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Wi-Fi Speaker Makers Aether, Beep Shut Down Quietly | Variety

Thu Nov 12 13:10:16 EST 2015 | Variety
There’s a saying among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: Making hardware is hard. As it turns out, making hardware that competes with products from much bigger companies is even harder. That’s a lesson that two San Francisco-based connected audio startups learned the hard way over the last couple of weeks. Aether Things, which debuted its Cone smart loudspeaker in early 2014, quietly laid off its remaining staff and closed operations in September, Variety has learned. And Beep Devices, which in..


Amazon surprised us all last year when it unveiled the Echo, a large cylindrical Bluetooth speaker that includes its Alexa digital assistant. In the year since its debut, the Echo ..
Last year Amazon unveiled a product which at first glance might not look too different than a conventional Bluetooth speaker, but the fact is that this product is capable of doing ..
There’s a saying among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: Making hardware is hard. As it turns out, making hardware that competes with products from much bigger companies is even harder..
It has been over a year since Amazon unveiled Echo, at first glance it might look like a normal Bluetooth speaker, but there’s actually a very capable personal assistant called Ale..
SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah state officials are challenging a decision made by a Utah judge to a take a baby away from lesbian foster parents and place her with a heterosexual couple fo..
For the first time in more than 20 years, Oprah's entire list of Favorite Things is available for sale on an exclusive Amazon custom home page, and this year's roundup includes an ..
You no longer have to buy online to give the Amazon Echo a shot. Amazon will soon sell the smart, voice-guided speaker in more than 3,000 retail stores, including Brookstone, Fry's..
Smart and connected homes still have a ways to go before we can literally control everything with our voices, but until that time there’s at least some of that capability available..
Three months after Amazon announced it would allow Staples to offer its high-tech, sort-of assistant speaker online, the company says it will allow retailers to sell the Echo&..
Alexa, save me some money on the Amazon Echo. Amazon’s smart home hub the Amazon Echo made a splash when it launched earlier this year, and it was almost impossible to buy at first..
HTC’s recently released One A9 is something of an interesting device. Called a “hero product” by HTC, it has been designed to appeal to people who light the iPhone’s slim, light an..
Repair firm iFixit's teardown of the iPad Pro has revealed that the internal layout of Apple's new tablet is similar to that of the iPad Air 2, but the most significant difference ..
BUFFALO, N.Y. - The cumulative number of successful phishing cyberattacks has risen sharply over the last decade, and in 2014 that figure surged past the total U.S. population. To ..
The BlackBerry Priv might look like the company’s Hail Mary — swapping BB10 for Android with a physical keyboard — but its chief executive, John Chen, revealed more devices are in ..
Tag Heuer has finally announced its much-anticipated smartwatch, the unimaginatively named Tag Heuer Connected Watch. It's a pretty big deal, because it's the first time an establi..
Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Amazon Echo speaker will soon be available on thousands of retail shelves across the country. Visit 12 sellers—including BJ's Whol..
Augmented reality and virtual reality headsets are on the cutting edge of technology these days, with companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook all vying to get to market with ..
Amazon is making it easier for you to buy its virtual assistant and media tower, the Amazon Echo. The company says that soon Home Depot, Staples, Sears, BJ’s, P.C. Richard &am..
Over the course of my career as a technology journalist, I've found that Silicon Valley is home to a unique political and moral ideology: a pro-business liberalism that often gets ..
The 3D animated comedy has already surpassed the original’s lifetime box office, which totaled $358 million in 2012. “Hotel Transylvania 2” took in $48 million in its opening ..
Firefighters in Simi Valley were planning to work overnight Wednesday to battle a fast-moving wildfire that had swiftly spread to 40 acres. The Banister fire ignited about 5:3..
Firefighters in Ventura County were expected to have a wildfire in Simi Valley fully contained by Thursday morning, officials said. The Banister fire ignited about 5:30 p.m. Wednes..
Beats Music is finally closing down: The Apple-owned music subscription service will cease operations on Nov. 30. Users were informed of the deadline with a post on the Beats ..
Facebook appears to be quietly rolling out a new search feature: the ability to search within individual profiles. Although no official announcement has been made, Facebook users a..
Even though it started out as a video streaming site, since its earliest days YouTube quickly became one of the top places to find music on the Internet. Now Google has embraced th..
What is Amazon Web Services, the cloud services business that’s eating the world, really worth? Another industry analyst is weighing in on that question today, and it’s helping Ama..
A Los Angeles investment company is seeking the Long Beach City Council's approval of a deal to take over operations for the Queen Mary and surrounding land. The Long Beach Press-T..
LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — A Los Angeles investment company is seeking the Long Beach City Council's approval of a deal to take over operations for the Queen Mary and surrounding la..
Officially, Apple Music won’t get Siri voice controls on the new Apple TV until early next year. But developers can now get a head start with the latest tvOS beta. As reported by i..
“Somm,” Jason Wise’s documentary about four men studying to become master sommeliers, appeared to be a perfect fit for the Napa Valley Film Festival where it premiered in 2012. Var..
The growing ambitions and scope of the Napa Valley Film Festival, now in its fifth year, are evidenced by several high-profile events, including an opening night world premiere of ..
Amazon Studios head Roy Price said that a reorganization announced this week was driven by the need to “coordinate globally,” as he expanded his area of oversight beyond original c..
LinkedIn users who feel like they get too many emails from the site may catch a break soon. A new email and notifications platform called Air Traffic Controller (ATC) is designed t..
LinkedIn is one of those social media sites that many of us don’t spend much time on, but we all use. And their Android app hadn’t been all that great. Prior to the version 4.0 upd..
Plus members! Our very own Dear Prudence advice columnist, Emily Yoffe, is leaving Slate. To celebrate her nine years as Prudie, we're republishing a selection of Dear Prudence pie..