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Back in May, Google said at its Google I/O developer conference that it would follow Amazon in enabling voice-activated phone calling on its smart speaker product. Well, it took a ...
Google Home calling: How does it work and where is it available?
-Pocket-lint - Wed Aug 16 11:05:55 EDT 2017
Google just made Google Home a more compelling rival to Echo. Earlier this year, Amazon launched an Alexa calling service, giving Echo users the ability to phone other Echo users a...
Hands-free calling starts rolling out to Google Home
-ZDNet - Wed Aug 16 11:07:34 EDT 2017
Google Home is taking away a few more excuses as to why you didn't call your Mom last week. Starting today, Google Home users in the US and Canada will begin to gain access to hand...
You can now make free phone calls with your Google Home
-TechCrunch - Wed Aug 16 09:06:29 EDT 2017
Remember back in May, when Google announced plans to let people make free phone calls through the Google Home? That feature is rolling out starting today (alas, only for folks in U...
Google Allo now available for desktop
-ZDNet - Tue Aug 15 11:07:47 EDT 2017
Google's smart messaging app is now available on the desktop/web, but only if you're an Android user. Google says iPhone support is coming soon. Google on Tuesday released its Allo...
Make Voice Calls on Google Home
-PC Magazine - Wed Aug 16 11:28:15 EDT 2017
The Google Home smart speaker is now capable of making phone calls. Google first teased the feature at its I/O developer conference earlier this year, but it's now rolling out to u...
Google Allo for web finally goes live: Here's how it works
-Pocket-lint - Tue Aug 15 14:41:05 EDT 2017
Google Allo can now be accessed through your web browser. Google first teased that Allo, its messenger app with built-in Google Assistant, would come to the desktop last February. ...
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission launches back-to-school sting operation - Mon Aug 14 08:00:22 EDT 2017
Click ahead to view 29 Bexar County establishments caught selling to minors in last 6 months, according to TABC. Balcones Food Store: 3309 Hillcrest, Balcones Heights, TX 78201 Dat...
FILE - In this file photo dated May 17, 2017, file photo, Google CEO Sundar Pichai delivers the keynote address for the Google I/O conference in Mountain View, Calif. Pichai has ca...
You can now make free phone calls with your Google Home
-BGR - Wed Aug 16 11:05:52 EDT 2017
Google’s smart speaker just learned a new trick. On Wednesday, Google Assistant product manager Deniz Binay announced in a blog post that Google Home owners would now be able to pl...
Google Drops neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer in about 3 hours
-Fast Company - Mon Aug 14 11:06:39 EDT 2017
Neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer rocketed to international recognition over the weekend when GoDaddy announced that it would stop being the registrar for the site’s domain. (Th...
Alphabet Inc.’s Google yanked its web domain support for The Daily Stormer on Monday three hours after the neo-Nazi website moved to the search engine’s registry system following i...
Genesis App Lets Drivers Control Their Cars with Google Assistant
-Motor Trend - Wed Aug 16 11:03:38 EDT 2017
You can already control your Genesis G80 or G90 via Amazon Alexa, and now the same capability is available through Google Assistant. Using the new Genesis App for Google Assistant,...
Google Preps For Allergy Season With Pollen Forecasts In Search
-Ubergizmo - Wed Aug 16 17:06:44 EDT 2017
According to Google, one in five Americans suffer from seasonal allergies, which can be incredibly annoying and not to mention very inconvenient when you are trying to get things d...
Google Home free calls just went live: What you need to know
-SlashGear - Wed Aug 16 11:06:53 EDT 2017
Google is firing up free voice calls on the Google Home, turning the smart speaker into a speakerphone. The feature allows for voice calls to any US or Canadian number, including l...
As the Android vs iPhone rivalry began to intensify a few years ago, Apple pulled a power move and quickly removed Google apps like YouTube and Google Maps from the iOS homescreen,...
Being Default Search on iPhone Costs Google $3B
-PC Magazine - Tue Aug 15 05:06:13 EDT 2017
For a company not really focused on search engines, Apple collects a huge amount of cash because of them each year. And all that cash comes courtesy of its rival Google. In a note ...
Google launched Material Design in 2014 and has been using it as the basis for a number of updates across its product line including YouTube, Chrome, Search and Inbox. It's sort of...
Google hires a legendary Apple engineer to tackle AI
-Engadget - Mon Aug 14 17:10:10 EDT 2017
The hire won't necessarily change the state of affairs for Apple, which has had to make do without Lattner for months, but it's a definite coup for Google. Lattner earned praise fo...
Google Docs headaches? This update might just have fixed them
-SlashGear - Wed Aug 16 11:06:53 EDT 2017
The Google Docs family – that is, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides – is getting a pretty significant update today. Much of this update is focused on streamlining collaboration betwe...
Google Home voice calling starts rolling out today
-Engadget - Wed Aug 16 09:06:32 EDT 2017
For starters, voice calling on Google Home supports multiple users, so anyone in your household who has set up the device to recognize her particular voice will be able to make cal...
Google Home Can Now Make Phone Calls For US, Canada Users
-International Business Times - Wed Aug 16 17:09:39 EDT 2017
Google’s Home assistant speaker is getting more features for users and the latest will make it easier to get in touch with others. In a post, Google confirmed that voice calls woul...
Chris Lattner, a star engineer that was instrumental in the creation of Apple’s Swift programming language, will join Google Brain after his Tesla stint. He will work on making art...
Google Pays Apple Billions To Remain The Default iOS Search Engine
-Ubergizmo - Mon Aug 14 14:05:53 EDT 2017
Investment research company Bernstein has said in a note to investors that Google is paying Apple billions of dollars every year just to remain the default search engine on iOS dev...
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