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Windows 10 gets Eye Control capabilities courtesy of Tobii

Wed Aug 02 05:07:46 EDT 2017 | SlashGear
Windows fans silently snickered when it was revealed that Apple might introduce features like face unlock and double tap to wake on the next iPhone. Now they might have yet another reason to feel they’re at the forefront of computing innovation. Microsoft and Tobii have revealed that they are collaborating on giving Windows 10 some built-in eye tracking capabilities, which would allow users to guide or even control their Windows PCs using only their eyes, as if they were psychic. Eye tracking is..


Windows fans silently snickered when it was revealed that Apple might introduce features like face unlock and double tap to wake on the next iPhone. Now they might have yet another..
Microsoft has announced it will add the ability to control Windows with your eyes to an upcoming mainstream version of the OS, and a Windows Insider build containing the capability..
Microsoft has announced that it is planning to add native eye tracking technology in Windows 10. The feature is dubbed simply as Eye Control, and it is intended to make Window..
For those of us who are able bodied, the ability to use our hands to control our computers through a keyboard and mouse is something we tend to take for granted, or at least until ..
There’s a reason why your Win10 1607 PC with 'Defer feature updates' is getting pushed onto 1703 — and you aren’t going to like it. Fortunately, a partial solution exists. Over the..
There’s a reason why your Win10 1607 PC with 'Defer feature updates' is getting pushed onto 1703 — and you aren’t going to like it. Fortunately, a partial solution exists. Over the..
Microsoft is taking important steps to make Windows 10 more accessible for everyone, adding a built-in eye tracking function to the OS for users who can't control a computer throug..
A mere 24 hours after Microsoft announced that it is planning to bring an eye-tracking feature to Windows 10, the company has rolled out the beta version of the software for anyone..
Farewell, Word Flow. We hardly knew ye. Microsoft launched its Windows Phone keyboard for the iPhone about a year ago. It offered a fan-shaped, one-handed mode, which you..
Earlier this week, Apple's firmware for its HomePod smart speaker confirmed some new features for the iPhone 8. However, it’s also been discovered that the iPhone 8’s facial r..
A couple of days ago Microsoft enabled a feature that lets Android users easily use the share button to push a web page from their cell phone to a Windows 10 PC. Now, it's released..
Microsoft announced a few days ago that it was adding a new feature to the latest preview of Windows 10. The feature, called Continue on PC, aims to make it easier for users to jum..
The latest Insider preview build for Windows 10 is rolling out, and it's bringing that eye-tracking support Microsoft recently mentioned. Users with a compatible eye tracking devic..
Although Apple works tirelessly to prevent iPhone 8 leaks from bubbling up via the company’s murky supply chain, it turns out that the most revealing iPhone 8 leaks of all have com..
Microsoft is coming up on its self-imposed deadline to launch the Fall Creators Update, which has an estimated delivery date in September. Given this relatively short time frame, w..
Developer Steve Stroughton-Smith tweeted Sunday revealing that the HomePod firmware has confirmed a rumored iPhone 8 feature. The iPhone 8 is expected to feature an infra-red front..
Microsoft has committed to implementing eye tracking support on Windows 10 soon. Called Eye Control, the feature will help people with certain neuro-muscular disorders navigate the..
One of the biggest questions in recent weeks has been ‘what will Apple do about biometric recognition?’ Previous iPhones have relied on the Touch ID sensor in the physical home but..
We've seen eye-tracking technology make PC gaming more immersive, and now Microsoft is building it right into Windows itself, so you can navigate and type with just your eyes...
Apple may have just given up big clues about its next flagship smartphone. Early release firmware for Apple's upcoming HomePod speaker hints new features that could be included on ..
One of the strangest things about Windows 10 S, Microsoft’s Chromebook competitor and locked-down educational OS play, is that Microsoft chose to debut it with a $1,000 Surface Lap..
Windows 10 is about to get a lot more accessible. Microsoft this week announced plans to bring built-in eye tracking support, and a new experience called Eye Control, to the operat..
Microsoft partnered with Tobii on Eye Control, and it won't surprise you to hear that Tobii's trackers have the broadest compatibility with the new feature. The upgrade is availabl..
  By Neil Hughes Wednesday, August 02, 2017, 08:14 am PT (11:14 am ET) A reference to an iPad keyboard accessory from Apple rival Microsoft was discovered on the Windows maker..
Apple over the weekend mistakenly made the firmware for its upcoming HomePod speaker available to the masses, and in the process, inadvertently released key details surrounding the..
We've asked Microsoft about the iPad Touch Cover and will let you know what it can say. It's unclear if or when this keyboard will ship. It could be a leak for a product that's on ..
Microsoft is bringing eye-tracking to Windows 10 at some point in the future. That feature, called Eye Control, is already inside the latest Windows 10 Insider test builds. The com..
Microsoft may have made an iPad accessory, and if they have – it’s a very strange situation. Documents were dug up this week which include official mentions of Microsoft’s Hololens..
  By Neil Hughes Sunday, July 30, 2017, 09:28 pm PT (12:28 am ET) Sometimes the best source of Apple leaks is Apple itself, as revealed by the company's HomePod firmware, whic..
Microsoft has begun shipping its previously announced new keyboard with built-in Windows Hello fingerprint sign-in. The Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID enables Window..
Microsoft’s Photos app for Windows 10 will soon have an AI-powered feature that can help users search for images using search terms. This is now being rolled out to users who are p..
Just yesterday, eye tracking experts Tobii and Microsoft announced a collaboration to bring a new input method to Windows users everywhere. Everywhere where there’s a Tobii tracker..
Back at WWDC 2017, Apple unveiled a brand new product, the type of device Apple fans were already expecting: a smart speaker that will compete against the Amazon Echo and Google’s ..
Unlike any iPhone before it, the iPhone 8 will feature several “signature” features, the kind of features that will be then available in more iOS products down the line. The list i..
German authorities have launched a six-month test of automatic facial recognition technology at a Berlin railway station, which the country’s top security official says could be us..