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North Korea is “The longest running failure in the history of American espionage.” That’s the assessment of Donald P. Gregg, arguably, the man who knows more about North Korea than...
US will bar Americans from visiting N. Korea
-CNN - Mon Jul 24 05:57:18 EDT 2017
Beijing-based Koryo Tours was told by Swedish government officials that the United States planned to prohibit Americans from traveling to North Korea, the tour agency's general man...
North Korea Could Hit US With Nuke Sooner Than Expected
-Newser - Tue Jul 25 17:01:40 EDT 2017
(Newser) – North Korea could be able to strike the US with nuclear weapons a whole lot sooner than previously believed, the Washington Post reports. The Pentagon's Defense Intellig...
A leading North Korea expert said the country is a year and a half away from creating a nuclear missile capable of reaching the United States. Some time in the next year, North Kor...
Ahead of Armistice Day, North Korea Pledges War, Could Launch Missile
-International Business Times - Tue Jul 25 23:08:50 EDT 2017
Ahead of the 64 anniversary of Armistice Day that marked the end of fighting during the 1950-53 Korean War, North Korean Military vowed their readiness to fight against the U.S, th...
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made another threat early Tuesday to strike the U.S. with a “powerful nuclear hammer.” The Chinese military is reportedly preparing for a potential ...
Travel ban: Why millennials should not be traveling to North Korea
-Red Alert Politics - Sun Jul 23 08:52:51 EDT 2017
The State Department’s decision to ban travel by Americans to North Korea was the right thing to do for reasons of safety, morality, and foreign policy. As an American who has spen...
Worrying update to U.S. assessment of N. Korea nuke threat
-CBS News - Wed Jul 26 02:08:33 EDT 2017
The U.S. intelligence community now believes North Korea could have a reliable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) capable of carrying a nuclear warhead by sometime next...
The officials and authorities of the state of Hawaii just released important guidelines on ways to survive a possible nuclear detonation of North Korea. Some of these guidelines in...
The official government newspaper of North Korea boasted on Sunday that Hawaii and Alaska could be possible targets for the nuclear ballistic missile the North Korean government al...
Russia's deputy nuclear negotiator visits North Korea
-UPI - Tue Jul 25 11:05:53 EDT 2017
SEOUL, South Korea, July 25 (UPI) -- Russia's deputy nuclear negotiator has visited North Korea to discuss issues on the divided peninsula with the North's senior diplomats, Pyongy...
Congress Reaches Deal On Sanctions Bill For Russia, Iran, North Korea
-The Huffington Post - Sun Jul 23 08:58:44 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON, July 22 (Reuters) - U.S. Republicans and Democrats have reached agreement on legislation that allows new sanctions against Russia, Iran and now also North Korea, leadin...
House Passes Russia Sanctions Bill
-The Wall Street Journal - Tue Jul 25 20:07:46 EDT 2017
WASHINGTON—In a rare, overwhelmingly bipartisan vote, the House on Tuesday passed new sanctions that would punish Russia, after the U.S. intelligence community concluded that Mosco...
Despite Chinese officials reassurance that "military means shouldn’t be an option," WSJ reports that China has been bolstering defenses along its 880-mile frontier with North Korea...
China reinforcing border with North Korea amid tensions
-UPI - Tue Jul 25 05:05:31 EDT 2017
July 25 (UPI) -- Reports on Chinese military and government websites show Beijing is fortifying China's 880-mile border with North Korea amid continued tensions between the hermit ...
Joint Chiefs chairman: North Korea top concern for U.S.
-UPI - Mon Jul 24 05:36:47 EDT 2017
July 24 (UPI) -- North Korea is the United States' most immediate foreign concern, the chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff said over the weekend. Speaking at the Aspen Secur...
North Korea and the Geographical Travel Restriction
-Guardian Liberty Voice - Mon Jul 24 17:51:35 EDT 2017
United States citizens will be prohibited from traveling to North Korea. The reason for the ban is the rising number of Americans being arrested and imprisoned while visiting the c...
North Korea is experiencing its worst drought since 2001, prompting officials to fear an increase in food shortage in the communist country that has suffered serious famine for yea...
Armed Services chairman 'increasingly alarmed' at North Korea
-The Hill - Tue Jul 25 17:00:57 EDT 2017
The chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said Tuesday that he’s “increasingly alarmed” at North Korea’s weapons programs after receiving a classified briefing on the pace...
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea's President Moon Jae-in said on Monday the North will be given until the very last minute to decide on its participation at next year's Winter Olympic...
North Korea will be able to field a reliable, nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile as early as next year, U.S. officials have concluded in a confidential assessment t...
By Hyunjoo Jin and Haejin Choi SEOUL (Reuters) - A half-hour's drive north of Seoul, along a highway lined with barbed wire, lie two shopping malls the size of several football sta...
A North Korean navy truck carries the ‘Pukkuksong’ submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) during a military parade marking the 105th birth anniversary of country’s founding fa...
If you drive along the M25 you might feel lucky not to find a moment in your journey when cars aren’t bumper to bumper. But in North Korea it is a different story, with vehicles ve...
The Korean Games of Thrones
-Fox News - Tue Jul 25 05:28:35 EDT 2017
By Victor Davis Hanson, National Review The time for pious American lectures is over. North Korea North Korea seeks respect on the cheap — and attention and cash — that it cannot w...
South Korea leaves door open for North to attend Olympics
-UPI - Mon Jul 24 17:05:35 EDT 2017
July 24 (UPI) -- South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Monday said his country would leave the door open for North Korea to participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. ...
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