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Researchers Develop Algorithm To Help Improve Our Selfies

Wed Aug 02 17:43:39 EDT 2017 | Ubergizmo
What makes a good photo? Or rather, what makes for a good selfie? Is taking a good selfie an art form, or is there science behind it? Perhaps a bit of both, and if the researchers at the University of Waterloo have it their way, perhaps soon our smartphones and cameras could even give us directions and instructions on how to snap the best selfie. The researchers have recently put together an algorithm in which it is apparently capable of determining the best selfie. How the algorithm was put tog..


What makes a good photo? Or rather, what makes for a good selfie? Is taking a good selfie an art form, or is there science behind it? Perhaps a bit of both, and if the researchers ..
Snapping aesthetic selfies is an art form in itself these days – but now researchers from the University of Waterloo are trying to turn this art into a science. Computer science pr..
By Daniel Trotta NEW YORK (Reuters) - While President Donald Trump has thrust transgender people back into the conflict between conservative and liberal values in the United States..
Whether we take selfies to match our own perception of what we think we look like or trying to understand how others perceive us, there's no doubt that the self portrait is the def..
WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Authorities say a child has been killed and nine other people have been injured in a Waterloo collision. The accident occurred around 7 p.m. Wednesday not far..
Anyone who has used Tinder for some time has probably come across at least one profile where the person is smiling or grinning while sitting next to a docile and friendly looking t..
Andy Feltham / EyeEm/Getty Images/EyeEm Think of plant pollination and you probably think of bees, summer flowers and bright sunshine. But nocturnal insects such as beetles and fli..
When she was in her twenties, she and her four kids were kicked out of their home, but she said she made sure that they were always safe, fed, sheltered, and clothed. "They always ..
No one should feel like --- appeal is something that’s closed off to them. Feeling --- is open to everyone – regardless of body type, ability, gender, or size. Guys: Most women do..
NEW YORK (Reuters) - While President Donald Trump has thrust transgender people back into the conflict between conservative and liberal values in the United States, geneticists are..
A huge number of internet-connected security cameras produced by a Chinese manufacturer are vulnerable to cyber attacks that could result in the devices being compromised, accordin..
JERSEY CITY -- A piece of Jersey City history was uncovered in Journal Square last week. Workers renovating 32 Journal Square took down a billboard advertising a taekwondo sch..
PHOENIX (AP) - The Arizona State Transportation Board has awarded a contract on a project that aims to curb wrong-way driving that has resulted in fatal wrecks on Phoenix-area..
Incredible footage has emerged of an Under-8’s rugby player who stormed through countless tackles from his rivals to power his way to a simple try. Why was it so easy for Samoan yo..
Kanye West made a special appearance in his wife Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram post. On Thursday, Kardashian took a selfie with daughter North’s pet, Sushi. However, she a..
CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) — A study shows most of Charleston's hospitality workers drive to their jobs and must take parking costs from their paychecks. The Post and Courier of Charles..
During the eight years of the Obama administration, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rolled out a series of anti-business policies that hurt workers and job creators alike..
An e-fit image of a man wanted for flashing has been ridiculed on social media – with people likening it to an alien. The bizarre computer-generated image shows a man with no hair,..
The brain has evolved to recognize and remember many different faces. We can instantly identify a friend's countenance among dozens in a crowded restaurant or on a busy street. And..
The preview pics that HBO released for Game Of Thrones last week teased the highly anticipated meeting between Daenerys and Jon Snow, but they didn’t really capture just how poorly..
Virtual reality is still at the nascent phase with respect to consumer adoption, but Netflix’s VR app has climbed atop the heap in terms of usage, according to a study from Magid c..
Gee. How can I make myself look better on a dating site like Tinder? Let’s see. How about a live tiger? Because nothing says good dating material like being next to a live tiger. A..
President Trump introduced new legislation today with Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and David Perdue, R-Ga., aimed at cutting legal immigration to the United States. The bill - a revis..
By Steven T. Dennis After the collapse of the Obamacare repeal, Republicans may have to choose between pursuing another health bill or pushing through a tax overhaul this year, bec..
Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh speaks with reporters about his 2017 team during Big Ten football media days on July 25, 2017, in Chicago. By Chris Solari, DFP. The Michigan f..
This handout picture shows marine researcher Charles Moore on an expedition in the Pacific Ocean sometime between July through September of 2002. He holds a sample of ocean water f..
In 2014, the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico was found to have shrunk to the size of Connecticut. To the ire of environmentalists, it has since ballooned to its largest size sinc..
Mr. Arm has been collecting strange artifacts since he was a child and with the help of his wife, Velda Von Minx, he’s turned their home into a museum of “oddities."    A..
One of iOS 11's big changes (and there are many) is that it will no longer support 32-bit-only apps. This has left developers scrambling to make sure their apps will be able to lau..
The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner began its flight in Seattle and is slated to end back there at 9:36 a.m. PDT Thursday, according to Flightradar, a flight tracking service. The “picture..
A Boeing 787 has flown across much of the U.S. in a 18-hour test route that spanned across states from Michigan to Texas. The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner began its flight in Seattle an..
Though it's unclear when the 11-year-old daughter of Kobe Bryant met The Klaw, everyone seemed to be in good spirits. The photo, which was posted by a Facebook page called "Hoops N..
Ten years ago, while Oren Peli was rising in Hollywood as the director of “Paranormal Activity,” he was also getting through a breakup — an experience that would ultimately be the ..
CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — University of Illinois' museum has revamped its website to allow online visitors to access information about pieces in the museum's collection for the first ..
Amazon (AMZN) plans to make thousands of job offers in just one day when it holds a giant job fair next week at nearly a dozen warehouses across the US. People who are offered jobs..