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Harvard geneticist hoping herd mentality hits Woolly research
-Boston Herald - Tue Jul 25 20:05:03 EDT 2017
Revolutionary Harvard geneticist George Church and his research team are spearheading an effort to tackle climate change by resurrecting the woolly mammoth — and the scientist says...
Medicine's Movable Feast: What Jumping Genes Can Teach Us about Treating Disease
-Scientific American - Wed Jul 26 05:06:03 EDT 2017
When the groundbreaking geneticist Barbara McClintock was born in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1902, her parents initially named her Eleanor. But they soon felt that the name was too ...
9 Amazing Things We've Achieved in 2017 With Help From CRISPR
-Science Alert - Thu Jul 20 23:09:56 EDT 2017
There's a good reason why the powerful CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool has earned the moniker of being 'revolutionary'. The relatively easy technique for cutting and pasting genes ha...
Minnesota Gene-Editing Company Calyxt Enters the Market With a Bang
-24/7 Wall St. - Thu Jul 20 11:06:16 EDT 2017
Calyxt, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLXT), which uses gene-editing technology to develop more healthful food, entered the market with a bang on Thursday in its initial public offering (IPO). The...
For more than half a century, scientists have dreamed of harnessing an odd quirk of nature— “selfish genes,” which bypass the normal 50/50 laws of inheritance and force their way i...
How will we keep controversial gene drive technology in check?
-Science Magazine - Wed Jul 19 17:10:17 EDT 2017
We don’t yet know whether the gene-spreading approach known as gene drive, intended to wipe out invasive pests or reduce the spread of insect-borne disease, will work in the wild. ...
Both developments underscore how just how fast gene drive has evolved from an esoteric concept to a lab-tested technology that, in theory, could allow humanity for the first time t...
Patient-Centered Vs. Lab-Centered 'Personalized Medicine'
-The Huffington Post - Tue Jul 25 02:08:19 EDT 2017
Personalized medicine was invented 2500 years ago when Hippocrates put the patient at the center of medical care- not the gods or the practitioner or the treatment. To the detrimen...
Why Bringing Back a Wooly Mammoth Is No Longer Science Fiction
-Gizmodo - Tue Jul 25 05:36:11 EDT 2017
Dr. George Church is a real-life Dr. Frankenstein. The inventor of CRISPR and one of the minds behind the Human Genome Project is no longer content just reading and editing DNA—now...