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Anti-Trump group may shape Va gov's race
-WUSA9 - Tue Mar 21 14:04:14 EDT 2017
They were once a group of stunned staffers on Capitol Hill, wanting in the waning days of 2016 to stand up to President Donald J. Trump. They created an electronic, shareable Googl...
Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.20.17
-msnbc - Mon Mar 20 08:01:19 EDT 2017
Today’s installment of campaign-related news items from across the country. * Donald Trump’s approval rating in the latest Gallup daily tracking poll dropped to just 37% yesterday,...
Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie will attend a campaign fundraiser with former president George W. Bush next week in Dallas.  Bush and a group of powerful milli...
The myth of Paul Ryan was shattered today
-Vox - Fri Mar 24 14:03:10 EDT 2017
Paul Ryan, as he’d be the first to tell you, didn’t want this job. It was a dramatic, ego- and profile-boosting series of events. Ryan established for all to see that he, and he al...
Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 3.23.17
-msnbc - Thu Mar 23 08:15:27 EDT 2017
Today’s installment of campaign-related news items from across the country. * The National Republican Congressional Committee sent out a fundraising appeal this morning with a subj...
With close to two dozen supporters, Republican gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart staged a rally in Roanoke Saturday to preserve Virginia’s Confederate statues and battle flags....
Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie visited Roanoke County Thursday to share his plan for an across-the-board state income tax cut. A dozen local Republicans gathered a...
Kenny Klinge moved from Northern Virginia to the northern Shenandoah Valley; in the process, following the Republican vote from the suburbs to the countryside. A curmudgeonly Repub...
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