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Amazon revamps Fire HD 10 tablet, improves specs; adds Alexa-powered hands free mode starting at $149

Tue Sep 19 06:07:30 EDT 2017 | ZDNet
Amazon launched a new Fire HD 10 tablet that will run you $149.99 and come with an Alexa hands-free mode. Amazon's strategy of using devices to move content sales and commerce has combined with seeding Amazon everywhere. The hands-free mode, the first time Amazon has added it to a Fire tablet, allows you to ask Alexa to play or pause a video, set timers, play music and give smart home commands. Not surprisingly, the Amazon Fire HD 10 comes with spec improvements such as: But don't take your eye ..


Amazon launched a new Fire HD 10 tablet that will run you $149.99 and come with an Alexa hands-free mode. Amazon's strategy of using devices to move content sales and commerce has ..
There's only one microphone versus the array you find on an Echo, but Amazon tells us the chipset helps the Fire HD 10 efficiently listen for your commands. This isn't the new tabl..
The tablet segment may have stalled, but Amazon believes there’s still room for an impressively potent, surprisingly affordable Android model. Welcome, then, the Amazon Fire HD 10,..
There’s a new tablet it town. Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet, which costs a mere $150, is giving other devices a run for their money, especially with its Full HD screen, 10-hour ba..
A screenshot on the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet, demonstrates the Alexa experience. On Tuesday, the company debuted a new version of its Fire HD 10 tablet that has a high-definition sc..
Amazon has been enjoying a run of updates on its popular Fire tablets and the next in line is the big one: the Fire HD 10. With a 10.1-inch offering a 1920 x 1200 (Full HD) re..
As a result, HTC's R&D division has shrunk in half -- right now it employs 4,000 -- and the company has earned just over a billion dollars in the process. The deal does have so..
If you want the best tablet, you should buy an iPad. But if you want something solid and super cheap that you wouldn't mind breaking, the only good option is Amazon's Fire tablets...
We ended last week on a high note, but the killer daily deals continue to roll out this week. Highlights from Monday’s list include a nice discount on everyone’s favorite 4-piece P..
That being said, this isn’t the first time Alexa has been added to a Fire tablet. The virtual assistant can already be used in several other Fire models, but so far the voice featu..
Until now, Amazon tablet owners had to settle for sub-Full HD displays. That ends today, as the company just made its new $149.99 Fire HD 10 tablet. which packs a 10.1-inch 19..
Nest announced a new, cheaper version of its learning thermostat at the end of August, designed to be more accessible thanks to its $169 price point. The big question is how does N..
On the surface, the big news about the new version of Amazon’s new 10″ Fire HD 10 tablet is that the company upped the display resolution to 1080p, ramped up performance by (Amazon..
Amazon today announced an all new version of its flagship Fire tablet. The new tablet finally brings a full HD 1080p display which is something customers have long been asking the ..
The brand new Nest Thermostat E could very well be the best bargain in the smart home market. For just $169, you get all of the features that make the Nest Learning Thermostat grea..
I thought it would be fun. A night in the woods with two of the most recognizable AI in the world. There were no distractions: no TV screens, books, laptops, or other human beings... Inc. AMZN, -0.28% said Tuesday that it has introduced the Fire HD 10 tablet that the company says is 30% faster, can be equipped with Alexa hands-free capabilities, 32 G..
For the past two decades, South Park has been eliciting strong reactions from viewers by poking fun at off-limits subjects and swearing up a storm in the process. But for the premi..
Kohl's Corp. said Tuesday it will offer free returns for Inc. customers in 82 stores across Los Angeles and Chicago, beginning in October. The discount retailer will pac..
Opinion Investment in mobile and the cloud are separating retail's "Winners" and "Laggards," things to keep in mind for upcoming replacement cycles, writes Nikki Baird of RSR Resea..
Home device maker Nest Labs is adding Google's facial recognition technology to a camera-equipped doorbell and rolling out a security system in an attempt to end its history of los..
Nest has stepped up its home security efforts. The Alphabet-owned company is live in San Francisco, where it has announced the new Nest Secure alarm system, Nest Hello video doorbe..
Nest today unveiled two new smart home products. Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a smart security camera with facial recognition technology. The Nest Hello is a smart doorbell with HD video..
Consider this your final warning, deal hunters. You have until the end of the day tomorrow to take advantage of Amazon’s killer sale on the All-New Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa and the..
Alphabet-owned Nest has launched a full-on assault on the home security services market. At a press conference in San Francisco Wednesday morning, the smart gadget company ann..
The 21st season of South Park debuted Wednesday, and it seems technology has finally advanced enough to pull Cartman and company's foul-mouthed antics out of the TV and into Americ..
The home studio has arguably revolutionized the music industry more than any other single element. Sessions that once required devoted space and tens of thousands of dollars can no..
"Jobs are going to large metro areas," claimed a recent New York Times article examining the divergent fortunes of retail and e-commerce employment. According to the Bureau of..
Amazon's Fire tablets continue to improve with every new iteration and the just-announced Fire HD 10 is no exception. When was the last time you could drop $149 and get a 10-inch t..
FILE PHOTO: A sign of China's e-commerce company is seen at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Asia 2016 in Shanghai, China, May 12, 2016. REUTERS/Aly Song BANGKOK (Reuters) - ..’s latest tablet will include the capability to summon Alexa with voice commands. The Amazon Fire HD 10, announced Tuesday, will let users call up the digital assistant b..
Looking to elevate the security of your nest? Nest Labs can help. The Alphabet-owned company, best known for its Learning Thermostat, today announced a slew of new home security ga..
What else, you might have wondered, when Nest released its Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera earlier this year, might the company come up with. Quite a bit, it turns out. All its ..
The smart home expanded this week as the Nest Hello was revealed as a new video doorbell from the company that made the smart thermostat. This doorbell includes a camera as part of..
The star of today’s roundup of the day’s best limited-time deals isn’t a product that has been discounted. Instead, it’s the Nest Thermostat E, the company’s new lower-cost thermos..