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A new study produced by the Pew Research Center has found that since December 2015, about two months before the first presidential primary contest, more young Republicans have “def...
Family members of President Trump, including his two sons, met for hours Thursday with Republican Party officials to discuss political strategy, ABC News has learned from sources w...
Dems view vets as strong candidates in bid to retake House
-KETV Omaha - Sun May 28 23:35:08 EDT 2017
ATLANTA — Democrats are looking for help from military veterans in their bid to retake majority control of the House. Looking ahead to next year's elections, Democrats are trying t...
Joy Reid Shoots Down GOP Talking Points On Affordable Care Act
-Crook And Liars - Sun May 28 08:33:07 EDT 2017
Katon Dawson, former SC GOP chair, wasn't all that prepared for the strong pushback he got from Joy Reid when he parroted the Republican party line on Obamacare: "Does anybody in t...
President Trump's two elder sons and daughter-in-law huddled with Republican leaders at the party's Washington headquarters this week to discuss the GOP's strategy heading into the...
The Sick And Twisted Reason Republicans Stick With Trump
-Crook And Liars - Sat May 27 17:08:39 EDT 2017
This moment at the end of Friday's "All In with Chris Hayes" is worth catching, as The Daily Beast's Michael Daly explains in plain words why the Republican Congress will stick wit...
Judges weigh law cutting governor’s elections oversight role
-The Seattle Times - Mon May 29 05:55:31 EDT 2017
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Lawyers for North Carolina’s new Democratic governor say a new law could increase confusion in future elections, leave unethical politicians unpunished and all...
Massachusetts Democrats gearing up for annual convention
-Boston Herald - Mon May 29 05:18:59 EDT 2017
BOSTON — Massachusetts Democrats are gearing up for their annual state convention. The top task on the agenda when the delegates, alternates and party officials meet on Saturday wi...
New Jersey is a Democratic-leaning state, but Republicans are far from obsolete in the Garden State. The GOP is outnumbered by registered Democrats by nearly 840,000 people, accord...
According to the Washington Post, Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric’s wife Laura Trump met privately with GOP leaders to “share their concerns and out...
Dems try to enlist military vets in fight for House majority
-tribLive - Sun May 28 05:37:25 EDT 2017
In this Dec. 13, 2016 file photo, Rep. Seth Moulton, D-Mass., speaks during an event in Beverly, Mass. Democrats hope to enlist military veterans in another type of fight _ for maj...
Here's an interesting interview of Libertarian Party chairman Nicholas Sarwark by Matthew Rozsa of Salon. Sarwark steps in it out of the gate by likening the treatment of Libertari...
Earlier this month, Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo from Florida, a 2017 Grist 50er, appeared on CNN to talk about allegations that President Trump had asked then-FBI Director James...
Despite the administration’s denials and evasions, Trump’s proposed budget is a wish list of wanton cruelty hiding behind a mask of “compassionate conservatism.” That cruelty is di...
[JURIST] North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper [official website] filed a new suit [AP report] against Republican state legislators on Friday challenging laws, which allegedly unconst...
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