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This is Polaroid’s impressive new consumer-friendly 3D printer

Thu Jan 07 07:09:21 EST 2016 | The Next Web
3D printers are everywhere at CES, but Polaroid’s foray into the market was particularly interesting. As such, I swung by to catch a demo of its very Polaroid-y looking ModelSmart 250s 3D printer. The printer is designed to be simpler for consumers to operate. As opposed to popular competitors like Makerbot, which feature hundreds of settings to fine-tune prints that must be adjust for every new item, Polaroid’s entry only has ten. Instead of forcing the consumer to make complex c..


3D printers are everywhere at CES, but Polaroid’s foray into the market was particularly interesting. As such, I swung by to catch a demo of its very Polaroid-y looking&n..
3D printing company MakerBot has announced a new version of its Smart Extruder — a vital printer component whose flaws have gotten the company in hot water over the past two years...
The extruder is a 3D printer’s most crucial component, but it’s also a part that wears out with use and needs to be replaced often. That’s why MakerBot just released the brand..
Entertainment no longer drives the consumer electronics business, based on Consumer Technology Association chief Gary Shapiro’s opening remarks at the annual CES confab. Drones, 3D..
[CES 2016] Last year Polaroid introduced the Polaroid Snap. Basically, this is a camera that also comes with an instant print function, which we suppose is in line with what Polaro..
Nostalgia is a powerful force. The faintest smell or sound of something familiar can instantly transport you backwards in time, no flux capacitor required. Internet publishers have..
"The advances we made with the MakerBot Smart Extruder+ are a big step forward and set a new benchmark in 3D printing," Jonathan Jaglom, CEO of MakerBot, said in a statement. "The ..
The Ultimaker 2 became a popular 3D printer after it was launched in 2013, thanks to a combination of high-resolution output, sharp looks and decent pricing. The fact that it outpu..
This year’s CES, like every show since the exhibition’s origins in the late ’60s, is all about the trends. Virtual reality, smartwatches, and autonomous drones continue t..
Ultimaker — widely considered one of the premier 3D printing companies — took to CES 2016 this week to unveil two new upgrades to its already-impressive Ultimaker 2 family of 3D pr..
MakerBot today announced the MakerBot Smart Extruder+, a swappable extruder for fifth-generation MakerBot 3D printers that, according to the company, is designed and tested for bet..
A desktop 3D printer that uses paper, ink and glue to create highly detailed objects has been unveiled at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. Mcor said it was the first time such techn..
LAS VEGAS — The Polaroid Snap only just came out and Polaroid's already got a new version of its fun sticker-printing camera in the works. Announced at CES, the Polaroid Snap+ feat..
Syfy has always been willing to experiment with tech that promotes its shows -- Hue lights, the Defiance game/show tie-in -- and now it's launched the Syfy Labs "think tank" to cra..
It's the beginning of the new year, which means that CES 2016 is underway. The world's innovators have gathered in Las Vegas once again for the premiere technology expo. At this ye..
But ocean plastics pose a threat to a wide variety of marine animals, and their risk is determined by the amount of debris an animal encounters, as well as the size and shape of th..
Various companies have launched cameras that can shoot 3D video, or 4K video, or video that covers 360 degrees or a sphere. HumanEyes’ Vuze aims to do all three. The Vuze includes ..
Polaroid have today taken the wraps off a new instant camera, a new generation Polaroid Snap camera, imaginatively called the Polaroid Snap+, which is due towards the end of the ye..
[CES 2016] Polaroid might be a name synonymous with cameras, but in recent years we’ve seen the company expand its portfolio to include other types of devices. Recently during CES ..
Melia Robinson There are few gadgets as satisfying as the Polaroid camera. You set up your shot, snap, and revel in the instant gratification as the photo prints immediately. Howev..
LAS VEGAS -- Organizers of CES boast that nearly 4,000 companies are exhibiting technology for 175,000 visitors. Of those 4,000 companies, about 1,000 work in the Internet of Thing..
For how excited everyone at CES is about the Internet of Things, most examples of it have tended to be pretty boring. They're dry suggestions of how you might start up music, play ..
Polaroid may not be a heavyweight in the smartphone scene, but the brand nonetheless decided to make a splash at CES 2016 with a pair of Android smartphones: the Snap and the Power..
People take pictures at the Polaroid booth at CES International Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, in Las Vegas. Polaroid is introducing a host of new products at their CES booth this week. ..
Polaroid has unveiled the next generation instant print camera at CES 2016 called the Snap+. Polaroid's Snap+ is an upgrade to the original Snap instant camera that brings several ..
3D Printing is a cool technology that’s hard not to get excited about. After all, how great would it be to be able to print your own nicnacs and toys? However, to date the technolo..
IDC predicts that by 2020 the 3D printer market in China will have experienced a compounded annual growth rate of 43 percent, resulting in a total shipment of 440,000 units. Accord..
The Institute for Digital Archaeology, a joint venture between Harvard University, the University of Oxford and the Museum of the Future in Dubai, will 3D-print replicas of the Arc..
A desktop 3D printer that uses paper, ink and glue to create highly detailed objects has been unveiled at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. Mcor said it was the first time such techn..
Although the term user experience is hardly new, its rise over the last few years is nothing short of precipitous. Don't believe me, though. A quick look at Google Trends..
Meet the WowWee Chip — short for Canine Home Intelligent Pet — a forthcoming robot dog that costs $199, with the actually very cute superpower of chasing a ball around. Here's..
CES was a massive show for cars, with most observers believing automotive tech dominated this year’s event. However, it seems at least one somewhat newsworthy announcement was held..
If there’s one recurring theme, among many here at CES 2016, it’d be Virtual Reality. Oculus Rift chose this week of all weeks to get the Rift up for pre-order, and Vale and HTC ar..
Like calling those two-wheeled, self-balancing monstrosities hoverboards, the term ‘wireless charging’ has been incorrectly used to describe many technologies that really aren’t. B..
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — To make a good portrait, the photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson once counseled, “you have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.”..