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Facebook Has Its Hooks in 84% of Internet Users (Infographic)

Thu Nov 12 04:08:29 EST 2015 | AdWeek
How dominant is Facebook among Internet users? This dominant: 84 percent of online adults aged 16 through 64 have accounts on some combination of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. And according to GlobalWebIndex, that figure rises to 90 percent in the 16-through-24 age group. GWI said in an email to SocialTimes: What’s also striking here is just how dominant Facebook has become in certain markets. As well as scoring 80 percent-plus in 28 of the countries tracked in our chart, Fac..


How dominant is Facebook among Internet users? This dominant: 84 percent of online adults aged 16 through 64 have accounts on some combination of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and..
Not only does GlobalWebIndex have the answers, but GWI also noted the significantly higher figures when users aged 16 through 24 are broken out. GWI said in an email to S..
The latest news on the European economic figures released Friday. All times local: 1:05 p.m. Stock markets are sliding in Europe after official figures showed a slowdown across man..
In less than 48 hours, if Facebook fails to comply with the orders of a Belgian court, it will be fined as much as $269,000 every day until it does. This is the verdict that the co..
Facebook Messenger can do a lot more things than simply allow friends to message each other, and soon, it will be able to remind users to share their photos with their fr..
Can Facebook live without tracking its users throughout the Internet, even when they’re not logged into the biggest social network in the world? While the answer to that ..
Facebook is deploying a new way to help users send photos to their friends through its Messenger app. A feature called Photo Magic scans the user’s most recent photographs and..
With Facebook essentially removing the ability to chat with your friends directly within the Facebook app and requiring you to download a separate app, the company has at the very ..
Facebook Facebook Messenger can now scan your phone's photo library and detect the faces of your friends — as long as you live in Australia. On Monday the social network announced ..
Triad Group Plc : * H1 revenue rose 20.7 percent to 12.74 million stg * Half year results for six months ended 30 September 2015 * Profit after tax up 70.6 pct to 0.22 mln stg (201..
Facebook board member and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen has sold nearly half of the stake he held in the giant social network. According to filings with the SEC, Andreess..
Watching people write a script for their own life on Facebook, often adjusting reality to fit one’s aspirations rather than their reality, can actually be a depressing experience. ..
Facebook In a bit of "Photo Magic," Facebook is testing a new feature to make it easier to share your photos with friends — before you even upload them to the social network.&..
If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Snapchat should feel very flattered by a feature Facebook is testing in France for its Messenger application. BuzzFeed&nbs..
Law enforcement and government officials are increasingly interested in what you're doing on Facebook. Well, if you're involved in potentially criminal activity, that is. Facebook ..
Facebook released its Global Government Requests Report Wednesday, in which it reported that it provides at least some user data in response to almost 80 percent of U.S. law e..
Facebook Messenger is testing out self-destructing messages. Currently available for some users in France, the feature allows people to send messages that vanish in an ho..
As Facebook Messenger has zoomed to 700 million monthly users, it has become a popular way for people to share photos with your friends. Messenger users collectively send one anoth..
Facebook revolutionized the way people communicate with each other online, and now it’s going to take that same type of mentality and apply it to new and fresh ideas to make its me..
The social network has lost a court battle with Belgium’s privacy watchdog and has been ordered to end the practice of storing personal data from non-users. If Facebook Inc. fails ..
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Facebook Messenger may be stepping on Snapchat’s toes. In France, some users are seeing the option to have their messages self-destruct after a period of time. Facebook tells Buzzf..
BRUSSELS (AP) — The latest news on the European economic figures released Friday. All times local: 1:05 p.m. Stock markets are sliding in Europe after official figures showed a slo..
Agent Carter star and queen of our hearts Hayley Atwell has deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts, wishing to keep her private life, well, private. “Thanks for following! Leav..
Facebook on Wednesday released its biannual Global Government Requests Report for the first half of 2015, detailing the number of times governments have asked the company for infor..
(CNN) - By now it's kind of hard to believe, even sort of embarrassing. About 57% of the world population is offline --- mostly because of unavailable Internet in poor or rural cou..
Facebook has added a new feature to its standalone Messenger app, which nudges users to share photos with their friends. The new Photo Magic feature scans a device’s camera roll fo..
A new feature in Facebook Messenger is now rolling out that scans photos added to your camera roll in search of your Facebook friends, and suggests that you send them to the people..
Facebook is deploying a new way to help you share your photos with friends through its Messenger app. Called Photo Magic, the feature will scan through your most recent photos, use..
Facebook Inc. is adding photo-recognition technology to its Messenger app, to make it easier for users to send photos to their friends. The new feature, called “Photo Magic,” ..
+ READ ARTICLE Facebook is helping users show their support for the people of Paris in the wake of Friday’s terror attacks by allowing them to apply the colors of France’s national..
If you thought Facebook was already in hot water for its web tracking, you haven't seen anything yet. A Belgian court has given Facebook 48 hours to stop violating the country's pr..
BRUSSELS, Nov. 11 (UPI) -- California-based social media giant Facebook is facing fines of $269,000 a day for its refusal to cease storing data on non-Facebook account holders. A B..
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - Facebook users who were in Paris during the Friday night terror attacks were able to notify friends and family that they were safe through the site's "Safety ..
A judge in Belgium has ordered Facebook to stop tracking Internet users, specifically those who don’t have an account, based on apparent lack of consent. The court warned that..