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Teen Instagram Star Essena O'Neill Quitting Social Media

Mon Nov 02 11:04:39 EST 2015 | TIME
Essena O’Neill announced that despite having more than half a million followers on Instagram, 200,000 on YouTube and Tumblr, and 60,000 on Snapchat, she is quitting social media for good. The 18-year-old Australian was living what seemed like a “perfect” life, but she’s taking a stand against the ideals social media presents. On Monday, she posted a YouTube video—her last—explaining her decision after deleting 2,000 Instagram photos last week and renaming her account to “Social Media Is Not Real..


Being Instagram famous is the dream right?? Wrong. ICYMI: Last week, internet sensation Essena O'Neill decided that she was so OVER the social media game and chose to delete her Tu..
Using social media for social good. Teen Instagram star Essena O’Neill shared her last post on YouTube on Monday, Nov. 2, explaining to her fans and followers exactly why she’s dec..
We live in a world where social media superstars exist, making us all jealous of the food they consume or the celebrities they hang out with. One such superstar, Essena O’Neill, de..
Essena O’Neill announced that despite having more than half a million followers on Instagram, 200,000 on YouTube and Tumblr, and 60,000 on Snapchat, she is quitting social media fo..
With more than 777,000 Instagram followers and nearly 270,000 YouTube subscribers, teenager Essena O'Neill thought she had everything she ever wanted. Last week, she changed her mi..
Australian 18-year-old Essena O'Neill had amassed 500,000 Instagram followers, 200,000 YouTube followers, and 60,000 Snapchat followers before she abandoned all three platforms las..
Instagram star Essena O'Neill decided to quit social media -- at 18 years old.  The teen Internet star, who amassed a following of over 750,000 people on Instagram and over 26..
Instagram star Essena O’Neill wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming response she received after quitting social media. In a raw and emotional video posted on her new Vimeo account o..
AUSTRALIA — When it comes to social media, often what you see really is too good to be true. That’s according to 19-year-old Essena O’Neill, who is leaving behind hundreds of thous..
Essena O'Neill, a 19-year-old "Instagram celebrity" from Australia, quit social media this week. In an attempt to make a change, she created a website, "Let's Be Game Changers," an..
While millions of teenagers flock to Instagram, model Essena O’Neill has decided to do the opposite — and leave not just Instagram, but social media entirely. According to a v..
Was paid $400 to post a dress. That’s when I had maybe 150k followers, with half a million followers, I know of many online brands (with big budgets) that pay up to $2000 per post...
Instagram/Essena O'NeillFamous teenage Instagrammer Essena O'Neill has decided to rebel against social media. The Instagram star — who will turn 19 this week — ..
YouTube/Essena O'NeillAfter she spent years amassing hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, one Australian social media model is calling it quits so she can search for ..
On Tuesday, much of the internet caught up with the cruasade of Essena O’Neill, the 18-year-old Australian Instagram model who affixed sadly realistic captions upon her “inspiratio..
The Aussie beauty deleted thousands of her online photos and released several videos on her new site Let's Be Game Changers — in which she promotes living an authentic life free of..
That feeling, the one where you anxiously wait for the 11th like on your latest Instagram selfie, is the reason why fashion and beauty blogger Essena O'Neill decided to quit social..
Social media has given 18-year-old Essena O'Neill a massive platform. She amassed nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram and another 270,000 on YouTube and even earned a modeling co..
Noted author and speaker Simon Sinek frequently illustrates the absurdity of certain market research employed by some companies. In an effort to increase sales and authenticity, kn..
A young Australian who gained fame on social media has published several videos calling online and mobile sharing platforms unhealthy and revealing the reality behind her closely-e..
She’s unfollowing her image. Teen social media star Essena O’Neill, who made money promoting products on Instagram in --- bikinis and tight dresses, is remodeling herself as an in..
Was paid $400 to post a dress. That's when I had maybe 150k followers, with half a million followers, I know of many online brands (with big budgets) that pay up to $2000 per post...
Vimeo/Essena O'Neill Essena O'Neill.  If you didn't know her name yesterday, you probably know it today — it's all over social media. Which is ironic, because O'Neill is going..
Nov 03, 2015 08:57 AM EST While some still find themselves obsessed with social media and putting everything out there for the world to see, one Instagram star has decided to end h..
She also edited her photo sharing profile and her YouTube page to reveal the truth about all those "perfect" posts floating around the world wide web. The Australian model exposed ..
There's a confusing tale unfolding of fakers, Instagram posts and possible hoaxes. You're probably tired of hearing it, but Essena O'Neill is a name that has refused to go away dur..
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(Newser) – Essena O'Neill became obsessed with social media in high school. By age 16, she had 50,000 followers, and got her first offer to monetize her social media accounts: A bi..
Want to live forever? Sorry, physically and scientifically, it is still impossible, but with all the data that we’re putting on our social media accounts, virtual immortality ..
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YouTube/Nina and RandaYouTubers Nina and Randa aren't sold on Essena O'Neill's story.The internet is buzzing with controversy after Instagram model Essena O'Neill announced she was..