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Facebook researchers use AI to build a better translator

Fri Aug 04 11:54:18 EDT 2017 | The Next Web
Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) is at it again, unleashing advanced AI networks on the world. This time, instead of being surprised by the ability of computers to create their own language, Facebook is using them to help us better communicate in ours. The social network’s AI research team have turned translation services over to AI completely, it said in a post from an official blog. FAIR has been training its AI to better understand how things like slang, typos, and intent work..


Reading your Facebook friends’ statuses might typically make your blood boil these days, but at least the translations of foreign language posts are getting better. The social netw..
Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) is at it again, unleashing advanced AI networks on the world. This time, instead of being surprised by the ability of computers to ..
Spend enough time on Facebook, and you’ll likely encounter a post written in a tongue that’s foreign to you. That’s because the social network has two billion users and supports ov..
When MIT successfully created AI that can diagnose skin cancer it was a massive step in the right direction for medical science. A neural-network can process huge amounts of data. ..
Last week’s skirmish between visionary inventor Elon Musk and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) was entertaining if not especially n..
Previously, Facebook was using phrase-based machine translation models, which break down sentences into words or phrases, limiting how they can go about translating a full sentence..
Social media goliath Facebook shut down an experiment with artificial intelligence, after two AI programs created and began to speak a language only they knew, the Independent repo..
A pair of chatbots has recently done something children often do: create a secret language. Last month, researchers at Facebook found two bots developed in the social network's AI ..
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, left, and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk have started an online smackdown over the possible threat of artificial intelligence underlines how litt..
If you're a craft beer connoisseur — or even just an occasional drinker — you've likely noticed that names for new brews are getting out of hand. Likely in order to distance themse..
Businesses are turning to AI for everything, it seems, including marketing strategies. Marketing runs on data, and people don’t have the kind of relationship with information that ..
This week Rocket League gets a new "Language Ban" system that automatically bans players from online matches after they're reported for using certain words in chat. The developers ..
Aug. 1 (UPI) -- A new scientific survey suggests "---" is the funniest word in the English language. Humor mostly eludes scientific analysis. But while formulas fail to render ne..
English vocabulary is full of pitfalls that you might not be aware of. Don't let them trip you up. If something happens invariably, it always happens. To be invariable is to never ..
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently took a dig at Elon Musk after Musk talked about the threat that artificial intelligence could pose to humans. However, after what happened at ..
If you were to watch a reality cooking show like Hell’s Kitchen for the first time, you might be a bit confused by the cooking terms and shorthand that chefs use to communicate wit..
The web was abuzz with chatter about the opportunities and dangers of advancing AI in June, when Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) Lab shared a finding that its bo..
If it wasn't so funny, it'd be SAD. Had Obama pulled a stunt like this, the people of West Virginia would be toiling around, restlessly, in their bricks of coal. Due to an enormous..
Don’t even bother trying to sleep tonight because Facebook already made all your nightmares come true when two of its robots went rogue, started communicating in their own made-up ..
‘If thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.’ This quote by George Orwell rings as true today as it did 70 years ago. Black women are the least valued people i..
Facebook announced this morning that it had completed its move to neural machine translation — a complicated way of saying that Facebook is now using convolutional neural networks ..
One taxi driver said he had noticed a 20 percent rise in passenger traffic since using the AI prediction system. Photo by BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images In downtown Tokyo, just lik..
Discovery Communications reached a deal to acquire Scripps Networks for about $11.9 billion in a major consolidation of cable TV networks amid a profound shift in how viewers consu..
  Discovery Communications reached a deal to acquire Scripps Networks for about $11.9 billion in a major consolidation of cable TV networks amid a profound shift in how viewer..
It’s all about that vibe. Anyone who has ever compiled a mix-tape, or a Spotify playlist for that matter, knows that compilations succeed when they carry a certain emotional qualit..
Arsenal fans are sceptical over Arsene Wenger’s insistence that Alexis Sanchez will stay, while a reader finds some of Jurgen Klopp’s comments over Philippe Coutinho ‘worrying’, al..
Microsoft launched a custom keyboard for iOS devices earlier this year called Word Flow. The keyboard received good reviews when it was launched. It felt like Microsoft wanted to r..
The gap is significant between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers since Jeurys Familia struck out Howie Kendrick to end Game 5 of the 2015 National League Division Series. T..
As the world’s most powerful computer systems begin to embrace artificial intelligence in earnest, using smart algorithms to increase efficiency and and speed, the potential damage..
British scientist Stephen Hawking warned about the potential tragic consequences of artificial intelligence in 2014. / AFP / NIKLAS HALLE'N (Photo credit should read NIKLAS HALLE'N..
BMW creates some of the most high-tech cars we have yet seen. The German giant builds 2.5 million vehicles every year and sells them all over the world. But technology is not just ..
While writing about her neural network-generated paint color names, Gizmodo's Ryan Mandelbaum mentioned the issues craft brewers were having coming up with names for their beers --..
Francie Latour was picking out produce in a suburban Boston grocery store when a white man leaned toward her two young sons and, just loudly enough for the boys to hear, unleashed ..
Microsoft is finally shutting down its mobile business after many years of trying to compete with Apple and Google. In its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission..
Google recently stepped up it’s efforts to reduce the amount of extremist content available on YouTube. A couple months back the company announced it would be increasing it’s abili..