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Coral spawning spectacle on the Great Barrier Reef
-Reuters - Mon Nov 13 07:09:46 EST 2017
It's one of nature's wonders - the annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef Coral colonies and species simultaneously release trillions of egg and sperm cells for external f...
Coral Reef Bleaching: How Climate Change Threatens Marine Ecosystems
-International Business Times - Mon Nov 13 10:07:51 EST 2017
As global temperatures rise and our oceans heat up, we can expect more and more bleaching to occur at coral reefs around the world. But what are coral reefs and why are they import...
Fluorescence could help diagnose sick corals
-Science News - Fri Nov 17 04:10:04 EST 2017
Sickness makes some corals lose their glow. Disease reduces a coral’s overall fluorescence even before any sign of the infection is visible to the --- eye, a new study finds. An ...
World Heritage Sites Threatened By Climate Change Nearly Doubles Since 2014
-International Business Times - Mon Nov 13 04:09:19 EST 2017
Latest findings have revealed that climate change impacts one in four natural World Heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands. The number of natural W...
With more than 150 qualifying films, the competition in the Academy Awards’ documentary feature category is more crowded than ever. By December, voters will narrow the field to a 1...
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