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iPad Pro innards pave the way for USB 3.0 transfer speeds

Fri Nov 13 08:01:03 EST 2015 | MacWorld
Apple’s iPad Pro doesn’t currently bring any major improvements in transfer speeds over previous iPads, but that could change with the arrival of new adapters. A teardown of the iPad Pro by iFixit revealed that Apple’s jumbo tablet includes a 4-port USB 3.0 Host Controller. In theory, this should allow for USB 3.0 transfer speeds through the iPad Pro’s Lightning port. Apple has told CNet that USB 3.0 speeds should be enabled through adapters, though it’s unclear when these might hit the market. ..


That's right -- the biggest iPad of 'em all has a USB 3.0-compatible Lightning port, Apple has confirmed to Ars Technica. iFixit found a controller for the new USB standard when it..
Apple’s iPad Pro doesn’t currently bring any major improvements in transfer speeds over previous iPads, but that could change with the arrival of new adapters. A teardown of the iP..
Apple loves using proprietary technology, like the Lightning port for example. For those unfamiliar with the specs of the port, it basically facilitates transfer speeds of around 2..
As we discovered just the other day, Apple's latest iPad, Pro, isn't too repairable, scoring just 3 out of 10 on iFixit's scale - 10 being the best. Somewhat humorously, that's sti..
Apple's iPad Pro has a USB 3.0 host controller inside, which will boost transfer speeds and possibly bring more accessory support. You'll need new adapters though. In a first for A..
OnePlus sells a line of fairly cheap USB Type-C accessories and adapters that seem to work fine with their devices and supposedly can be used on other USB Type-C compliant devices...
If you’re an artist or a professional that thinks that Apple iPad Pro will be good for your job, the tablet is currently available for order. However the tablet does not come cheap..
  By Mikey Campbell Thursday, November 12, 2015, 04:38 pm PT (07:38 pm ET) A day after iPad Pro launched on Wednesday, teardowns and reviews of the gigantic tablet reveal Appl..
If you are in the market to try and limit your dependency on the number of wall sockets you currently use, then one option worth checking out is the Inateck 40W 5-Port High Speed D..
There are multiple ways to keep your various devices charged and powered up. However, they all do need to be connected to something to receive that charge. While wall chargers typi..
A senior software engineer at Google is continuing his one-man campaign against potentially harmful USB Type-C cables. Not even two weeks after his unfavorable Amazon reviews of ce..
Apple's new iPad Pro has a hidden feature the company didn't widely publicize: a USB 3.0-compatible Lightning connector. An iFixit teardown earlier this week revealed the comp..
It’s no surprise that the people over at repair guide portal iFixit have already started their ritual teardown of Apple’s new iPad Pro. The new device features a larger 12.9-inch d..
A new crowdfunded project called “USB Killer” is promoting permanent PC damage as a feature, not a bug. In what might be the worst Indiegogo project we’ve ever seen, the makers of ..
The iPad Pro is just a really big iPad, at least from the outside. The intrepid folks at iFixit got their hands on the device, which went on sale on Wednesday, and immediately tore..
Show of hands, how many of you are reading this from an iPad Pro? Anyone? Well that's weird, we were under the impression (provided by Apple CEO Tim Cook) that the iPad Pro was goi..
Apple hopes to fan flailing iPad sales with iPad Pro, its 12.9-inch tablet for professional users. There’s no question this is its best tablet, equipped with a Retina display and p..
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Apple's highly anticipated "PC-Killer," the iPad Pro, will be available for ordering online starting Wednesday, Nov. 11, with the 12.9-inch tablet arriving in retail stores, its ca..
  By Mikey Campbell Thursday, November 12, 2015, 06:08 pm PT (09:08 pm ET) Apple is already showing stockouts of certain iPad Pro models less than two days after kicking off p..
Earlier this week, Apple CEO Tim Cook made a bold declaration that once you owned an iPad Pro, you’d never need a traditional PC ever again. The reviews are now in on the iPad Pro ..
As they usually do, the folks at iFixit have welcomed the launch of a new device by grabbing their tools and taking a peek inside. This time the device being examined is Apple's iP..
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Officials from the city of Portland and the Maine Ethics Commission have ruled that Old Port magazine didn't violate election rules by publishing a story tha..
Benson Leung, a Google engineer working on the company’s Pixel C laptop who recently took to Amazon to identify potentially dangerous USB Type-C cables, is back at it. He’s now war..
When OnePlus announced a for just £3.99, we were all impressed. But a Google engineer has warned customers against picking up the bargain accessory. According to Bensen Leung, a Go..
USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is an industry standard originally developed in the mid 1990s, designed to standardize the connectivity between computers and peripherals. T..
Apple took the wraps off its long-rumored super-sized tablet, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, back in September, but would only say its release would happen sometime in November. The compa..
Now that the iPad Pro is out, at least online, it's time for iFixit to do its magic. Hopefully this time they've got their legal stuff covered. Being the most unconventional Apple ..
The first-day U.S. sales of Apple’s iPad Pro were 62 percent lower than comparative sales during last year’s launch of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, according to research firm Sl..
  By Daniel Eran Dilger Thursday, November 12, 2015, 02:06 am PT (05:06 am ET) When Apple first unveiled iPad Pro, it noted that its custom designed A9X chip would be faster t..
Why on Earth would you need a 12.9-inch iPad? That was the question floating in my mind when Apple announced the iPad Pro in September. The tablet is big but not hefty: It's got a ..
Apple's iPadPro will be available for online orders on Nov. 11, the company announced Monday. The 12.9 inch tablet will be available at Apple's retail stores, select carriers and r..
  By Mikey Campbell Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 04:27 pm PT (07:27 pm ET) Repair firm iFixit performed its usual launch day Apple device teardown on the iPad Pro on Wednesda..
Chargers are a dime a dozen nowadays.  At this point most people have likely gone through a few smart phones and might even have the old ones laying around for backup purposes..
The Apple iPad Pro reviews are in, and they're pretty much all over the place. The general consensus seems to be that it's a fantastic iPad, but a terrible laptop replacement. It's..