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In science, some big risks are worth the rewards
-Science News - Wed Nov 15 10:11:08 EST 2017
At the end of my previous Editor’s Note (SN: 11/11/17, p. 2), I wrote about one of the great discoveries of the 1920s. By studying distant nebulae, Edwin Hubble found that our gala...
Though Puerto Rico canceled his controversial contract last weekend, Whitefish Energy CEO Andy Techmanski is still working to restore the island’s power — and his reputation. ...
GOP tax plan picks winners and losers
-Fox News - Sun Nov 12 07:09:23 EST 2017
**Want FOX News Halftime Report in your inbox every day? Sign up here.** On the roster: GOP tax plan picks winners and losers - Former Dem Gov. Wilder declines to ba...
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