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Google Home just became the perfect sous-chef for your kitchen
-Pocket-lint - Wed Apr 26 14:47:44 EDT 2017
Google Home now serves up numerous guided recipe instructions. Anyone who owns a voice-activated smart speaker, including Amazon Echo, knows it's perfect for the kitchen. Don't kno...
Google Home already functions as your personal assistant, telling you your schedule, weather forecast, and more, and now it can be your sous chef, too. Google is adding step-by-ste...
Modern cooking typically involves putting a tablet in the kitchen and fumbling through the directions while trying to keep the screen clean. Google is changing that. The company ha...
Alphabet, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the business of acquisition and operation of different companies. It operates through the Google and Other Bets segments. The ...
You Can Now Access Over 5 Million Recipes Through Google Assistant
-Droid Life - Thu Apr 27 02:06:14 EDT 2017
Thanks to Bon Appetit, The New York Times, Food Network and more, Google Assistant now features access to over 5 million recipes. Essentially any dish you can think of, G...
Google’s Assistant is the latest digital personal assistant software to hit devices, joining Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, and Amazon Alexa in the list of major options. Assistant...
How Google Home can keep your smartphone out of the kitchen
-Trusted Reviews - Wed Apr 26 11:07:04 EDT 2017
Google has announced an update for its Google Home smart speaker, which brings step-by-step guides to the web’s best recipes into your kitchen. The new tool extends the number of r...
Google Assistant On Google Home Can Now Help You In The Kitchen
-Tech Times - Thu Apr 27 02:42:50 EDT 2017
Google has been busy over the last few days rolling out the much-awaited, multi-user support for its Google Home smart speaker. For the first time since its release, Goog...
Google has released an updated list of Chromebooks that will run Android apps, and it includes devices from notable manufacturers such as Acer, Asus, Samsung, and Lenovo....
Google On-Ear Headphones Possibly Coming Soon
-Ubergizmo - Wed Apr 26 08:49:08 EDT 2017
Google is no stranger to making hardware products. It made the great Pixel smartphone, the Chromecast dongle, Google Home, and more. It appears that the company has made something ...
Google Assistant began life in the Google Allo app before spreading to Google’s Pixel phones, Android Wear watches, and other Android smartphones. Now Google is taking steps to hel...
Deal: Get a Google Home, Chromecast and 3/mo free music for just £119
-Trusted Reviews - Thu Apr 27 11:06:25 EDT 2017
The Google Home speaker is now available in the UK and it’s already lining up as a pretty solid competitor to the Amazon Echo. One of the Google Assistant-powered gadget’s snazzies...
Google eyes massive AI expansion with new Assistant SDK
-PCWorld - Thu Apr 27 11:08:01 EDT 2017
Google is opening up Assistant to developers with a new preview SDK, as it aims to greatly expand its presence beyond Android devices and its Home speaker. As product Manager Chris...
Google Assistant SDK Offered to Third-Party Devs
-PC Magazine - Thu Apr 27 14:05:24 EDT 2017
Google Home hasn't even celebrated its first birthday yet, but now it's learning that it must share its prized possession: the voice-activated Google Assistant. This lesson is than...
Google Assistant SDK developer preview arrives for gadget makers
-SlashGear - Thu Apr 27 11:06:27 EDT 2017
Google has announced the launch of a Google Assistant SDK developer preview, opening the door for Google’s personal assistant to exist on many devices. Google highlights some poten...
Google now lets hardware developers tinker with its Assistant
-TechCrunch - Thu Apr 27 11:09:00 EDT 2017
Google has long said that it wants to open up its Assistant to a broader ecosystem of hardware companies and developers. Today it’s taking a major step in this direction with the l...
Forget your stack of dusty old cookbooks and your worries about gunking up your phone with messy hands while you struggle to follow directions in the kitchen. Google Home will help...
Google adds iTunes, Apple Music shortcuts & more to iOS search cards
-AppleInsider - Fri Apr 28 08:06:32 EDT 2017
  By Roger Fingas Thursday, April 27, 2017, 12:12 pm PT (03:12 pm ET) Google on Thursday began adding streaming service links to the "knowledge panels" it displays in iOS sear...
The Google Assistant, the smart digital helper, can already juggle a bunch of hands-free tasks for you. It will supply movie showtimes, place a restaurant reservation, summon a car...
While Home has been an effective showcase for Google’s voice recognition skills and its deep understanding (or occasional misunderstanding) of the web, it’s also been strangely dis...
Cooking with Google Home just got easier
-TechCrunch - Wed Apr 26 08:09:59 EDT 2017
The Google Home and Amazon Echo are pretty useful devices to have in the kitchen, where clean hands are often at a premium. Until now, though, when you asked Google Home for&n...
Google Assistant is already a great help in the kitchen when we need to convert something from pints to cups or remember to buy eggs on our next shopping trip. But with a new updat...
If it comes to business performance, it is a good time to be working in Google this year. Alphabet Inc., the parent company of Google, posted a strong revenue performance for Q1 20...
Google Releases Google Assistant SDK For Third-Party Devices
-Ubergizmo - Thu Apr 27 17:05:18 EDT 2017
If there is one reason why Amazon’s Echo platform is gaining traction so quickly is simply because unlike Apple’s Siri, Amazon did not choose to lock it into its own ecosystem. Ins...
Will Google launch its own Bluetooth headphones soon? (Probably not)
-Pocket-lint - Wed Apr 26 14:05:52 EDT 2017
The internet lit up this afternoon at the thought of new hardware from Google, but unfortunately, things are not what they seem. Liliputing spotted a new product that recently...
Earlier Leaked Google Headphones Are For Employees Only
-Ubergizmo - Wed Apr 26 17:06:23 EDT 2017
Earlier we reported that thanks to a sighting at the FCC, it seems that a pair of Google branded headphones were uncovered. This led to speculation that we could soon see Google la...
Is Google making a pair of over-ear Bluetooth headphones?
-The Verge - Wed Apr 26 08:37:50 EDT 2017
As spotted by Liliputing, something odd just showed up over at the FCC: a pair of Google-branded, over-ear, active noise-canceling headphones. They don't look like anything super s...
Earnings Preview: What To Expect From Google On Thursday
-Forbes - Wed Apr 26 08:03:59 EDT 2017
BERLIN, GERMANY - APRIL 25: The Google logo hangs among plants at a juice stand at the W20 conference on April 25, 2017 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Alph...
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