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T he $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize is being awarded this year to bioengineer Feng Zhang, a key developer of CRISPR genome-editing technology, the prize jury announced on Tuesday. Alt...
Google wants to ensnare readers in its iOS search app
-Engadget - Tue Sep 19 06:08:29 EDT 2017
If you want to dive deeply into a particular topic, consider using Google's app for iOS instead of your other browsers. The big G has made it much quicker to find and explore artic...
Scientists edit embryos' genes to study early human development
-Reuters - Wed Sep 20 11:10:32 EDT 2017
LONDON, Sept 20 (Reuters) - British scientists have used a genome editing tool known as CRISPR/Cas9 to knock out a gene in embryos just a few days old, testing the technique’s abil...
When a human egg is fertilized, it forms an embryo, which then divides and grows from one cell into a ball of more than 200 cells, called a blastocyst. At this point, the cells beg...
Researchers have used genome editing technology to reveal the role of a key gene in human embryos in the first few days of development. This is the first time that genome editing h...
Researchers are finding ever more powerful ways to use the genome editing tool CRISPR. In the latest, a UK group used the technology to remove a critical gene needed for human deve...
UK scientists edit DNA of human embryos
-BBC News - Wed Sep 20 11:10:56 EDT 2017
The blueprint for life - DNA - has been altered in human embryos for the first time in the UK. The team at the Francis Crick Institute are unravelling the mysteries of the earliest...
Why has a UK team genetically edited human embryos?
-New Scientist - Thu Sep 21 08:12:57 EDT 2017
By Michael Le Page Human embryos have been genetically edited in the UK for the first time, using a technique called CRISPR. But why do researchers think this is so important? The ...
Proponents of biohacking—a broad and sometimes disputed term for do-it-yourself biology—haven’t always been known for scientifically rigorous beliefs. Claiming to harness real...
Is Mazda the Savior of the Internal Combustion Engine?
-Automobile Magazine - Mon Sep 18 17:04:12 EDT 2017
With the recent increase in popularity of hybrid powertrains and electric cars, you would be forgiven for thinking that we are beginning to see the demise of the internal combustio...
A New Last Chance
-NYMAG - Sun Sep 17 17:11:02 EDT 2017
Monica Halem calls it the “fertility train.” Every woman who embarks on a cycle of in vitro fertilization is familiar with the ride: the multiple cycles of hormonal stimulation, th...