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‘South Park’ season premiere to tackle Caitlyn Jenner

Tue Sep 15 08:15:54 EDT 2015 | NY Daily News
COMEDY CENTRAL “South Park” is set to return with a “stunning and brave” new episode that will include Caitlyn Jenner. While the “South Park” boys are known for mercilessly mocking public figures, a press release states that the episode will see them “express their utmost respect” for Jenner. The episode will focus on the introduction of a new principal at South Park Elementary who “forces the boys to confront the damage they’ve done through their history of racism and unconscious bias.” It will..


Tom Brady's trial has been decided. He's already played in Week 1. Yet, the Patriots quarterback still can't catch a break. When the new Miss America isn't calling him a cheater ou..
For 18 seasons, "South Park" has become known for addressing issues in pop culture and finding a way to spin it into parody. Wednesday night's Season 19 premiere episode, "Stunning..
Good God, are we really closing in on the 20th anniversary of South Park? The show that kicks convention in the --- even though the characters’ legs never move, which was just rene..
When it comes to the world of South Park, nothing is off limits. Chatter On 'South Park' Washington Redskins Controversy The controversial and highly acclaimed animated series retu..
Wednesday night marks the season 19 premiere of “South Park,” and given just how long the show has been off of the air, it feels pretty assume to assume that they have had more tha..
COMEDY CENTRAL “South Park” is set to return with a “stunning and brave” new episode that will include Caitlyn Jenner. While the “South Park” boys are known for mercilessly mocking..
The bad: Key & Peele will no longer be on Comedy Central on Wednesday nights, like, ever. The good: South Park is back! The animated series, which was once stupidly dismissed a..
An image has surfaced from Wednesday’s season-premiere episode of South Park that is nothing if not stunning and brave. The venerable series from Trey Parker and Matt Sto..
South Park (Comedy Central, 10:00 p.m.) — New England’s golden boy kicked off the 2015-16 NFL season with a four-touchdown performance against the Steelers that bordered on smug pe..
South Park has been satirizing the media for nearly two decades, and creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone plan on kicking off Season 19 with 2015's hottest topic — Caitlyn Jenner! C..
South Park's ultra-topical 19th season premiere incorporated a number of hot-button issues — including the supposed resurgence of politically correct culture, the notion of checkin..
Much like how older generations would turn to someone like Andy Rooney for “hot takes” on the big topics of the day (such as “what young people are wearing” and “the rising cost of..
As you'd expect, the gang at South Park isn't holding anything back in its premiere episode, airing Wednesday. The show, which is returning for Season 19, jumps right into some of ..
“Rules. He broke the rules, you broke the rules to find out he broke the rules, rules.” Turns out, you don’t need very many words to encapsulate the last eight months of the seemin..
Comedy Central “South Park” has dared to ask whether everyone must believe Caitlyn Jenner is a hero. The show aired its season 19 premiere Wednesday on Comedy Central, and posited ..
Caitlyn Jenner is the subject of South Park's season premiere episode Wednesday, titled: "Stunning and Brave." And according to Comedy Central, Jenner will be praise..
[Editor’s note: There are a whole lot of South Park clips in this article and they’re all a whole lot of ---. Click with caution.] Sometimes the best lessons in life come fro..
For 18 seasons the animated kids of this comedy have discussed and parodied all sorts of sensitive topics (creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker took some time out to win multiple To..
South Park returns for a 19th season this Wednesday, and Comedy Central just released a sneak peek. Titled “Stunning and Brave,” it looks like we can expect some jokes at Tom Brady..
South Park returns this week for its 19th season of pop-culture skewering and lampooning. According to Comedy Central, the premiere will likely not ease you back into the hilarious..
South Park is going to take on Caitlyn Jenner in this week’s season premiere.  Comedy Central’s release on the matter is a bit cryptic, which is pretty typical for the show.&n..
The 19th-season premiere of South Park on Wednesday night initially felt like one big game of pop-culture catchup, as Matt Stone and Trey Parker tried to hit all of the r..
Since premiering on television over 15 years ago, "South Park" has made a habit of mocking just about every facet of American pop culture. From George Bush to Britney Spears, from ..
You knew it was going to happen. You just knew it. South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone teased the premiere of season 19 with a short clip of Cartman mentioning Tom ..
South Park begins its 19th season on Wednesday, which makes it older than plenty of notable ad agencies. (Droga5 isn't even 10 yet.) To celebrate the never-endingly awesome Comedy ..
Caitlyn Jenner is going to “South Park.” Along with Tom Brady’s Deflategate scandal, the cartoon series launches its 19th season Wednesday with an episode titled “Stunning and..
Can someone support Caitlyn Jenner’s transition without thinking she’s a hero who is stunning and brave? “South Park” kicked off its 19th season last night with that very question ..
While we were entering hour 3 of Jake Tapper trying to bait candidates into slap fights with Trump, South Park was kicking off its new season by ripping on the social justice mafia..
Sep 17, 2015 04:45 PM EDT During last night's season 19 premiere of South Park, the topic of PC culture was addressed and properly satirized. Kyle is punished by the new principal,..
Caitlyn Jenner wears a white polo shirt and a pink skirt while stepping out to run errands on Thursday (September 17) in Calabasas, Calif. The 65-year-old former Olympian was menti..
At this point, "Deflategate" is the gift that keeps on giving – unless you're NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, that is. What began as an excuse to make jokes about Tom Brady's balls..
South Park kicked off its 19th season with the premiere episode titled Stunning and Brave, which took on this year's most widely discussed subject — Caitlyn Jenner! The episode act..
FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It was as if Tom Brady never was away. Of course, he never really was, and with "Deflategate" behind him and the Patriots, the star quarterback was back to his..
The first touchdown of the 2015 season ended with a Gronk Spike. So did the second one. Rob Gronkowski's two second-quarter touchdowns — from 16 and 6 yards — put th..
Heading into the 19th season premiere, South Park offered only the cryptic tease that the show would address Caitlyn Jenner and a clip hinting that Tom Brady and Deflategate would ..