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Amazon returns will soon be accepted at select Kohl’s stores
-Post Bulletin - Tue Sep 19 23:11:15 EDT 2017
MILWAUKEE — Kohl's Corp. is continuing its partnership with e-retailer Amazon by offering to process returns on Amazon products starting in October, Kohl's announced Tuesday. Custo...
Hilton loyalty members can use points to shop on Amazon
-Retail Dive - Wed Sep 20 05:52:22 EDT 2017
Amazon’s Prime membership is the most high-profile way the e-commerce giant corrals sticky customers, but payment-by-points appears to be emerging as a way to lead more sales its w...
Amazon's non-grocery physical retailing efforts are increasingly running through department store Kohl's. Kohl's said that it will offer free returns for Amazon customers starting ...
Amazon is responding after hundreds of customers got emails saying that an item on their baby registries had been purchased. The only problem is that those customers who received t...
Quantity Of 'Skills' Doesn't Mean Quality In Amazon Echo's Alexa Amazon Echo's Alexa has helped people do all sorts of tasks. Although Alexa now has more than 15,000 so-called "ski...
Nikol Szymul staffs a reception desk at Amazon offices in downtown Seattle. Online retail powerhouse Amazon is searching for a second headquarters location, which an official from ...
Kohl's Will Take Your Amazon Returns Starting Next Month
-Newser - Tue Sep 19 11:02:01 EDT 2017
(Newser) – Good news for Amazon shoppers who hate having to deal with returns: Kohl's is starting to accept certain Amazon returns in certain stores. Starting in October, select me...
Bizarre baby registry emails freak out Amazon shoppers
-Burlington Free Press - Wed Sep 20 14:00:05 EDT 2017
This is not the Amazon delivery email users typically have in mind. Several Amazon users received an unusual message claiming someone purchased a gift for them from their baby regi...
Amazon now lets Hilton Honors members shop with Points
-TechCrunch - Tue Sep 19 08:08:42 EDT 2017
Hilton and Amazon have teamed up on a new initiative that will allow member of Hilton’s Honors loyalty program to shop Amazon using their points. This is the first time a hotel bra...
Kohl's to accept Amazon returns at some stores
-CBS News - Tue Sep 19 08:43:53 EDT 2017
MENOMEE FALLS, Wis. – If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. That seems to be the strategy at Kohl's (KSS), which said Tuesday that it will start accepting returns for Amazon at some of ...
Welcome to Pocket-lint deals of the day where we scour the internet to find you the very best deals that are available in the UK today. We will be regularly updating this page, so ...
Kohl's will now pack and ship Amazon returns for you
-Engadget - Tue Sep 19 14:09:05 EDT 2017
A couple of weeks ago, Amazon and Kohl's announced a new partnership, which added spaces in Kohl's stores dedicated to selling hardware like the Echo and Dot smart speakers, called...
Millions of Amazon customers received an email they weren’t, er, expecting on Tuesday, September 19. “Hello Amazon Customer, Someone great recently purchased a gift from your baby ...
Kohl's Will Now Pack, Ship Amazon Returns for Free
-PC Magazine - Wed Sep 20 08:54:46 EDT 2017
Need to send something back to Amazon? If you live in Los Angeles or Chicago, returning that item will soon require only a trip to your local Kohl's store. The department store cha...
Amazon baby registry emails weren't spam - Tue Sep 19 17:02:08 EDT 2017
PORTLAND, Ore.— Amazon admits something clearly went wrong after the online retailer told some customers about purchases on their baby registry. The problem is many of those custom...
Amazon launched a new Fire HD 10 tablet that will run you $149.99 and come with an Alexa hands-free mode. Amazon's strategy of using devices to move content sales and commerce has ...
People are really freaked out by these Amazon baby registry emails
-Fast Company - Tue Sep 19 14:06:44 EDT 2017
Did you happen to get an email from what appears to be Amazon claiming someone bought something on your baby registry? Are you not pregnant and without said registry? You’re not al...
Tucson sends Bezos a 21-foot Saguaro
-12News - Tue Sep 19 14:25:42 EDT 2017
Amazon is returning a 21-foot saguaro to Arizona after a group sent the cactus as a gift to lure the online retail giant to southern Arizona. Sun Corridor, Inc., in Tucson hoped to...
Sometimes Amazon has good deals of the day… and sometimes Amazon has amazing deals of the day. Such is the case on Wednesday. Amazon has a killer one-day deal going on the Dyson Sm...
Amazon to bring another 1,000 jobs to Oregon
-seattle pi - Mon Sep 18 08:06:03 EDT 2017
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Amazon has announced plans for a third Oregon fulfillment center. The company said Monday that online orders will be filled, packed and shipped at the center ...
Twitch Prime brings ad-free streaming to Mexico
-Engadget - Wed Sep 20 02:09:28 EDT 2017
Amazon Prime debuted in Mexico earlier this year, and now the subscription service for the retailer's $970 million livestreaming platform is available as well. In case you forgot, ...
Master the art of making money on Amazon
-Mashable - Wed Sep 20 08:09:19 EDT 2017
It's no secret that the giant is basically gobbling up the entire retail industry like a tasty treat, but luckily, there are multiple ways you can join the dark side instead of fig...
How Amazon’s stock could rise to $3,000 — or fall to $400
-Market Watch - Mon Sep 18 11:08:09 EDT 2017
I am getting a lot of questions about Amazon’s stock. Some investors want to aggressively buy for the long term. Others want to unload and lock in gains. Let’s review the company, ...
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