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Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Edge/Plus Release Date Points To Friday April 21

Wed Jan 11 04:05:12 EST 2017 | Tech Times
A recent report suggested that Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge/Plus a month or two ahead of its release date. A new report claims the company has confirmed the pair will be released in "mid-April, possibly in the third week." With the speculation about when Samsung is planning to launch its next-generation flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge/Plus has been making headlines over the last couple of months and appears to be intensifying. It has been reported that Sams..


Samsung is reportedly joining the pool of smartphone having built-in digital assistant. For this reason, the South Korean tech company is rumored to give birth on Samsung Bixby in ..
The queen of Samsung smartphone Galaxy S7 is said to be facing its dethronement when its successor Galaxy S8 is shaping up for its final release. Galaxy S8 promises excellent featu..
A recent report suggested that Samsung may unveil the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge/Plus a month or two ahead of its release date. A new report claims the company has confirmed the pair wi..
Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S8 and S8 edge/Plus in mid-April. A new report claims the new smartphones could make an early appearance at Mobile World Congress in late ..
The rumors concerning the launch of the Galaxy S8 continue to offer different views on the matter. Initial reports suggested that Samsung will unveil the phone at Mobile World Cong..
There are a lot of rumors and reports floating around these days about when Samsung is going to show off its next-generation flagship smartphone. The latest report suggests that th..
Rumors surrounding the launch on the Galaxy S8 continue to differ from one day to another, with the latest report from South Korean business news publication, The Investor, claimin..
Samsung might release its Galaxy S8 in March this year boasting bezel-less display and ditched home button. (Photo : Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Samsung) Samsung Electronics i..
Ever since the plug on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was pulled, attention has been shifted to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is one of the most anticipated handsets of the year and rend..
Samsung Electronics is destined to release its flagship handset Samsung Galaxy S8 on April 18. The said smartphone is anticipated to be equipped with top caliber specifications and..
Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge smartphones that were part of the beta test are now getting the first public release of Android 7.0 Nougat. The nougat flavor has been in beta ..
The battle of premium smartphone for 2017 is about to arrive as both Korean tech companies Samsung and LG are heading towards the launching of their flagship phones for this year -..
The Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked photo surfaced on a Korean website revealing no home button to achieve an end-to-end display where the bezels are almost gone. Moreover, the design cha..
Samsung has begun rolling out the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Android 7.0 Nougat software update to owners of the flagship smartphones. The update has been released to select device owne..
The LG G6 - the successor of the LG G5 - is one of the most-awaited flagship Android smartphones of 2017, along with the Samsung Galaxy S8. With both LG and Samsung expected t..
Samsung, it seems, is not taking any risks with the Galaxy S8. The company is already on a good trajectory after a profitable third quarter. But, the company is expected to make up..
Taking a look back at seven days of news and headlines across the world of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes new images of the Samsung Galaxy S8, more details on Bixby ..
After Android 7.0 Nougat was first released in August 2016, Samsung is rolling out the update to its flagships. Samsung started to roll out the latest version of Android, dubbed No..
It appears the much-awaited Galaxy S8 might hit the shelves earlier than expected. A new report suggest Samsung is considering releasing a limited batch of its upcom..
iOS sales outperformed Android’s in the U.S. market, as shares rose by 6.4 percent year-on-year in the three months ending in November 2016, recent numbers from data company Kantar..
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Samsung rolled out an Android 7.0 Nougat update to many of its devices as a soak test earlier this week, with select Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as participants. Now, a sp..
Samsung is rolling out the official Android 7.0 Nougat update to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge days ahead of the rumored January 17th release date. Beta users have already st..
Samsung fans who have been hankering for the Android 7.0 Nougat software update to hits their Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge smartphones will be pleased to learn that the company is n..
The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will receive the Android Nougat 7.0 update based on a report from Turkey allegedly receiving a notification from Samsung about the new update. How..
There is a lot riding on the upcoming Galaxy S8, the first flagship smartphone from Samsung after the Galaxy Note 7 disaster. It is rumored to come with Samsung’s own AI assistant ..
Well, it's taken a while but Samsung is finally rolling out an update to Android Nougat 7.0 for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge owners. As reported by SamMobile, if you're on the Nougat beta..
Samsung has started pushing its official Android 7.0 Nougat update to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The catch is that the update is currently only rolling out to folks that participat..
Until last week, the Galaxy S8 was a well kept secret. Information was often contradictory and inflammatory, but now the floodgates have opened and no less than three sources have ..
The Huawei P10 and Huawei P10 Plus flagship devices are set to be released in March or April this year, at least according to Huawei’s senior VP, Yu Chengdong (also known as Richar..
Samsung has kept mummed when asked about the specs and release dates for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Tab S3. No matter how hard the Korean company tries to keep every detail in secret, le..
On Wednesday, BGR exclusively gave the world what may have been its first ever look at Samsung’s upcoming new Galaxy S8 smartphone. Though parts of the phone are obscured by a wate..
The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is currently Samsung’s latest and greatest flagship smartphone available on the market. And right now you can pick it up for as little as $399. The Galax..
Samsung fans in Europe have some exciting news headed their way - the Galaxy S7 edge sporting the much-awaited Blue Coral hue is set to become available for purchase soon. Consumer..
Introduction Do we have a good one for you today – The venerable Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge takes on the newest Huawei Mate 9. The Galaxy S7 Edge ended up being Samsung’s flagship devi..