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Malia Obama shows off her smile while out with friends on Sunday (March 26) in New York City. The 18-year-old daughter of former President Barack Obama is enjoying her weekend off ...
CNN Trump Surrogate Kayleigh McEnany Botches Basic Facts While Ripping Obama
-The Huffington Post - Tue Mar 28 02:11:28 EDT 2017
Kayleigh McEnany, one of CNN’s in-house surrogates for President Donald Trump, claimed that President Barack Obama went golfing after Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was ...
Obama Writing White House Memoir On South Pacific Island
-UPROXX - Mon Mar 27 11:01:07 EDT 2017
It’s good to be Barack Obama these days. While the rest of us are obsessing over every miss-step the Trump administration takes, President Obama is out here stacking vacations on t...
Juan Williams: If Obama Had Acted Like Trump...
-Fox News - Mon Mar 27 23:27:26 EDT 2017
By Juan Williams, The Hill Right-wing media to President Obama: We are so very sorry. That’s the message I got last week from the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page. T...
Malia Obama Checks Out Broadway's 'Significant Other'
-Just Jared - Sat Mar 25 23:06:41 EDT 2017
Malia Obama took some time off from her internship this weekend to catch a showing of Broadway’s Significant Other! The 18-year-old daughter of former president Barack Obama steppe...
Former president is planning an extended stay in the South Pacific as he begins to write his memoir about his eight years in the Oval Office, according to a new report. Obama has a...
Trump to Undo Obama's Climate Change Agenda
-Fox News - Mon Mar 27 23:41:27 EDT 2017
By Devin Henry - The Hill   President Trump will use an executive order on Tuesday to dismantle to the Obama administration’s climate change agenda. The order will compel the ...
Trump Signs Order Rolling Back Obama's Climate Rules
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue Mar 28 20:11:38 EDT 2017
President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday that begins the process of reversing climate change policies put in place by President Obama, including his predecessor's Clean...
Anti-Semitism: Blame game
-The Seattle Times - Mon Mar 27 17:07:48 EDT 2017
The rabbi blaming President Donald Trump for Holocaust graffiti is astonishing when Trump has expressed more support for Israel in the short time since his election than President ...
Barack Obama has been having a very chill post-presidency despite Donald Trump’s every attempt to drag him back into his nonsense. The Obamas have still been in and around DC as Sa...
Josh Earnest is not White House Press Secretary anymore. Now, those who miss the former Obama administration spokesman can watch him in his new role as a political contributor...
Wearing a Washington Nationals jacket and a Chicago White Sox hat, President Barack Obama marked a 100-year tradition by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Washington N...
House votes to block Obama-era browsing protections
-CBS News - Tue Mar 28 14:40:13 EDT 2017
The House voted Tuesday to nullify Obama-era Federal Communications Commission rules that protect the privacy of users’ web browsing history.  The resolution, which passed the...
Poll: Most Republicans believe Trump on wiretap
-The Hill - Wed Mar 29 05:14:51 EDT 2017
Nearly three quarters of Republicans believe President Trump’s claim former President wiretapped him last year, according to a new poll. Seventy-four percent say it is “very” or “s...
Former Obama Official Admits Rush to Get Intel on Trump Team
-Fox News - Wed Mar 29 08:41:28 EDT 2017
Published March 29, 2017  | A former top Obama administration official has acknowledged efforts by her colleagues to gather intelligence on Trump team ties to Russ...
Former Obama White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest made his debut this morning as a political analyst for NBC News, which means he will appear on NBC and MSNBC. Earnest was unve...
Obama library architects to speak at South Side community meeting
-Chicago Tribune - Tue Mar 28 14:08:54 EDT 2017
The architects for Barack Obama's presidential library and museum on Tuesday night will make their first public appearance in Chicago since they were picked to design the high-prof...
Trump = Obama = Bush = Clinton On 4 Core Issues
-Zero Hedge - Sun Mar 26 14:10:42 EDT 2017
On a superficial level, Trump and Bush couldn’t be more different from Clinton and Obama.  Indeed, pollsters say that many people voted for Trump because they wanted change … ...
AP FACT CHECK: Obama, Trump had role in Flint water relief
-Post Bulletin - Mon Mar 27 11:13:39 EDT 2017
FILE - In this March 21, 2016 file photo, the Flint Water Plant water tower is seen in Flint, Mich. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said on March 27, 2017, that a $100 mil...
Kayleigh McEnany Should Be Suspended For Daniel Pearl Gaffe
-Crook And Liars - Tue Mar 28 08:11:22 EDT 2017
File under unbelievable if it wasn't Trump surrogate and CNN analyst Kayleigh McEnany. Last night she made up a despicable scenario and alleged President Obama didn't care at all a...
Let the freak out begin. MSNBC and CNN on Tuesday went nuclear over Donald Trump’s move to roll back Barack Obama’s “signature” climate policies, whining that the President is “des...
Where Is Barack Obama Now? Former President Extends His Stay In South Pacific To Pen Memoir
-International Business Times - Sun Mar 26 20:11:01 EDT 2017
Former President Barack Obama is planning to extend his stay in Tetiaroa, a South Pacific island once owned by legendary Hollywood actor Marlon Brando, as he starts to pen his memo...
CNN's Angela Rye Compares Obama to Jesus
-News Busters - Tue Mar 28 08:11:21 EDT 2017
Barack Obama isn’t even in office anymore but Democrats are still pining for their long lost savior. Liberal commentator and former executive director of the Congressional Black Ca...
WASHINGTON President Donald Trump will sign an order on Tuesday aimed at making it easier for companies to produce energy in the United States, administration officials said on Sun...
In response to the Editorial board roundtable question, "Does Trump owe Obama an apology in wiretap furor?" (Plain Dealer Forum, March 25), Kevin O'Brien states, "Politics is dirty...
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