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Slow Wi-Fi? FM Radio Might Help With That

Tue Nov 10 10:09:25 EST 2015 | OPB
If you live in an apartment building or another densely populated area and your Wi-Fi is slow, your neighbors bingeing on Netflix may be to blame. Your and your neighbors' Wi-Fi networks have a limited number of wireless frequency channels to move your data. And when things get crowded and busy, Wi-Fi networks can overlap and bump into each other and slow down your Internet connection. "I'm doing something, you're doing something, but none of us have a reference point about when the other party ..


If you live in an apartment building or another densely populated area and your Wi-Fi is slow, your neighbors binging on Netflix may be to blame. Your and your neighbors' Wi-Fi net..
If you live in an apartment building or another densely populated area and your Wi-Fi is slow, your neighbors bingeing on Netflix may be to blame. Your and your neighbors' Wi-Fi ne..
PORT RICHEY — When parents pull into the car loop of Dayspring Academy Elementary School, they now can listen to a special radio station — one that just might feature the talents o..
Our use of the Internet has increased considerably in the past years, partly thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices. But the bandwidth consume and the price we pay for them aren'..
Computer scientists at Northwestern University think the solution to sluggish wireless networks could lie in FM radio. It's called Wi-FM. The new protocol could use the FM chips fo..
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - A framework co-developed by a Binghamton University researcher could help future scientists improve their understanding of all types of networks, from social med..
Harvard submitted updated plans for a new science and engineering building to the Boston Redevelopment Authority this week. The 496,850-square-foot complex, dubbed the John A. Paul..
There’s a saying among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: Making hardware is hard. As it turns out, making hardware that competes with products from much bigger companies is even harder..
SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) — The University of Rhode Island has launched a $6.3 million renovation for its school of communication and media. The school on Friday held a ceremonial..
Studying topics like science and math can often be a tedious activity for kids. A new app aims to change that, letting youngsters interact with mobile devices in a fun and educatio..
MI5, the domestic arm of the UK's counter-intelligence and security agency, has been collecting and analysing phone records for 10 years under a programme that was  The l..
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Cavaliers will continue their homestand on Friday night against the Philadelphia 76ers. Tipoff is at 7:30 p.m. and the game will be shown..
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The Cleveland Cavaliers will wrap up their four-game homestand on Tuesday night against the Utah Jazz. Tipoff is at 7 p.m. and the game will be shown on Fox..
By the end of 2016 some 6.4 billion 'things' -- devices from toasters and kettles to cars and hospital equipment -- will be connected to the internet, according to analyst Gartner...
There’s no doubt that Mercy Me is among the most popular ensembles in Christian music today, routinely churning out faith-based hits. But it’s the story behind the band’s..
(Newser) – Scientists are exploring what could be an intriguing link between a dark sense of humor and a rare form of dementia. Researchers at University College London explain tha..
A few weeks ago, the Kepler Space Telescope detected a star that was acting really strange. The light from the star called KIC 8462852, which is about 1,500 light years away, ..
Facebook wants to keep you in the loop with its latest mobile app. On Wednesday, the world's largest social network introduced Notify, a mobile program that lets you set custom ale..
The 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas kicked off a year that promises to broaden the scope of Internet-connected gadgets and deliver new ways of inter..
Yes, winter is coming -- but that doesn't mean the winter blues are inevitable.  Scientists have long known that some of us suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a fo..
Opera has plans to become more than just a Web browser. A new partnership with 14 electronics brands, including Samsung and Xiaomi, is one of the Norwegian company's biggest expans..
Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle Complain about how everyone is a terrible driver in the rain while simultaneously contributing to the problem because, let's be honest, Californian..
One minute your wireless Internet is working fine. The next minute, it takes an infuriatingly slow five seconds to load a single Web page. You paid for the fastest Internet speed a..
Every episode of Master of None was made available to stream on November 6. This is an overall review, but with spoilers few, light, and far between.  There have been many att..
When I listen to William Onyeabor’s albums, I feel like he never made a bad song. Every song is better than the last. A funk musician from Nigeria, Onyeabor self-released eight alb..
A small planet, just a bit bigger than Earth, has been spotted in our stellar neighborhood, just 39 light-years away.  Known as GJ 1132b, it is the closest rocky exoplanet to ..
If you believe what the tech industry tells us, everything is coming online. From pacemakers to washing machines to street lights, all will be networked together and feeding data i..
"The deans said Loftin has shown failed leadership through a number of instances, including the elimination and eventual reinstatement of graduate assistant health insurance and th..
April Thompson makes a purchase at Legacy Team Sales in Ocala, Fla., in September. Economists say October's surprisingly strong job growth will encourage the Federal Reserve to hik..
The great love story of Master of None starts, like so many great love stories, with the guy saying, “Oh, ---, ---, ---!” as he realizes the --- broke. From there, a hot date..
A wind advisory will be in effect from late Wednesday afternoon through Thursday, gusting at 50-60 mph, as the center of a major storm system moves out of Kansas through Iowa into ..
iHeartMedia has launched a new kid-friendly mobile app with Build-A-Bear Workshop called iHeartRadio Family. The streaming music and storytelling app is geared towards kids aged fo..
LOWELL -- Firefighters had to work quickly to save a triple-decker apartment building at Westford and Smith streets Saturday evening when a pickup truck caught fire next to the bui..
As details of a tragic crash of a Hawker business jet emerge, it has been confirmed that nine people lost their lives when the airplane crashed into an apartment building in Ellet,..
Gogo, the company that's become synonomous with in-flight Wi-Fi, is preparing to give flyers a huge speed boost. This week Gogo invited a crew of journalists out to its Chicago hea..