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2 New Routers That Will Improve Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Thu Nov 12 10:01:02 EST 2015 | The Cheat Sheet
Getting a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire apartment or house has always been difficult. We’ve got some Wi-Fi tips for you, but they aren’t flawless. If you put the router in the living room, then Netflix may stutter in the bedroom. If you put the router in the bedroom, then you may have trouble searching for a recipe when you’re in the kitchen. And all bets are off if you’d like to browse the Internet or stream some music when you’r sitting on the back patio or t..


Getting a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire apartment or house has always been difficult. We’ve got some Wi-Fi tips for you, but they aren’t flawless..
Even conscientious consumers don’t think much about their home routers until they stop working – at the best, they are quietly blinking bricks that you put out of the way next to y..
Watch the CMO Roundtable for free on-demand right here. The tools they use may be leading-edge but when it comes to engaging mobile app users, --- and GameStop adhere to a..
Speed sells. Every router review is focused on speed. When they discuss signal strength, its only because it increases the speed. There may be a brief mention of other features, bu..
Anyone who’s used inflight Wi-Fi knows how incredibly pokey the experience can be. Sending an email or doing some light surfing is fine, but anything that requires high bandwidth i..
This post is co-authored by Paul Nestadt, M.D. The major problem of violence among people with serious mental illness is not that they kill other people but that they kill themselv..
Readers of my blog will certainly be aware of the importance I place on the collection and handling of system logs. These logs contain critical data related to what is happening to..
The collection of available Internet of Things products is growing, and with each new connected device it seems we also get a new automation tool. In our smart homes of the not-so-..
Is your business operating at maximum efficiency and productivity? Are you fostering loyal customers and earning the respect of new ones? Are you continually improving your process..
Rumors are floating these days that HTC has yet another “One” smartphone up its sleeve, at first it was believed that the HTC One X9 is going to be yet another high-end smartphones..
Young women are living with their parents or relatives at a rate not seen since 1940 as more Millennial women put off marriage, attend college and face high living expenses. A Pew ..
A security bug on Mac computers is forcing some Apple users to delete and reinstall software they've downloaded from the App Store. First spotted by developer Paul Haddad, the..
Every other week, news of a new app rocketing up the popularity charts raises the bar on user experience. Those users are experiencing better and better ways of doing the same thin..
Apple Music has taken its next big step in becoming a head-to-head Spotify competitor, now officially available to millions of Android users via an app on the Google Play store. Th..
GWEN IFILL: But, first, how a simple experiment in India has turned into a radical idea, whether students should teach themselves by giving them a computer and stepping back. Econo..
World Architecture Festival The Interlace apartment complex in Singapore doesn't need to be a skyscraper; it's too busy pioneering a future of horizontal living. At this ..
After months of increased expectation, Microsoft has started to roll out its new Xbox One experience to consoles worldwide, which brings a newly designed user interface, new featur..
YouTube has taken the wraps off its latest genre-specific app — YouTube Music — aimed at boosting consumption of free music content on the service, as well as driving users to..
Streaming services are gaining more and more popularity with Internet users, with Netflix being a top choice in many countries. However, not all subscribers are familiar with all t..
Before getting into the details of "1 Team, 1 Vision, $50,000,000" -- the new partnership between my organization, the American Heart Association, and Google Life Sciences that aim..
ABC is developing a new scripted comedy series with up-and-coming stand-up comic Iliza Shlesinger, perhaps best known for winning the sixth season of NBC's "Last Comic Standing." B..
Companies that use a standard edition of Oracle's database software should be aware that a rapidly approaching deadline could mean increased licensing costs. Oracle will stop selli..
After contractors complete the biggest repair and refurbishment project in the history of the state Capitol, the man in charge of the work does not want it compromised through the ..
More than 20 entities, including the House, the Senate and the executive branch, have some say over changes to work spaces in Oklahoma's signature building. The result has been a h..
_____________________________________ By Cortney Harding Over a year after the launch of YouTube Music Key, which never made it out of beta, YouTube today announced the releas..
The Democratic National Committee (DNC) found an unusual way to take a jab at the Republican National Committee (RNC) before Saturday’s Democratic debate: It’s Wi-Fi network. ..
As the holidays draw near, I feel like I have two sticks of butter softening on my counter at all times, and I'm always on the verge of heating my oven to 350 F to bake cookies. Bu..
Sure, Eminem is one of the biggest rappers in the world. But long before that, he was just an aspiring rapper and passionate hip-hop head (he’s still one of those two things). And ..
We recently told you about the “Homeopathic Constipation Relief” on sale at CVS and how it’s really nothing more than a 40-proof shot of booze and water that anyone can purchase wi..
The Republican National Committee has reportedly found a quick and easy way to get members of the media to turn against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: Cut off t..
Apple, known for keeping its products simple and elegant, may be getting away from the simple part, at least when it comes to developers. It wasn't so long ago that Apple co-founde..
  Millions of people will apply for and get approved for a home mortgage in the U.S. this year. About twice that number will see their homeownership dreams dashed because they..
Playstation Vue, Sony’s bid for live Internet TV, continues to expand outside of the Playstation family, announcing today that the service will be available on Amazon’s Fire TV str..
Cricket Wireless has much to offer customers. The business is wholly owned by AT&T and as such, offers customers access to the national 4G LTE AT&T network, which provides ..
  By Mikey Campbell Friday, November 13, 2015, 06:24 pm PT (09:24 pm ET) Apple was hit with another class action lawsuit over iOS 9's new Wi-Fi Assist feature on Friday, with ..