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This is Why Your Airplane Wi-Fi is Not Worth the Money

Fri Nov 13 04:47:55 EST 2015 | The Cheat Sheet
You’ve paid good money for your airline ticket, and chances are you’ve paid extra for your bags, too. In the growing realm of a la carte airport pricing, there’s very little you don’t pay for anymore — including your Internet connection. Though many airports allow you to access free Wi-Fi in exchange for watching a commercial every 30-45 minutes, the symbol on your devices turns that awful, lonely light gray color once you find your seat in the cabin. That is, unless you’re willing to shell..


Gogo, the company that's become synonomous with in-flight Wi-Fi, is preparing to give flyers a huge speed boost. This week Gogo invited a crew of journalists out to its Chicago hea..
Wi-Fi on planes is about as reviled as cramped coach seats and checked-baggage policies. But in-flight Internet connections will soon be much more tolerable. Gogo, the company powe..
syndication.ap.orgLufthansa counters are almost empty as flight attendants of Lufthansa airline went on strike for the fifth day at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, Wednesday, No..
By DAVID McHUGH, AP Business Writer FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — An airline strike with hundreds of cancelled flights conjures up fears of long lines and chaos, but German carrier Luf..
Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images BERLIN (AP) — Germany's largest airline, Lufthansa, says it's had to cancel another 941 flights affecting 110,000 passengers on the final day of ..
Wearable technology is about to take off. UK airline EasyJet is sending new uniforms down the runway that are covered with LED lights and built-in sensors. Budget flyer EasyJet, fo..
PARIS -- An Air France flight from Amsterdam to Paris has been evacuated at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport after authorities received a threatening tweet.      De..
Thomson ReutersFlight crew members form a circle before taking off in Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp's Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) for a test flight at Nagoya Airfield in Toyoyama town..
FotoTravel/ShutterstockConsumers need to understand how these companies operate in order to use their credit cards conscientiously and avoid destructive behavioral spirals. As a lo..
One of the founders of Surf Air is suing the all-you-can-fly membership airline, saying the Santa Monica start-up and its venture capital lenders diluted his stake. In the suit, Da..
Comcast canceled six service calls around St. Sabina Church — including one to the church that hosted the funeral of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee — to keep its technicians safe during a ..
  If you've ever tried to use WiFi on an airplane, you've probably been disappointed, especially if you've tried to stream music or movies. The reason in-flight internet is so..
WASHINGTON — The federal government wants to block a deal that would increase United Airlines’ grip over Newark Liberty International Airport, saying that it would drive up fares. ..
Many aviation experts now believe investigators might at last be close to discovering the whereabouts of the missing Malaysian airliner that disappeared more than a year ago, the W..
The Air France flight from Amsterdam had to be grounded and search after threats on Twitter reached the Dutch authorities. (Photo : Twitter Photo Section) An Air France flight head..
Gogo's new 2Ku in-flight WiFi might not be as fast as your home internet connection, but it gets the job done -- and a lot faster than current in-flight connectivity. But how much ..
Pope Francis has a Twitter account, but that doesn't mean he thinks people should be tweeting or texting during dinnertime. The pope this week urged those who are glued to their de..
Pay-TV providers Comcast , Charter Communications , Dish Network, and others know that younger viewers aren't watching content the same way their parents did. There's plenty of tal..
Chicago-based United Airlines has struggled with flight delays in recent years, but the priorities of a new CEO and new efforts to improve on-time rates are getting early results a..
Colonel Sanders wants to come to your home: KFC said it will start delivering its buckets of fried chicken Thursday to customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco. It will be the fi..
Anyone who’s used inflight Wi-Fi knows how incredibly pokey the experience can be. Sending an email or doing some light surfing is fine, but anything that requires high bandwidth i..
© Reuters. An aerial view shows Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp's Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) taking off for a test flight at Nagoya Airfield in Toyoyama town By Tim Kelly TOKYO (Reuter..
SAN FRANCISCO — Three security screeners at San Francisco International Airport took payoffs to wave cocaine smugglers through airport security, federal authorities say in charges ..
(BERLIN) — A cabin crew strike at Lufthansa will expand on Wednesday to affect all of the German airline’s flights in an escalating dispute over benefits. A union representing the ..
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — A California police officer made a traffic stop, but wrote no ticket. There was no driver to give it to anyway. Mountain View police said in a statemen..
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — A California police officer made a traffic stop, but wrote no ticket. There was no driver to give it to anyway. Mountain View police said in a statemen..
In this May 13, 2015, file photo, Google's self-driving Lexus car drives along a street during a demonstration at the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif. (AP) MOUNTAIN VIEW..
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) — A California police officer made a traffic stop, but wrote no ticket. There was no driver to give it to anyway. Mountain View police said in a statemen..
An 82-year-old woman with dementia was only supposed to have a four-hour flight from Dallas to Houston to Greenville, South Carolina. But Dolores Runnels ended up flying up from Da..
FBI leadership has told offices across the country to boost surveillance of terrorism suspects in the wake of Friday’s deadly attacks across Paris, hoping to guard against any rela..
--- Dadey is head of the good government group Citizens Union. After eight years of going without, I do think Council members deserve a significant raise. But this proposal of $19.. Cubicles stuffed into a bland room with private offices around the perimeter — this is a typical setup at countless companies.  Joseph White, d..
You might never compare a construction site to an operating room. But as crews work to erect the massive new California Pacific Medical Center Hospital in San Francisco, you will f..
FILE - In this July 25, 2013 file photo, a United Airlines plane, top left, takes off from Newark Liberty International Airport, in Newark, N.J. The Justice Department sued Tuesday..
At least one protester reportedly stomped and attempted to burn an American flag in downtown Milwaukee outside of the GOP debate on Tuesday night. But the protester likely didn’t e..