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Faraday Future, a cash-strapped carmaker hoping to build next-generation electric vehicles, avoided further complications today as the Los Angeles-area company says dramatic c...
Faraday Backer LeEco Slashes U.S. Jobs
-CARSCOOPS - Tue May 23 20:03:40 EDT 2017
Chinese company and financial backer of Faraday Future, LeEco, has slashed 70 per cent of its workforce in the United States. CNBC reports that the company’s current U.S. workforce...
LeEco Lays Off 70% Of Its Workforce In The United States
-Ubergizmo - Tue May 23 14:06:14 EDT 2017
LeEco had big ambitions for its business in the United States when it launched its products in the country with much pomp and circumstance. The reality has been different, though. ...
LeEco, the Chinese parent company of Faraday Future, is currently undergoing a massive restructuring, and now an executive reshuffle after earlier bold plans turned out to be well ...
LeEco To Lay Off 70 Percent Of Its US Employees, Refocus On China
-International Business Times - Tue May 23 11:33:19 EDT 2017
Chinese internet conglomerate LeEco plans to lay off 70 percent of its U.S. staff this week as the company backs away from plans to enter the U.S. market, CNET reported. ...
China's LeEco lays US ambitions to rest with massive layoffs
-Engadget - Tue May 23 14:09:43 EDT 2017
LeEco will continue to operate in the US but will focus on the narrower segment of Chinese-speaking households, a spokesperson told Cnet. This partial retreat isn't surprising, as ...
Faraday Future's Not-CEO Quasi-Resigns From Yet Another Job
-Jalopnik - Mon May 22 17:08:55 EDT 2017
If you’ve followed the story of Faraday Future, you know the electric autonomous vehicle start-up has dealt with an endless string of financial problems. FF’s main financier, the C...
Lucid Wants To Rival The German Three, Design Exec Says
-CARSCOOPS - Thu May 18 11:40:20 EDT 2017
Lucid’s first production vehicle, the all-electric Air, is still quite some time away from reaching the hands of customers but the electric startup isn’t hiding its ambitious aims....
Why LeEco has failed in the US
-SlashGear - Tue May 23 14:31:40 EDT 2017
Chinese company LeEco is set to layoff almost all of its US-based staff tomorrow, according to sources, as it restructures both its business and its focus to stave off total failur...