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The 29-story test tower at the Otis Elevator Research Center in Bristol , Conn., Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2008 dominates the landscape as seen here. United Technologies Corp . (AP Photo...
The Best Aerospace Stocks to Buy in 2017 | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Mon Apr 24 08:03:38 EDT 2017
A combination of multiyear backlogs at Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Airbus (NASDAQOTH: EADSY), and projections from industry bodies like the International Air Transport Association (IATA)...
Beleaguered engineer Anthony Levandowski can plead the Fifth Amendment, but it cannot keep Uber from holding on to documents pertinent to the case. The U.S. Court of Appeals compel...
Current U.S. law states that "a citizen of the United States has a public right of transit through the navigable airspace." The central message is that our airspace should be viewe...
Just days after the US Commerce Department imposed duties averaging 20% on Canadian softwood lumber, accusing Chinese timber companies of getting an unfair government subsidy, on T...
Frontrunning: April 27
-Zero Hedge - Thu Apr 27 05:09:16 EDT 2017
  Overnight Media Digest WSJ - A new report by United Continental Holdings Inc has concluded that a litany of failures in customer service, training and technology contributed...
The Sudden Departure of Klaus Klienfeld from Arconic | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Wed Apr 26 11:03:39 EDT 2017
This week, aluminum company Arconic's (NYSE: ARNC)CEO, Klaus Kleinfeld, was surprisingly ousted from his position by investment manager Elliott Management, which claimed Kleinfeldh...
Labs across our country are a source of American optimism — advancing knowledge, technologies, and cures. And yet, as citizens in 500 cities worldwide prepare to march this weekend...
Australian senator warns of war with China
-World Socialist Web Site - Mon Apr 24 23:11:39 EDT 2017
Last Thursday, Nick Xenophon, a prominent “third party” senator in the Australian parliament, warned of the catastrophic consequences of a US war with China in an address before th...
How Does Oil and Gas Fracking Work, Exactly? | Fox Business
-Fox Business - Tue Apr 25 11:03:54 EDT 2017
Fracking is where it's at for U.S. oil production, but it's more than a little complicated. In this week's episode of Industry Focus: Energy, Motley Fool analysts Sean O'Reilly and...
Donald Trump's Conflicts of Interest: A Crib Sheet
-The Atlantic - Mon Apr 24 11:00:52 EDT 2017
President Donald Trump still has not taken the necessary steps to distance himself from his businesses while in office. In accordance with a plan that he and one of his lawyers, Sh...
Trump's Interests vs. America's, Condominium Edition
-The Atlantic - Fri Apr 21 14:00:50 EDT 2017
President Donald Trump’s finances are infamously opaque. Since he has not followed the long-standing presidential custom of releasing his tax returns to the public, the only public...