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DOJ Sues JPMorgan For Racial Discrimination
-The Huffington Post - Wed Jan 18 05:10:24 EST 2017
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States on Wednesday sued JPMorgan Chase & Co, accusing the bank of discriminating against minority borrowers by charging them higher rates and f...
U.S. top court rejects banks over Libor antitrust lawsuits
-Futures - Tue Jan 17 22:08:10 EST 2017
The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed private antitrust lawsuits brought by investors including big U.S. cities accusing major banks of conspiring to manipulate the pivotal Lib...
JPMorgan settles mortgage discrimination lawsuit
-seattle pi - Wed Jan 18 07:07:10 EST 2017
FILE - In this Monday, Oct. 21, 2013, file photo, the JPMorgan Chase & Co. logo is displayed at their headquarters in New York. On Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2017, it was announced th...
U.S. accuses JPMorgan of mortgage... - Wed Jan 18 07:01:12 EST 2017
The U.S. government filed a lawsuit Wednesday accusing JPMorgan Chase of discriminating against "thousands" of black, Hispanic mortgage borrowers from 2006 through 2009. The bank c...
Jan 18 The U.S. Department of Labor on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase & Co claiming the bank engaged in pay discrimination against women. The department in a ...
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. will settle with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for $55 million over allegations that independent brokers doing business with the bank discriminated agains...
J.P. Morgan Chase's $55 Million Discrimination Settlement
-The Atlantic - Wed Jan 18 07:33:03 EST 2017
On Wednesday, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara filed a lawsuit against J.P. Morgan Chase alleging that the bank had engaged in discriminatory ...
Solon looks to deposit another bank at SOM Center-Aurora intersection - Wed Jan 18 22:01:40 EST 2017
Solon officials are working on obtaining "cross-access" agreements with Pizza Hut and Arby's to ease any traffic congestion caused by the relatively "low-impact" use of the northea...
'Bearded Bank Bandit' strikes again in Houston
-ABC-13 - Tue Jan 17 10:02:58 EST 2017
The FBI wants the public's help in identifying the "Bearded Bank Bandit" who has robbed at least two Chase bank locations in the last couple of weeks while wearing what tellers des...
JPMorgan sued for alleged mortgage discrimination
-Reuters - Wed Jan 18 11:09:02 EST 2017
The U.S. government is suing JPMorgan Chase for discriminating against minority borrowers. The lawsuit accuses the bank charged them higher rates and fees on home mortgage loans be...
Reports: Deutsche Bank agrees to $7.2 billion settlement
-WPLG Local 10 - Tue Jan 17 10:41:07 EST 2017
Germany’s Deutsche Bank has agreed to pay a $7.2 billion settlement over mortgage securities misconduct, CNBC and Reuters reported Tuesday. The settlement will provide $4.1 billion...
Cops: Teller throws GPS in bag with cash to nab bank robber
-Times Union - Fri Jan 20 04:38:54 EST 2017
PILLOW, Pa. (AP) — Police say a quick-thinking bank teller in Pennsylvania helped them catch a robber by tossing a GPS device into the money sack he took. Twenty-five-year-old Jaco...
Labor Department sues JPMorgan over --- discrimination
-Fox News - Wed Jan 18 13:25:00 EST 2017
The Department of Labor is suing JPMorgan Chase & Co. for discriminating against female workers. The federal agency said Wednesday that its review found that at least 93 female...
Citibank ATMs to replace Chase at local Walgreens
-Chicago Tribune - Tue Jan 17 07:09:18 EST 2017
Citibank ATMs will replace Chase cash dispensers at Walgreens stores in the Chicago area. Last year, Chase, which holds 22 percent of the deposits in the Chicago area, said it woul...
JP Morgan Chase pays $55m over racial discrimination
-BBC News - Wed Jan 18 10:41:07 EST 2017
The biggest bank in the US, JP Morgan Chase, has agreed to pay $55m (£44.6m) to settle claims against it that it racially discriminated against 53,000 mortgage borrowers. The accus...
A government investigation uncovered 34,000 cases where Wells Fargo charged Black and Hispanic borrowers higher fees and rates on mortgages compared to their white counterparts, fo...