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Binghamton University professor develops framework for teaching networks

Thu Nov 12 07:13:54 EST 2015 | Eureka Alert
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - A framework co-developed by a Binghamton University researcher could help future scientists improve their understanding of all types of networks, from social media channels to beehives. Hiroki Sayama, director of the Center for Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems and associate professor of systems science and industrial engineering at Binghamton University, co-led a team of over 30 network science researchers, educators, teachers and students to set up a framework that any ..


BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - A framework co-developed by a Binghamton University researcher could help future scientists improve their understanding of all types of networks, from social med..
For new teachers, knowing their subject area is only a fraction of the battle. Within the first few years of entering the educational profession, they're faced with a wide range of..
When footage surfaced of a Columbia, SC high school student being flipped in her desk and then dragged across the floor by a school resource officer, there was collective outrage f..
The University of Missouri system's board of curators named Michael Middleton the new interim system president Thursday after his predecessor resigned over his alleged mishand..
School days — they definitely aren’t what they used to be. Nor are the structures where South Bend children have spent their school days, from the present to much earlier times. In..
Behind a locked door in a far-flung wing of a labyrinthine school building, there is something wildly unexpected: a bustling animal laboratory for hundreds of creatures from many c..
Former Canyon Middle School band director David Gunn was arrested Wednesday on a charge of --- assault of a child, according to the New Braunfels Police Department. Former Canyo..
Ants build complex, resource efficient networks with no central planning—that's definitely something humans can learn a thing or two about. Go to a park and look down at the ground..
"We don't have to crawl behind the stage to get to the other side anymore," laughed Krigas, who played the part of Jo March. "There's an actual hallway we can walk through now." In..
The University of Bristol has published new research that show humans were actively farming and making use of beehive products at least 8,500 years ago. Going as far back as the St..
WESTLAKE, Ohio — Students at Lee Burneson Middle School are trying to get their principal canned — out of his office, that is. The Builder's Club is collecting canned goods to..
San Diego — A nonprofit that usually recognitions individual careers in education recently broke with tradition by inducting an entire family of a San Diego State University adjunc..
Mark Daoust is the founder and CEO of Quiet Light Brokerage. He helps entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and boot-strappers prepare their websites, identify potential buyers and nego..
More than 100 parents arrived at Rosemont Middle School on Tuesday evening, but they weren’t there for a run-of-the mill parent meeting. They were there to do math. The evening was..
There has been a lot of buzz about the recent report conducted by recent Nobel Prize-winning economist Angus Deaton and his co-author and wife, Anne Case. The study, published in l..
Solutions for improving students' academic achievement don't have to be complicated.When the Legislature returns for its short session in January, it will have work ahead of it to ..
In the fall of 1947, Indiana University President Herman B. Wells left the cozy confines of Bloomington, Indiana, for Berlin, a city devastated by the destruction of World War II. ..
The subject, naturally, is Genghis Khan and the moral depravity that is often a characteristic of transformative world leaders. The voice begins. "Would you be willing, under certa..
While the majority of students in Alabama spend eight hours at school each day, a new academy in Montgomery has initiated a 10-hour day in hopes of keeping students focused on lear..
The American Educational Research Association became the latest organization to caution against using value-added models — complex algorithms that attempt to measure a teacher’s im..
AS&E shares are down for the year. But at today's price, I wouldn't count them "out."ASEI data by YCharts. Investing money in shares of X-ray security specialist American Scien..
Harvard submitted updated plans for a new science and engineering building to the Boston Redevelopment Authority this week. The 496,850-square-foot complex, dubbed the John A. Paul..
The University of Missouri assistant professor roundly criticized for trying to block a journalist from filming an encampment during protests on campus Monday has apologized, NBC N..
If you've got a Trader Joe's in your neighborhood, chances are it's your go-to supermarket. It's cheap, convenient, and the snacks are unbeatable. It sounds crazy, but I often stan..
School district discovery nights begin next week Families can begin shopping in earnest for special programs in the Pinellas County school system with discovery nights beginning ne..
But the most educated Keeping up with the Kardashians star is not prioritizing education for her own kids just yet: has learned exclusively that chosen to keep her ..
How do women measure success? Is it by mothering and having a career? How do they carry out both forms of work to their satisfaction? What helps? What hurts? This is a weekly serie..
Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews made a surprise visit to a Wheaton middle school on Tuesday, where he instilled some life advice on the preteen adolescents. One student..
GAINESVILLE, Fla. - A recent analysis conducted by a University of Florida educational leadership scholar indicates the lack of concrete policy on the use of social media by teache..
The Great Pyramid in Giza had researchers seeing spots recently.  Heat spots, that is. While on the hunt for hidden chambers within the pyramid, a group of architects and scie..
PLYMOUTH, N.H. (AP) — Plymouth State University is officially opening a new building it hopes will transform the campus. The $32 million academic and athletics center is called "AL..
The director of the Palm Beach County School District's troubled transportation department is resigning a week before the expected release of an investigation into repeated late bu..
DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — More than 60 students and activists have marched through the Wright State University campus in southwest Ohio, squeezing into administrative offices and demandi..
Chaos swept over college campuses around the nation Thursday, as the ousters of the embattled University of Missouri system’s president and chancellor earlier this week were follow..
Video of a tense exchange between reporters and protesters on Monday at the University Missouri has caught widespread attention after a communications professor called for "muscle"..