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Now You — And The Rock — Can Sleep In Tom Brady’s Hi-Tech Pajamas

Wed Jan 11 10:01:50 EST 2017 | SportsGrid
If you’ve always wanted to sleep in Tom Brady’s pajamas but were too shy to ask, now’s your chance. Here’s Brady doing his best impression of Dwayne The Rock Johnson for some reason, all to hype his new Under Armour line of hi-tech sleepwear. Brady, who typically goes to bed at 8:30 p.m. during the NFL season, says that nine hours of sleep per night is the secret to his success. So why sleep in regular pajamas (or in Johnny Manziel’s case, boxers and a stained tablecloth from Paul’s Cocktail Lou..


January 11, 2017 9:30am EST January 11, 2017 9:23am EST One look at Tom Brady's latest Facebook post is enough to make even the most loyal Patriots fan cringe. One look at Tom Brad..
Tom Brady has earned nearly $200 million during his NFL career. His current contract will take him to $230 million. That doesn’t include any of his endorsements, which include Mova..
And the Moana star unleashed his trash talking skills onto Tom Brady in a brand new video for his YouTube page. Why? Related: Tom Has Joined Instagram! Well, earlier in the week, t..
In partnership with Under Armour, Brady has helped create the "world's most advanced sleep system that actually rebuilds your body while you rest." It sounds super complicated, but..
Subscribe to UPROXX Remember when Tom Brady, a partner of Under Armour, made that video where he called out The Rock, a partner of Under Armour, in that cringe-worthy video the oth..
If you’ve always wanted to sleep in Tom Brady’s pajamas but were too shy to ask, now’s your chance. Here’s Brady doing his best impression of Dwayne The Rock Johnson for some reaso..
Perhaps impressions are best left with comedians. Tom Brady has teamed up with Under Armour to sell performance-enhancing sleepwear (snazzy term for recovery pajamas), so he decide..
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not a fan of Tom Brady's acting skills. The former WWE star absolutely roasted Brady's Facebook post on Tuesday, where the Patriots quarterback&nb..
The 39-year-old New England Patriots quarterback posted a video on his to tell The Rock that he would be sending him a pair of his pajamas collaboration with Under Armour. “Hey Roc..
+ READ ARTICLE New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is shilling pajamas these days—that is, specially-designed performance sleepwear from Under Armour—so he decided that the ..
LAS VEGAS — For many NFL fans who don't like the New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady gives them nightmares. Now Brady is teaming with Under Armour for sleepwear it cla..
For a guy who has been there plenty of times, it seems that Tom Brady is still very excited for the playoffs. As Brady gets ready to suit up for the Patriots’ first postseason cont..
By now, you might have heard that Tom Brady and Under Armour have teamed up to create $100 recovery pajamas. As a Patriot fan, I always hold my breath whenever Brady comes out with..
Instagram is a platform for curated perfection: selfies at the most flattering angle, filtered orange sunsets and life as a seemingly endless brunch. On Instagr..
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has already had a number of memorable movie roles, but it looks like he’s just barely getting started. The actor has quickly become one of the busiest guy..
From Rogue One to Nat Anglin bars, there have been a lot of playoff hype videos to get us properly amped for the march to another Super Bowl victory. But on the eve of the Pats’ AF..
For fans who have complained about the dark tone of DC movies such as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems as if things are about to change for the better...
Tom Brady is about to begin his 14th playoff run with the Patriots. Throughout his legendary, four-ring career, he has never played better. MORE: Predictions for NFL playoffs ..
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Greg Olsen may or may not be named the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award before next month's Super Bowl. But he's got a huge lead in the award's #WPMOYChallenge social m..
And he already had more followers than you will ever have in less than an hour. Brady posted his first photo at around 5 p.m. Saturday. The photo was of himself, standing outside i..
The duo both hit up the same gym on Friday (January 6) and decided to snap a photo together after their workout. “Just a couple of gym rats gettin’ it in!! @therock thanks for the ..
Q. I have a condo in Warren and we are having great difficulty breathing and we also experience headaches and feel very tired in the unit since they sealed up the condos with new i..
Tom Brady has decided to join Instagram. The Patriots' quarterback announced his decision in a six-minute Facebook Live video on Saturday. (Warning: Brady doesn't actually app..
DC Films is trying to score a big victory in 2017 with its two big tentpole releases, Wonder Woman and Justice League, after its 2016 films, Batman v Super..
Televising sports from the player's point of view has long been a dream of TV networks. Imagine as a viewer seeing what Tom Brady sees when he sees Julian Edelm..
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady uses hats to select Instagram as his next social media account of choice on his Facebook account. The New England Patriots are on a bye i..
"Be water, my friend." - Bruce Lee. That's the message of flexibility Tom Brady sent to his New England Patriots teammates in a hype video posted Friday, ahead of Saturday's divisi..
That is, if you happen to live near one of the two Texas malls the former Heisman Trophy winner is visiting next month for his first promotional appearances since being cut by the ..
Johnny Manziel will make a Super Bowl appearance next month --- at a mall. He is scheduled to sign autographs and take selfies at two Houston-area malls the week of the Super Bowl...
Johnny Manziel, a former first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns and Heisman Trophy winner, is at it again. The athlete autograph company Crave the Auto announced Johnny Manziel&n..
If your trip to Texas for Super Bowl LI wouldn't be complete without an autograph from Johnny Manziel, there's good news. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and failed NFL quarter..
Johnny Manziel will make promotional appearances in the Houston area during Super Bowl week, athlete autograph company Crave The Auto announced Monday. Manziel will sign autographs..
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- Dwayne Johnson says there's "fun" to come with his role as Black Adam. The 44-year-old actor said in an Instagram post Wednesday that the new DC Comic..
With the Super Bowl less than a month away, it’s time to start getting excited for all the commercials coming up! Intel has just released its 30-second spot for the February 5th ga..