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NU scientists say Wi-FM could be secret to faster wireless speeds

Wed Nov 11 01:42:26 EST 2015 | Chicago Tribune
Computer scientists at Northwestern University think the solution to sluggish wireless networks could lie in FM radio. It's called Wi-FM. The new protocol could use the FM chips found in most smartphones to prevent users from slowing each others’ connection to their networks, said associate professor Aleksandar Kuzmanovic and others in a paper published Tuesday. Picture this: You live in an urban high-rise with a protected Wi-Fi network. So does your neighbor. When you’re both surfing the Intern..


Computer scientists at Northwestern University think the solution to sluggish wireless networks could lie in FM radio. It's called Wi-FM. The new protocol could use the FM chips fo..
If you live in an apartment building or another densely populated area and your Wi-Fi is slow, your neighbors binging on Netflix may be to blame. Your and your neighbors' Wi-Fi net..
If you live in an apartment building or another densely populated area and your Wi-Fi is slow, your neighbors bingeing on Netflix may be to blame. Your and your neighbors' Wi-Fi ne..
Getting a consistent and reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout your entire apartment or house has always been difficult. We’ve got some Wi-Fi tips for you, but they aren’t flawless..
One minute your wireless Internet is working fine. The next minute, it takes an infuriatingly slow five seconds to load a single Web page. You paid for the fastest Internet speed a..
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - A framework co-developed by a Binghamton University researcher could help future scientists improve their understanding of all types of networks, from social med..
  By Mikey Campbell Friday, November 13, 2015, 06:24 pm PT (09:24 pm ET) Apple was hit with another class action lawsuit over iOS 9's new Wi-Fi Assist feature on Friday, with ..
On a trip to Copenhagen a few years ago, I asked the taxi driver to take me to a certain Hotel Christian IV. He misunderstood me, thought I said Christianborg, and dropped me off i..
It's a sad Kpop Monday for "Sunny FM Date" listeners. "Sunny is leaving 'FM Date,'" MBC said. "Her last show will be on the 15th. We have yet to decide on who will be following her..
There’s a saying among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: Making hardware is hard. As it turns out, making hardware that competes with products from much bigger companies is even harder..
You’re never “conveniently lost.” Or at least, I’m never conveniently lost. Anytime I find myself completely unsure of my whereabouts, I also find that I’m without a map,..
Pacific Lutheran University announced Thursday that it will sell its broadcasting licenses to the University of Washington, in a plan that will turn the current KPLU at 88.5 FM int..
Verizon says the Huntsville school system violated terms for a low-cost Wi-Fi service meant for students and educators, and the company is now limiting its services to its original..
Anyone who’s used inflight Wi-Fi knows how incredibly pokey the experience can be. Sending an email or doing some light surfing is fine, but anything that requires high bandwidth i..
How dominant is Facebook among Internet users? This dominant: 84 percent of online adults aged 16 through 64 have accounts on some combination of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and..
Apple loves using proprietary technology, like the Lightning port for example. For those unfamiliar with the specs of the port, it basically facilitates transfer speeds of around 2..
As the holiday travel season rapidly approaches—and travelers face the possibility of spending hours trapped at the airport—the University of Louisville’s swim and dive team has a ..
The University of Missouri system's board of curators named Michael Middleton the new interim system president Thursday after his predecessor resigned over his alleged mishand..
If you're a T-Mobile user, you're about to save a whole lot on data. The carrier announced a new plan called Binge On that will let customers with video streaming accounts watch mo..
NEW YORK (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc will let customers stream video services such as Netflix Inc (O:NFLX), Dish Network Corp's Sling TV, Hulu and HBO Now on their mobile devices w..
(Newser) – Scientists are exploring what could be an intriguing link between a dark sense of humor and a rare form of dementia. Researchers at University College London explain tha..
Want to keep your printer safe, improve your Wi-Fi and shop safely online? Then read this column. Does a printer have memory? Q. I'm getting rid of my old all-in-one printer and bu..
Less than a year after it made an arrangement with the Huntsville City, AL school district to provide affordable Internet access to local residents, Verizon has decided to renege o..
Today would be the 101st birthday of actress Hedy Lamarr, whose place in film history was secured in 1933, in the Czech romantic drama Ecstasy. But everyone today is also reminded ..
Even conscientious consumers don’t think much about their home routers until they stop working – at the best, they are quietly blinking bricks that you put out of the way next to y..
The Federal Communications Commission plans to fine Hilton Worldwide Holdings $25,000 for obstructing its investigation into whether the hotel operator blocked Wi-Fi hotspots being..
Wi-Fi on planes is about as reviled as cramped coach seats and checked-baggage policies. But in-flight Internet connections will soon be much more tolerable. Gogo, the company powe..
A card on a desk at the GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, Wis., Tuesday, noting the password to access Internet in the media filing center — "StopHillary." Don Gonyea/NPR hide ..
Bronx straphangers can now surf the Web underground. Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials on Thursday announced that the Bronx has its first batch of 21 subway stations ..
You’ve paid good money for your airline ticket, and chances are you’ve paid extra for your bags, too. In the growing realm of a la carte airport pricing, there’s very little you do..
In a historic moment for the legal profession in Texas, practicing lawyers will join Monday with new attorneys who passed the July bar exam to recite a new lawyer’s oath that inclu..
A star system that has been a source of speculation about extraterrestrial intelligence has offered only radio silence. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI..
Apple’s iPad Pro doesn’t currently bring any major improvements in transfer speeds over previous iPads, but that could change with the arrival of new adapters. A teardown of the iP..
After a two-month slowdown, job creation in the US has made a stunning resurgence. Nonfarm payrolls rose from 137,000 in September to 271,000 in October, far exceeding the 180,000 ..
NEW YORKT-Mobile US Inc said on Tuesday it will give customers a new option to stream video from services including Netflix Inc on their mobile devices without having it count agai..