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Keep your home connected for less with these $50 Wi-Fi routers

Wed Nov 11 13:16:01 EST 2015 | Digital Trends
Even conscientious consumers don’t think much about their home routers until they stop working – at the best, they are quietly blinking bricks that you put out of the way next to your modem. But sometimes, special occasions arise. Perhaps you need a particular router for a new apartment, dorm or job. Maybe your old router goes kaput and it’s time to get a replacement. Who has the patience to budget for something like that? Fortunately, with this list of the absolute best under-$50 routers, you d..


Even conscientious consumers don’t think much about their home routers until they stop working – at the best, they are quietly blinking bricks that you put out of the way next to y..
So many of Apple’s products either rely on or benefit from wireless Bluetooth connectivity these days that viewing Bluetooth’s roadmap is almost like viewing features for futu..
Getting a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire apartment or house has always been difficult. We’ve got some Wi-Fi tips for you, but they aren’t flawless..
The collection of available Internet of Things products is growing, and with each new connected device it seems we also get a new automation tool. In our smart homes of the not-so-..
Americans are deeply concerned over the issue of personal privacy and big business. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 93 percent of Americans declare that privacy i..
If you're running around Silicon Valley pitching your stealth startup and you need to keep data away from prying eyes, have a look at these five USB drives that use physical and el..
Wi-Fi on planes is about as reviled as cramped coach seats and checked-baggage policies. But in-flight Internet connections will soon be much more tolerable. Gogo, the company powe..
Cables are the most annoying part of wearing headphones. They bounce around when you run, they get tangled on clothes and yank your cord out, and they’re always the ..
BRATTLEBORO, Vt. (AP) — Firefighters in Brattleboro, Vermont, have been battling a 4-alarm fire that has forced up to 45 people from their homes. The fire broke out around 6 Saturd..
Google’s OnHub smart router is receiving its first update. The expensive smart router has some fairly impressive features such as device favoritism, smart channel switching, a comp..
Master & Dynamic has launched its new MW60 headphones. Unlike competing wireless headphones, Master & Dynamic says its latest model offers four times the standard range via..
The Internet of Things is, by and large, not very secure. While there haven't been too many recorded attacks on smart-home gadgetry yet, the known vulnerabilities keep stacking up,..
Comcast is unleashing its PR machine to try to manage the controversy around its home broadband data caps. After recently expanding its "trial" 300GB monthly data cap in several ci..
Our use of the Internet has increased considerably in the past years, partly thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices. But the bandwidth consume and the price we pay for them aren'..
Feature Request is a new regular 9to5Mac series where authors offer their opinions on how to improve popular hardware or software products. Apple’s AirPort wireless routers&nb..
Anyone who’s used inflight Wi-Fi knows how incredibly pokey the experience can be. Sending an email or doing some light surfing is fine, but anything that requires high bandwidth i..
Alright! This is getting a little old. Related: Gwen's Divorce Helped Her Write Love Songs! And on Tuesday, the No Doubt singer opened up on the Frankie and Geena Morning Show, say..
As with every other facet of the war between AMD and Nvidia, both companies have their own competing virtual reality software packages that they hope different developers take adva..
Ever since the World Wide Web began to be commercialized in 1995, the center of gravity in the marketing universe seems to have shifted toward the Internet and, more recently, soci..
The BlackBerry Priv might look like the company’s Hail Mary — swapping BB10 for Android with a physical keyboard — but its chief executive, John Chen, revealed more devices are in ..
EXCLUSIVE: The private firm Fleet-Fairhaven has just financed a $50M P&A fund geared towards U.S. releases for Double Dutch International (DDI) releases, accessible exclusively..
What is the most important factor that determines how much you'll pay for your next home? Many people think good negotiating skills will get them the best deal, while others think ..
The Federal Communications Commission plans to fine Hilton Worldwide Holdings $25,000 for obstructing its investigation into whether the hotel operator blocked Wi-Fi hotspots being..
Smart home technology is predicted to make a bigger impact on everyday lives than wearables, said an international poll. GfK research polled over 7,000 people aged 16 and older in ..
Want to keep your printer safe, improve your Wi-Fi and shop safely online? Then read this column. Does a printer have memory? Q. I'm getting rid of my old all-in-one printer and bu..
South Carolina is one of several coaching jobs that will be filled when the 2015 college football season ends. Steve Spurrier resigned midseason, leaving a SEC East job open for th..
NEW YORK (AP) — Stock indexes are edging slightly higher in early trading, but retailers were held back as Macy's turned in disappointing results. Several global beer makers were h..
We might call phones, laptops, and tablets “mobile” devices, but true mobility is more elusive than it seems. Sure, we’re no longer tethered to our landline phones and desktop PCs,..
The Alphabet-backed Thread Group is now certifying products that use its networking protocol for connected devices, marking a big step toward a home Internet of Things that can com..
Pope Francis has a Twitter account, but that doesn't mean he thinks people should be tweeting or texting during dinnertime. The pope this week urged those who are glued to their de..
If you're like me, you employ multiple Bluetooth devices on a daily basis. From headphones to speakers and household gadgets, the wireless connectivity drives many of our tech habi..
Back in 2011, during a TED Talk in Scotland, professor Harald Haas introduced a revolutionary idea to the world: what if a wireless Internet system could run on nothing but an LED ..
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, notably Saudi Arabia, are sustaining efforts to gain energy market share at any expense by trying to expel major producers such a..
Why does Stephen Curry wrap the ball around his waist while he’s driving toward the basket before feeding a perfect bounce pass to a teammate for a slam dunk? As one sports writer ..
Trainwreck star Amy Schumer has listed her Upper West Side co-op for just north of $2 million. Located in a 20-foot-wide brownstone that dates back to 1890, Schumer's penthouse uni..