08:24 EST 2017
Samsung is by far the world’s largest maker of Android smartphones. But it is not too speedy when it comes to releasing Android updates. After weeks of testing, the Korean electron...
Sony Xperia X, X Compact Receive January Security Patches
-Tech Times - Sun Jan 22 10:05:02 EST 2017
Sony is leading the mobile communications industry in terms of updates for its Android smartphones after the company rolled out the January Security patch for the Xperia X and X Co...
The first builds of CyanogenMod successor LineageOS are out
-Engadget - Tue Jan 24 04:51:55 EST 2017
The open-source CyanogenMod project has been formally reborn as LineageOS, with the first experimental and nightly ROMs of the custom Android build now available to download. Only ...
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